Tesla FSD Beta 10.13: Roundabouts, solving Chazman's turn and navigating without GPS and map data

By Alex Jones
Swindon's Magic roundabout in England
Swindon's Magic roundabout in England

While unprotected left turns can be nerve-wracking for novice drivers, many FSD Beta participants still experience anxiety when their car is faced with such a turn.

Unprotected left turns are one of the harder driving maneuvers to make for humans and AI, as they leave your vehicle vulnerable while turning (instead of turning with traffic).

Tesla quickly recognized the difficulties their AI was experiencing in safely executing these turns and has been working diligently to improve the AI’s ability to discern oncoming hazards.

Solve Chazman's Complicated Left Turns

FSD Beta 10.12 improved unprotected left turn issues, but there are still some lingering issues.

Chuck Cook (@Chazman) has been iteratively testing FSD Beta's ability to make unprotected left turns on a busy route.

It's a complicated turn that involved crossing three lanes of traffic before reaching the median and then turning left.

Often it involves crossing the three lanes and waiting at the median before finding enough clearance to get into a lane.

It's complicated, even for humans. However, Elon Musk said in a recent tweet that beta 10.13 would solve Chuck's complicated left turns 'most of the time.'

Chazman on FSD Beta 10.12.2

Smoother Intersections

Elon also added that 10.13 would "smooth out intersection control," hopefully reducing the vehicle's hesitation and steering jerkiness that can happen in busy intersections.

Going Deep on Roundabouts

In addition to unprotected left turns, traffic circle/roundabout navigation has become a focus of FSD engineers.

While popular abroad, roundabouts are seldomly used in the US. Although there are estimated to be 2600+ roundabouts across the country, so FSD Beta needs to be able to handle them well.

FSD Beta's navigation of roundabouts has been spotty, although one could argue that multi-lane roundabouts are challenging even for experienced drivers.

With FSD Beta 10.13, Musk says that Tesla is going 'deep on roundabouts,' and that it should be noticeably better in that iteration of FSD Beta.

There are certainly some complicated roundabouts out there that can challenge even the most skilled drivers. Some roundabouts include multiple lanes and may require you to change lanes within the roundabout, some may even include roundabouts leading into or out of the roundabout, such as the 'Magic Roundabout' in Swindon, England.

Magic Roundabout in Swindon, England

Navigate without Map Data

Musk also hinted at another major improvement that may be included in 10.13: the ability for FSD beta to navigate roads with no map data.

The vehicle will be able to navigate to a specific GPS point or pinned location (ex: rural roads), says Musk.

Dead Reckoning Navigation (Navigating without GPS)

In addition, Elon alluded to the fact that Tesla is also working on the AI’s ability to complete 'dead reckoning' navigation (navigating only on “inertial measurements, wheel movement & vision”).

He gave underground parking garages as an example of where FSD would need this ability to navigate without GPS or map data.

The car will be able to do this by using its last known GPS location and then determining its future location using only a compass, wheel movement and speed.

FSD Beta 10.13 Release Date

Elon said that he expects FSD Beta 10.13 to be available in about two weeks.

Why is it always two weeks? Tesla may use an agile approach to software development. In agile development work is planned in 'sprints' that span one or more weeks, with two weeks being a common length.

It's possible Tesla uses two-week sprints when planning and developing upcoming features.

For drivers that have experienced the intense nature of FSD left turns through busy intersections, it looks like they won’t have to wait long for FSD Beta 10.13.

Tesla's Shareholder Event: Vote Results And Video Replay

By Karan Singh
Not a Tesla App

Yesterday on X, Elon Musk posted that the two key resolutions for the upcoming Shareholder Meeting were both passing by wide margins – and would subsequently go on to pass at today’s Shareholder Meeting.

Musk Compensation Package and Tesla’s Move to Texas

The two key resolutions, one on Elon Musk’s performance-based compensation package, and the other on Tesla’s re-incorporation to Texas, both passed in the preliminary stages. Each required a minimum number of ‘Yes’ votes to pass at the Shareholder Meeting.

The performance-based compensation package only required a simple majority – a certain number of Yes votes, with abstentions not counting as Nos. On the other hand, the move to Texas required a full majority, with abstentions counting as Nos.

Elon Musk declared his victory on X in these two key votes, and Tesla’s share prices moved favorably in post-market, and then again in pre-market trading. This is a positive indicator for Tesla and Elon Musk. On X, Elon recently agreed that given he has received a controlling stake in Tesla, he would work towards making Tesla the most valuable company on Earth.

Other Resolutions

The first five proposals are Tesla corporate proposals, while the remainder are shareholder proposals, and are covered in the table below. For more details, you can read Tesla’s Proxy Package. The proposals are ordered below in the order of presentation.



Elect 2 Directors for a 3 Year term (James Murdock, Kimball Musk)


Non-Binding Advisory-basis Executive Compensation


Move Tesla to Texas


Elon Musk’s Compensation Package


Appoint PricewaterhouseCoopers as Tesla’s accounting firm.


Reduce Director Terms to 1 Year


Simple Majority Stockholder Voting


Annual Report on Anti-Harassment and Discrimination


Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Policy


Report on EM Radiation and Wireless Technologies, and effects on humans.


Adopting targets and reports for sustainability metrics for executive compensation


Moratorium on sourcing minerals from deep-sea mining.


Shareholder Meeting Event

You can view Tesla’s shareholder meeting below:

Tesla Likely to Launch Robotaxi Service in Next 5 Years, May Account for 90% of Future Profit

By Karan Singh
ARK Invest

Tesla is on the verge of its Robotaxi announcement event on 8/8, and major investors like Ark Invest are examining and refreshing their bull case scenarios.

Robotaxi as a Focus

Ark Invest sees Robotaxi as a focus of Tesla’s ongoing business and sees Tesla’s autonomous ride-hailing revenue to net nearly $1 trillion in 2029. In comparison, they estimate Tesla’s vehicle sales to account for $0.4 trillion in revenue. With this bull case, Ark Invest also sees Tesla’s share price soaring to $3,100 by 2029. Ark Invest’s bear case sees the share price moving to $2,000 and robotaxi netting $0.63 billion in revenue.

Ark Invest gives Tesla a 58% chance of launching its robotaxi service in 2025, and a 38% chance in 2026. It’s clear that Tesla’s future lies in operating a fleet of autonomous vehicles and the question is just when it will happen. Given FSD’s massive improvements between FSD V11 and FSD V12, there is a possibility of Tesla meeting these estimates, although a lot depends on how fast improvements will continue to come. While FSD V12 is impressive, it’s still a long way from a true autonomous vehicle.

Rate of Improvement

Miles driven by Tesla FSD versus autonomous competitors
Miles driven by Tesla FSD versus autonomous competitors
ARK Invest

Ark’s case is focused on the fact that FSD’s rapid improvement will continue, and a lot of that may be determined with the next few releases, including FSD 12.4.1, v12.5, and v12.6. When comparing Tesla to autonomous vehicles, Tesla has a drastic lead in miles driven, in fact, it’s so large that you can barely even see Tesla’s competitors. Tesla is at 1.3 billion miles driven with FSD, while the closest competitors are just reaching 15 million autonomous miles driven. While there’s a drastic difference in capabilities between Tesla’s FSD and autonomous vehicles such as Google’s Waymo, Tesla has the ability to gather data 86 times quicker.

Training data is key to building autonomous vehicles, and Tesla is currently the king of vehicle-related data.

Services Company

We previously wrote about whether Tesla’s future will be as a car company or a services company – and major investors such as Ark Invest and Morgan Stanley see Tesla’s AI services as a major driver of business in the future, and the focus of future revenue and profits.

Robotaxi, as both a service and as a physical product, has the opportunity to shake up markets in a unique way, providing quick, clean, and safe transportation between local destinations in urban areas, which could quickly outcompete traditional services like taxis, and tech competitors like Uber or Lyft. The market for robotaxi is untapped and massive, but Tesla isn’t the only one chasing the goal.

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