Video Reveals the Tesla Cybertruck's Unique User Interface [Video]

By Kevin Armstrong
A closer look at the Cybertruck's UI
A closer look at the Cybertruck's UI

It's not a good day to be named Max and work at Tesla or on the security team assigned to the Cybertruck. You can't help but wonder how a daring individual found himself in the driver's seat of this highly anticipated vehicle. This perpetrator spoke in Russian and joked that a bag in the truck belonged to Elon Musk before zooming in to a name tag reading "Max."

While we certainly don't condone breaking the law, we were provided with a risky reveal of the Cybertruck's interior courtesy of a mysterious and perhaps too-bold-for-his-own-good infiltrator.

Cyber-Theme UI

The video is less than a minute long but provides new information, notably on the updated user interface (UI). For weeks we've had Cybertruck sightings, but this is our best look at the Cybertruck's display.

Updated Icons and Font

The UI appears designed specifically for the Cybertruck; icons possess subtle sharp edges, mirroring Cybertruck's angular aesthetics. This design philosophy also extends to the unique font choice, giving the UI a rugged, distinct look.


A further advancement is the seamless transition between vehicle visualization and maps. The once-clear partition is a fading background, allowing for a more unified appearance. This unity is further emphasized with the vehicle now being depicted atop a 3D polygon terrain, which has been discovered before in firmware updates.

Icon Placement Changes

One of the first distinctions users would notice is the transition from horizontal app icons. This design has been the hallmark of previous Tesla models, to a vertical arrangement along the lefthand side of the screen.

The vehicle control icon is at the bottom, followed by climate controls and other apps. The gear indicator has evolved, too, switching from its usual horizontal layout to a vertical orientation in the screen's top left portion.

A closer look at the Cybertruck's UI
A closer look at the Cybertruck's UI

The status icons, such as time, temperature, Tesla profile used to grace the top of the display, but they have now been realigned to the left side and can now be found directly above the vehicle visualization.

Cameras, Front Camera Confirmed

Another intriguing update revolves around the Camera app. Where previously users had to decipher camera views, they are now labeled for convenience, as showcased in the video with marked "Left" and "Front" camera views. Yes, there is a front camera view, finally answering the question of Tesla introducing the front bumper camera. We previously had a look at how we expect Tesla's updated Camera app to work with the front bumper camera.

Battery Icon

One of the standout features in the video is the battery display. Gone are the traditional battery icons. Instead, we are introduced to slanted lines, each symbolizing 10% of the battery charge. This visual representation is intuitive and integrates with the Cybertruck's angular design.

Music Mini Player?

Beneath the vehicle visualization is what appears to be a minuscule music control feature, though its precise functionality remains uncertain from the short video clip.

Inside the Cybertruck: More than Just a Fresh UI

Ambient Lighting: Drawing inspiration from the latest Model 3 Refresh and the Chinese Model Y, the Cybertruck incorporates a colorful ambient lighting strip. Strategically placed, this lighting adds a modern aura to the vehicle's groundbreaking design.

Interior Layout and Accessories: The video takes us on a mini-tour of the truck's interior, revealing several intriguing features:

Hexagonal Design Elements: Keeping in line with Cybertruck's geometric aesthetic, the backup camera icon flaunts a hexagonal design, intriguingly contrasting the octagonal design found on the cupholders.

Center Console: A spacious tray area reminiscent of the old Model S finds a home between the front seats. Decked with some wires and a yet-to-be-identified document, the console boasts "cyber cupholders" with an octagonal design. Furthermore, it's equipped with dual phone charging spots right in front of the cupholders.

Sun Visor: The video briefly showcases the two-stage sun visor, which resembles the one found in the Model X. The video provides a glimpse of the massive glass roof, promising a panoramic view that will undoubtedly make the interior feel even more expansive.

Rear Window View: A feature with many talking is the clear view through the back window. Although the video offers only a short glimpse, obstructed by tires placed in the truck's bed, it's evident that when the cover is open, drivers and passengers will benefit from an expansive, unobstructed view.

As one viewer pointed out, this video will probably be used for evidence one day. Whoever was in the Cybertruck owes Max an apology, and poor Max needs to remember to lock the door.

Tesla Update 2023.44 Reveals Front Bumper Camera Washer and New Seatbelt Chimes

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla will add a front bumper camera washer
Tesla will add a front bumper camera washer
TeslaBest / niccruzpatane/ greenonly

Two new features were uncovered in Tesla update 2023.44 by Tesla hacker Green (@greentheonly).

The first is firmware code that refers to a "front camera washer," which implies that upcoming models with a front bumper camera will also include a washer to hose off the lens.

The second appears to be available now with update 2023.44.1, and that's changes to the seat belt reminder system.

Front Camera Washer

The front-camera washer was revealed through Green's deep dive into Tesla's firmware code. An upcoming refresh to the Model S and Model X is expected to include a front bumper camera, as well as ambient lighting, similar to the new Model 3. When the new Model 3 lands in North America next year, it is also expected to carry this additional camera.

While its possible that the car will automatically clean the front camera based on when it sees dirt or rain droplets (similarly to how the wipers work), it appears that Tesla will also provide a button to manually clean the front bumper camera.

It's not clear where this additional button will live, but it could be added next to the Wipers and Sentry Mode buttons in Controls. Based on the icon, it doesn't look like it'll be its own icon in the bottom rows of apps, known as the launcher.

Seatbelt Reminder Changes

Another change Green discovered was a smaller change related to the seatbelt reminder system. In alignment with the standards set by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Tesla updated its seatbelt reminder tone. As per Green's findings, the new tone sounds more frequent and is higher-pitched.

Hazard Lights

Tesla has been tinkering with tone and patterns regarding safety aspects. The company recently changed how the hazardous lights function, introducing speed changes in flashing and light brightness after an accident.

These small changes reflect Tesla's commitment to consistently evolving their vehicles through hardware and software changes.

According to previous images of the Cybertruck's front bumper camera, the Cybertruck may be the first Tesla vehicle with the new lens cleaner. We should find out more this Thursday, when Tesla delivers the first trucks.

Tesla's Fleet of Cybertrucks Ready for Launch Event at Gigafactory Texas

By Kevin Armstrong
25 Cybertrucks were spotted at Giga Texas
25 Cybertrucks were spotted at Giga Texas

Tesla's Cybertruck is finally set to make its grand debut this Thursday, and it appears that the gang is all here. The latest sightings at Tesla's Gigafactory in Texas show an assembly of over 25 Cybertrucks. This fleet, captured by drone pilot and Giga Texas observer Jeff Roberts, is raising the excitement even more for what will be a monumental event.

Distinguishing Production Models from Test Units

Close examination of the spotted Cybertrucks indicates a mix of potential production models and test units. Some vehicles show signs of off-road testing, while others have different builds. They are all quite likely the ones that we have been writing about for months as production models would appear like Bigfoot sightings.

Despite the visible fleet, Tesla has announced plans to deliver only the first ten units at the launch event. This conservative start echoes Tesla's previous product launches, like the Model 3, where initial production was limited. Industry experts suggest a significant ramp-up in the coming year, with projections of substantial delivery numbers 2024.

What to Expect from the Cybertruck

Tesla has been tight-lipped about the final specifications of the Cybertruck. However, leaked details and hints from Tesla's earnings calls, Elon Musk's posts on X, and Joe Rogan's appearance suggest innovative features, like being arrow repellant, and being able to 'crab-walk'.

We also know the truck's towing capacity of 11,000 lbs and a payload of 2,500 lbs. It also has an advanced charging architecture and unique utility elements. These features are expected to set the Cybertruck apart from the truck and the electric truck segments, offering functionality and futuristic design.

Tesla's Strategic Approach to the Electric Truck Market

The Cybertruck launch is not just about introducing a new vehicle; it's about Tesla asserting its position in the electric truck market. The Cybertruck's journey from concept to launch reflects Tesla's commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and design. The latest Elon Musk biography, written by Walter Isaacson, details many of the behind-the-scenes details of the production of this incredible vehicle.

The sighting of over 25 Cybertrucks at Gigafactory Texas indicates that Tesla is ready to put on a show for the delivery event. The event is scheduled to start at noon PST on November 30.

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