Tesla Gears Up for Global Rollout of FSD Beta, with China Leading the Charge

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla appears ready to have FSD Beta make an international release
Tesla appears ready to have FSD Beta make an international release
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Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) is reportedly on the verge of a major international expansion, with China being a significant focus, but other countries may also be nearing release. This speculation is fueled by various indicators pointing towards Tesla's preparation for a global release of FSD Beta beyond its current availability in North America.

Last week, we broke the news that Tesla's FSD v12 was released to employees. This could be the version that Tesla aims to release into additional markets.

Key Indicators of International Expansion

Tesla has begun translating FSD Beta release notes into multiple languages. This includes the release notes such an explanation of FSD Beta, FSD Beta Suspension, and Driving Visualization Improvements, however, the technical release notes that change from version to version remain mostly untranslated. These release notes are now available in various languages including German, Danish, Italian and others. This selective translation process suggests a preparation phase for introducing FSD Beta to international markets, although not in its current version.

Developments in China

The prospect of Tesla's FSD Beta entering the Chinese market has been a topic of discussion for some time. Recent observations indicated that Tesla China's website briefly featured references to FSD Beta, although these were later removed, adding to the speculation.

According to reports from Chinese media, including China Fund News, Tesla is actively moving forward with plans to release FSD in the Chinese market.

A joint notice from several Chinese government departments mentioned that vehicles with Level 3 and Level 4 autonomous capabilities might be allowed for road tests in certain areas. This development aligns well with Tesla's potential plans to test FSD Beta in China.

Infrastructure Developments

In 2021, Tesla established a data center in Shanghai to gather data from its domestic operations. Additionally, Tesla has formed an FSD operations team and a data labeling team in Shanghai. Despite these developments, there are hurdles to overcome before FSD Beta's release in China, such as data collection qualifications.

Tesla has not provided a specific timeline for the FSD Beta release in China, but the company has confirmed ongoing preparations. This aligns with recent changes observed in Tesla's online manuals in China.

Tesla's FSD Beta is poised for an international rollout, with China being a primary target. The translation of release notes, updates to owner manuals, and recent government notices all point toward Tesla's preparation for an international release. While challenges remain, the groundwork laid by Tesla, particularly in China, indicates significant progress in bringing FSD Beta to international markets.

Below is part of the German release notes for FSD Beta, which read:

Autonomes Fahren (Beta)"

Sie können die Funktion Autonomes Fahren (Beta) aktivieren. Tippen Sie hierzu auf ‚Fahrzeug‘ > ‚Autopilot‘ > ‚Autonomes Fahren (Beta)‘ und folgen Sie den Anweisungen.

Die Funktion Autonomes Fahren befindet sich in einer frühen, eingeschränkten Beta-Phase und muss daher mit zusätzlicher Vorsicht verwendet werden. Da sie möglicherweise im schlechtesten Moment falsch reagiert, müssen Sie Ihre Hände immer am Steuer lassen und genau auf die Straße achten. Werden Sie nicht nachlässig. Wenn Vollautonomes Fahren aktiviert ist, wird Ihr Fahrzeug Spurwechsel auch abseits der Autobahn durchführen, Ihrer Navigationsroute an Abzweigungen folgen sowie um andere Fahrzeuge und Objekte herum steuern und nach rechts und links abbiegen. Verwenden Sie die Funktion Autonomes Fahren im eingeschränkten Beta-Modus nur, wenn Sie jederzeit auf die Straße achten und sofort eingreifen können, insbesondere an uneinsehbaren Ecken, beim Überqueren von Kreuzungen und in Fahrsituationen mit wenig Platz.

Ihr Fahrzeug nutzt Tesla Vision! Beachten Sie, dass für Tesla Vision auch einige vorübergehende Einschränkungen gelten: Der Folgeabstand ist auf 2-7 und die Höchstgeschwindigkeit des Autopiloten auf 85 mph begrenzt.

Tesla Cybertruck to Receive Charging Improvements in Upcoming Update

By Karan Singh
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Former Tesla VP of Powertrain and Energy Drew Baglino previously mentioned that Cybertruck would be receiving charging improvements soon.

Wes Morrill, Tesla’s Cybertruck lead engineer, recently reposted Baglino’s comments on the charge speed update on June 16th and mentioned that it would be coming soon via OTA.

Charging Improvements

The 4680 cell has seen some difficulties in its charge curve, similar to Tesla’s other vehicles that have been deployed with the 4680. Tesla has alluded to difficulties in the manufacturing curve previously, and also with engineering improvements to the new cell standard, and eventually stopped manufacturing the Model Y with the 4680 cells.

However, this is the first time that Tesla has begun to deploy major improvements to the 4680 cell. It appears the improvements will allow up to 154 miles to be recovered in 15 minutes, which is approximately a 30% improvement to current charge rates.

We’re hoping that these improvements to the 4680 will also translate to older Model Y vehicles that have 4680 cells, which will be key to the owners of these vehicles. 4680 production is currently mainly focused on Powerwall, Megapack, and Cybertruck – with Semi not using 4680 yet.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Now Eligible for $7.5K Tax Credit

By Karan Singh
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In the US, the Model 3 Long Range has now become fully eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit for EVs.

Federal Tax Credit

The federal tax credit is up to $7,500 USD off at the point of sale, which applies to EVs with batteries originating from the United States. The Model 3 Performance was launched with the EV tax credit, which meant that until now, it was cheaper to purchase than the Model 3 Long Range.

Interestingly, after this change, the Model 3 Long Range is only $1,000 USD more expensive than the Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive, as the RWD model is not eligible for the credit. The LFP batteries in the RWD model are from CATL in China, and thus mark it as ineligible.

At $40,000 USD, the Model 3 Long Range is now an even better deal than before – and is nearly $7,500 less (the amount of the credit), than the average new car in the United States.

Canadian EV Credits

In Canada, Tesla dropped the Model 3 RWD price by $1,000 CAD, in response to the province of  British Colombia reducing the upper limit of their EV credit MSRP range. This means that the Model 3 RWD is the only Tesla vehicle that is covered under the new BC rebate – which is one of the few provincial rebates still left standing.

Sadly, as a result of this change, and due to a weird classification gimmick, the Model Y is considered a sedan by the Government of BC and is completely ineligible for the additional rebates – but the $5,000 federal EV rebate still applies.

Tesla vehicles accounted for 80% of federal EV rebate applications in Canada in 2023, marking a net increase since last year at 60%.

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