Everything we know about FSD Beta v11 and what may be included

By Gabe Rodriguez Morrison
Tesla may release a single stack solution this summer
Tesla may release a single stack solution this summer

FSD Beta 10.12 introduced many improvements, including an upgraded decision-making framework for unprotected left turns, improved creeping, and enhanced geometric accuracy.

Now, users are waiting on the next update (version 10.13) that's expected to be even more substantial with improvements to roundabouts and navigating without map data.

Tesla is simultaneously working on the next release of FSD, v11.

FSD Beta v11 will be the next major update that is expected to contain significant improvements.

Single Stack for Improved Highway Driving

FSD Beta is currently using Tesla's latest technology improvements for city driving. Highway driving still relies on the current production version of 'Navigate on Autopilot.' 

Elon has previously said that Tesla will eventually merge highway and city driving into a single stack.

A technology 'stack' refers to the technologies used to build a system.

A single-stack system uses the same technologies for multiple applications, instead of having separate technology stacks for each application.

A single-stack version of FSD would allow Tesla to apply everything it has learned in city driving to its Navigate on Autopilot highway feature.

When Tesla trains and adapts its FSD Beta neural nets to highway driving, we may see drastically smoother merging and cornering on the highway. While the addition of a single stack has been talked about as far back as FSD Beta 10.1, it sounds like we may finally be able to experience it in FSD Beta v11.

Reverse Creep

An additional feature we could see in version 11 is the ability for the car to move backward. For example, if the car is stopped at an intersection and doesn't have great visibility, it'll now creep forward for a better view, just like a human driver would.

However, with v11, the car could also creep backward if it senses danger.

Release Date

When asked about FSD Beta v11, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that he's currently driving an alpha version of FSD Beta 11 on the highway.

Musk admits that the software is not ready, estimating that Tesla FSD Beta version 11 could be released by the summer of 2022. Currently, Beta testers are waiting for the release of FSD Beta 10.13.

Spectacular Tesla Light Show Dazzles to the Tunes of Academy Award-Winning 'Naatu Naatu' [Video]

By Kevin Armstrong
Hundreds of Tesla cars synced to the Indian blockbuster film RRR's award-winning song 'Naatu Naatu'
Hundreds of Tesla cars synced to the Indian blockbuster film RRR's award-winning song 'Naatu Naatu'
Vamsi Koppuravuri/YouTube

Tesla owners recently came together in New Jersey for an incredible display of technology and art. Hundreds of Tesla cars synced to the Indian blockbuster film RRR's award-winning song "Naatu Naatu" to create an unforgettable light show. The energizing event showcased Tesla's upgraded light show feature, part of the Christmas update.

The Twitter account for the movie, @RRRMovie, posted a video, which can be viewed below, of the mesmerizing light show. Elon Musk responded with two heart emojis. After Tesla retweeted the unique video, @RRRMovie replied by expressing their love for Elon Musk. "Naatu Naatu," composed by M.M. Keeravani and Chandrabose, became the first-ever song from an Indian film to win the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Try the Synced Light Show

A recent update allows owners to schedule their light shows up to 10 minutes in advance or even create multi-car orchestras by starting them simultaneously. This feature can be accessed by tapping the Application Launcher > Toybox. The update also allows Tesla owners to activate the light show using their smartphone app, making it more convenient and fun for those who use the feature as part of their exterior decorations.

The New Jersey event displayed the innovative capabilities of Tesla vehicles and highlighted the growing influence of Indian cinema worldwide. As more Tesla owners come together for events like this, we can expect to see even more mesmerizing light shows in the future, celebrating the convergence of technology and the arts.

Tesla continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with its electric vehicles. Features like the light show demonstrate that the company is committed to creating an experience beyond driving a car.

Some additional light shows are viewable below.

Defending Tesla's CEO Elon Musk: Senator Josh Hawley and Joe Rogan Respond to Critics

By Kevin Armstrong
Senator Josh Hawley defends Elon Musk
Senator Josh Hawley defends Elon Musk
Fox News

Prominent figures such as Senator Josh Hawley and media personality Joe Rogan have come to the defense of Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk. Both spoke against the negative public perception and criticism while highlighting the importance of free speech. While Rogan spoke about the unfair treatment of Musk by members of the media, Hawley went after one — on his own show.

Senator Calls out Reporter

St. Louis’ KSDK News political editor Max Maxwell set up a recorded segment with the republican senator. While crews were getting the technical aspects sorted out, Hawley confronted Maxwell about his anti-Elon Musk tweets, which the Senator described as "vitriolic." The senator read one of Maxwell's tweets aloud, calling Musk's supporters "bootlickers." Hawley questioned Maxwell's intentions and expressed concern about the journalist's use of a public platform to attack people he disagreed with.

Maxwell explained that his tweet was a moment of frustration and defended his comments as satire, protected under the First Amendment. But it got more awkward as the reporter suggested he was drinking at the time of the tweets. Hawley emphasized that journalists like Maxwell have a lot of access, making their public comments particularly influential and potentially concerning.

Rogan to the Rescue

In another instance of public defense, popular podcaster Joe Rogan discussed the shifting public perception of Elon Musk on his show. According to Rogan, any narrative about Musk's political ideology is baseless. He questioned why people have gone from viewing Musk as a savior who brought about electric cars and reusable rockets to someone who is an "alt-right piece of shit." Rogan argued that the resistance against Musk and the publicity campaign against him have been fascinating to watch.

“The narrative has spread through progressive people where they'll just say it now,” Rogan continued. “It’s like they've reached the memo, the memo’s got to them… I hear people I know like, ‘Oh, Elon's just so crazy. Something happened to him. He went nuts, and he’s a right-winger now… They just have this narrative that reaches them as a signal. Like, ‘Elon bad now.’”

Senator Hawley and Joe Rogan's reactions to the criticism against Elon Musk and his supporters emphasize the importance of free speech and raise questions about the fairness of the media's treatment of the world's richest person. As public figures continue to engage in these discussions, it remains to be seen how perceptions of Musk will evolve in the future and how his tweets will impact Tesla.

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