First look at update 2022.12

April 6, 2022

Tesla releases a major software update about once every four weeks. The latest public update is 2022.8. About 65% of …

Tesla to add Steam support

February 23, 2022

Tesla Arcade has set the standard for automotive gaming, but the automaker has bigger plans for gaming in its vehicles.…

Sonic game headed to Teslas

December 13, 2021

All Teslas feature the ability to play games. The reasoning behind this varies, from why not, to helping pass the time …

Tesla releases update 2021.36

October 6, 2021

Tesla has started releasing their next major update, 2021.36. The last release focused heavily on the redesigned Model …

Track Mode and Waypoints Updates

September 10, 2021

We’ve been hearing about waypoints, the ability to have a single route with multiple stops for quite a while now. Elo…

Early look at 2021.32

August 30, 2021

After going through a draught of updates, which we believe was due to getting the new Model S software ready for launch…

FSD Beta 9.1 coming Friday

July 28, 2021

Tesla has been focusing on FSD and has been releasing new FSD Betas on a regular basis for a while now. We were stuck o…

Tesla to offer 'in-car' purchases

July 23, 2021

Teslas are fantastic electric vehicles, but one thing that keeps owners excited over time is Tesla's ability to update …

New 'Mind of Car' Visualizations

July 10, 2021

With version 9 of the FSD Beta Tesla has rolled out an updated view of the car visualizations, known as “Mind of the …

New UI coming to all Teslas

July 6, 2021

On June 10th Tesla showed off the new Model S Plaid and it’s completely redesigned interface. The new UI contains man…

FSD to Use Pure Vision AI

May 10, 2021

Elon tweeted that v9 of the FSD beta would remove its reliance on radar completely and instead determine decisions base…

New FSD Visualization

April 29, 2021

Every Tesla shows some form of visualizations on the screen that help the driver understand what the car is mapping. Th…

V11 Software Update

March 22, 2021

Over the past few years Tesla has released a major version of their car's software every year (v10 update, v9 update). …

Download FSD Beta Button

March 6, 2021

While Tesla's full self-driving capabilities continue to increase, the latest public software build is still very l…

Driver Profiles in the Cloud

February 23, 2021

Teslas have tons of settings to help you customize your experience. These settings are either global and apply to all d…

Additional Language Support

February 1, 2021

One of Tesla's brilliant moves was moving to a mostly touch interface and getting rid of countless physical switches an…

Online Multiplayer Gaming

December 27, 2020

Last week Tesla released the first part of their big annual release, which included a large UI update, some fun new fe…

FSD Subscription

December 20, 2020

Tesla has offered full self-driving hardware and software for numerous years now. The hardware and the software packag…

Sudoku Game

November 21, 2020

Elon has confirmed on Twitter that the popular puzzle game Sudoku will be coming to Tesla cars in the future. Twitt…

Delete All Sentry Events

October 14, 2020

Soon we'll be able to delete all sentry events at once. Hopefully they'll implement being able to select multiple events…

Tidal Music Service

September 22, 2020

Elon Musk was asked a question during Tesla's Battery day on September 22nd 2020 about whether Tesla would open up their…

Waypoints Navigation

September 21, 2020

We're finally getting waypoints navigation. This will let us set multiple destinations for a single trip.Fine, we'll do …

New Low-Speed Sound Effects

August 20, 2020

New low-speed sounds will become available to cars with an external speaking according to Elon Musk. These sounds are a …

More Games Coming Soon

August 20, 2020

Elon Musk Announced on Twitter that additional games will be added to Tesla cars by tweeting that "More fun games coming…

Blind spot cameras

July 9, 2020

Since side cameras are available, when the signal light is turned on, a split screen of the blind spot in the same direc…

Glovebox PIN

June 21, 2020

According to Elon, you will soon be able to lock the glove compartment with a code to prevent unwanted access.Sure&mdash…

Disable Auto-Dimming

May 11, 2020

A option to adjust and or disable Auto-Dimming side mirrors.Yes— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 11, 2020 Update: The …

Traffic Sign Recognition

May 8, 2020

Add the ability to read speed limit signs and show them in the car instead of map based speed limits.Coming soon— …

Assign Mobile Phone to Profile

March 30, 2020

Sometimes when there are two mobile phones in the car, the car will connect to the passenger's phone instead of the driv…

Garage Mode

December 26, 2019

Have the car auto automatically select "Garage Mode" when the car detects that you are in the garage. Just like Home lin…

Tesla to add Disney+

December 26, 2019

Elon Musk has said that Tesla plans on adding the Disney streaming service Disney+ to Tesla vehicles. Once the s…

Two-Factor Authentications

November 5, 2019

Two-factor authentication will soon come to the Tesla app. Elon first confirmed this in 2019 and has more recently said …

Tesla to add Spotify

August 15, 2019

For those of us in the US, if we want to stream music on our Teslas, we have to either use Slacker (the default music se…

Party / Outdoor Music Mode

February 14, 2019

It would be great if there was a music setting that could enable an outdoor music /party mode for use when out of car, w…

Phone as Key for Model S / X

May 10, 2018

Currently the Model X and Model S does not support using your phone as a key (as passive entry). Sometimes it's nice to …

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Latest Tesla Update

Confirmed by Elon

Take a look at features that Elon Musk has said will be coming soon.


Subscribe to our weekly newsletter.