Tesla to add WiFi to Superchargers

Announced on October 15, 2021
4 days ago
One advantage Tesla has over its competition is its Supercharger network. No one else comes even close to having such a…

Tesla releases update 2021.36

October 6, 2021
Not confirmed by Elon
Tesla has started releasing their next major update, 2021.36. The last release focused heavily on the redesigned Model …

Tesla to add Tidal music imminently

September 13, 2021
Not confirmed by Elon
Tidal is a popular music streaming service that's available in many countries around the world. Tidal is known for its …

Track Mode and Waypoints Updates

Announced on September 10, 2021
39 days ago
We’ve been hearing about waypoints, the ability to have a single route with multiple stops for quite a while now. Elo…

Tesla may add 'Rear Emergency Braking'

Announced on August 27, 2021
53 days ago
Tesla is no stranger to safety features. In fact, Tesla has received some of the highest safety ratings ever given. All…

Tesla to offer 'in-car' purchases

July 23, 2021
Not confirmed by Elon
Teslas are fantastic electric vehicles, but one thing that keeps owners excited over time is Tesla's ability to update …

New 'Mind of Car' Visualizations

Announced on July 12, 2021
99 days ago
With version 9 of the FSD Beta Tesla has rolled out an updated view of the car visualizations, known as “Mind of the …

New UI coming to all Teslas

Announced on July 6, 2021
105 days ago
On June 10th Tesla showed off the new Model S Plaid and it’s completely redesigned interface. The new UI contains man…

Passenger Seat Presets

Announced on June 9, 2021
133 days ago
Tesla does a great job personalizing the driver experience and remembering each driver’s specific vehicle settings fr…

FSD to Use Pure Vision AI

Announced on May 10, 2021
162 days ago
Elon tweeted that v9 of the FSD beta would remove its reliance on radar completely and instead determine decisions base…

New FSD Visualization

Announced on April 29, 2021
173 days ago
Every Tesla shows some form of visualizations on the screen that help the driver understand what the car is mapping. Th…

Automated Seat Heating and Defrost

Announced on April 21, 2021
182 days ago
Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to announce that the next major software revision (likely v11, which we covered here), w…

More Language Support

March 26, 2021
Not confirmed by Elon
Tesla is continuing to add additional language support. Support for Russian and Hindi is now starting to show up a…

V11 Software Update

March 22, 2021
Not confirmed by Elon
Over the past few years Tesla has released a major version of their car's software every year (v10 update, v9 update). …

Driver Profiles in the Cloud

February 23, 2021
Not confirmed by Elon
Teslas have tons of settings to help you customize your experience. These settings are either global and apply to all d…

Additional Language Support

Announced on February 1, 2021
260 days ago
One of Tesla's brilliant moves was moving to a mostly touch interface and getting rid of countless physical switches an…

Emergency Calling

Announced on December 28, 2020
295 days ago
One of the things that makes a Tesla a Tesla is its online connectivity that is used to download new software, stream …

Online Multiplayer Gaming

Announced on December 27, 2020
296 days ago
Last week Tesla released the first part of their big annual release, which included a large UI update, some fun new fe…

Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon and More

December 26, 2020
Not confirmed by Elon
Elon first confirmed that the Tidal music service was coming at battery day. At the time he hinted at other music s…

Faster AutoPilot Speeds

Announced on December 26, 2020
297 days ago
Tesla’s AutoPilot is a great feature, far beyond what cruise control can provide. However it currently limits speeds…

Multiple Screen Layouts

Announced on December 26, 2020
297 days ago
This past week Tesla released a major software update that introduced an updated UI among other features. The UI is si…

Automatic Air Suspension

Announced on November 26, 2020
327 days ago
Since Tesla debuted their first Tesla-built car, the Model S in 2012 the car there has been the option to have an ai…

Sudoku Game

Announced on November 21, 2020
332 days ago
Elon has confirmed on Twitter that the popular puzzle game Sudoku will be coming to Tesla cars in the future. Twitt…

Sentry Mode Sensitivity

Announced on November 19, 2020
334 days ago
Great idea to be able to adjust the sensitivity level of Sentry Mode.Sure— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 19, 2020…

Do Not Fold Mirrors In Freezing Temps

Announced on November 15, 2020
338 days ago
On Twitter Tristan tweeted "@elonmusk Add a setting for people in the winter climates, do not use the walk away automati…

Delete All Sentry Events

Announced on October 14, 2020
370 days ago
Soon we'll be able to delete all sentry events at once. Hopefully they'll implement being able to select multiple events…

Birds-Eye View

Announced on October 3, 2020
381 days ago
A somewhat gimmicky, but sometimes helpful feature luxury cars have had for a few years now is “birds-eye view” park…

Enlarge Side Cameras When Backing Up

Announced on October 1, 2020
383 days ago
Tesla recently added the ability to view side-view cameras while backing up instead of just the traditional rear camera.…

Tidal Music Service

Announced on September 22, 2020
392 days ago
Elon Musk was asked a question during Tesla's Battery day on September 22nd 2020 about whether Tesla would open up their…

Waypoints Navigation

Announced on September 21, 2020
393 days ago
We're finally getting waypoints navigation. This will let us set multiple destinations for a single trip.Fine, we'll do …

Adjust Seats on Screen

Announced on September 20, 2020
394 days ago
Don't get me wrong, it's great to have physical controls for our seats, but adding them to on screen gives some addition…

Render Teslas on Display

Announced on July 30, 2020
446 days ago
Elon confirmed that we will soon be able to see different Tesla models on the displays instead of the generic gray cars …

Weather Radar

Announced on July 12, 2020
464 days ago
A feature which will overlay a scaleable live weather radar image over the map on the touchscreen. This would give a …

Add Go Game

Announced on July 10, 2020
466 days ago
Go is a very popular game. Can we add this to the Tesla arcade?Ok— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 10, 2020…

Blind spot cameras

Announced on July 9, 2020
467 days ago
Since side cameras are available, when the signal light is turned on, a split screen of the blind spot in the same direc…

Cross traffic warning

Announced on June 21, 2020
485 days ago
Warning when cross traffic or pedestrians when backing up. Back up camera field of view is too narrow to see approaching…

Distance Driven on Autopilot

Announced on May 8, 2020
529 days ago
It would be great if the odometer would display the distance driven on Autopilot. Not only would it be super cool, bragg…

Display Both % and Miles Remaining

Announced on May 7, 2020
530 days ago
There are people that like Coke vs Pepsi. Some wash their legs when they shower and some don't. Is the shoe pink or gray…

Video Conference App

Announced on May 5, 2020
532 days ago
The idea would be to employ the internal camera of the M3/MY to support conference calling. Have specific platform suppo…

Volume Slider for Joe Mode

Announced on April 22, 2020
545 days ago
The idea would be to add a volume slider to Joe Mode.Yes— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 23, 2020…

WiFi Garage Door Opener

Announced on April 7, 2020
560 days ago
Some early Model 3 models came equipped with a HomeLink garage door opener similar to many other cars. It was integrated…

Stealth Sentry Mode

Announced on April 7, 2020
560 days ago
An incognito sentry mode if you will, where the perpetrators can be caught on camera without their knowledge.Ok— E…

Trip Logs

Announced on January 23, 2020
635 days ago
Have an option to log trips after driving and label them as work or personal. If possible, have the logs be able to be e…

Prevent Hitting Cyclists

Announced on January 5, 2020
653 days ago
When in park, all the rear cameras would look for cyclists (or cars) coming up from behind and show some kind of alert s…

Activate Interior Camera

Announced on January 4, 2020
654 days ago
Elon Musk has confirmed that the interior camera and mic will start to record when Sentry Mode is activated during a bre…

Drive-Thru Mode

Announced on November 6, 2019
713 days ago
When you're indulging in that uniquely (let's face it) American pastime of eating in your car, it would be great if you…

Pothole Detection

Announced on April 6, 2019
927 days ago
Develop a new neural net just for potholes dubbed, Deep Pothole (or Deep Hole) purely for detecting potholes in the road…

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Upcoming Release

View the release notes for the upcoming version 2021.36.5.

Confirmed by Elon

Take a look at features that Elon Musk has said will be coming soon.

Days Until Next Release


We expect version 2021.40 to be released imminently.

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