Tesla releases FSD Beta 10.3 with many improvements

By Nuno Cristovao

The latest iteration of Tesla's FSD Beta, version 10.3 has now been released. The update which was originally scheduled for Friday night went out early this morning.

Tesla releases FSD Beta 10.3
Tesla releases FSD Beta 10.3
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Existing beta testers received the update as well as users of Tesla's Safety Score who had a rating of 99 or higher.

We were wondering whether Tesla would release the beta to all drivers who have achieved a Safety Score of 99 in one swope, as that group is quite a bit larger than those who previously achieved a perfect score.

This release looks to be fairly widespread, much more so than previous betas. It's not clear yet whether everyone with a score 99 has received this beta, this is definitely the largest expansion of beta testers thus far.

Tesla has shared technical release notes for Beta 10.3, which comes in with update 2021.36.5.2. The release notes include detailed improvements in this beta, such as the ability to detect turn signals and hazards in addition to brake lights.

These are Tesla's technical release notes for this beta release:

  • Added FSD Profiles that allow drivers to control behaviors like rolling stops, exiting passing lanes, speed-based lane changes, following distance and yellow light headway.
  • Added planning capability to drive along oncoming lanes to maneuver around path blockage.
  • Improved creeping speed by linking speed to visibility network estimation and distance to encroachment point of crossing lanes.
  • Improved crossing object velocity estimation by 20% and yaw estimation by 25% by upreving surround video vehicle network with more data. Also increased system frame rate by +1.7 frames per second.
  • Improved vehicle semantic detections (e.g. brake lights, turn indicators, hazards) by adding +25k video clips to the training data set.
  • Improved static obstacle control by upreving the generalized static object network with 6k more video clips (+5.6% precision, +2.5% recall)
  • Allowed more acceleration when merging from on-ramps onto major roads and when lane changing from slow to fast lanes.
  • Reduced false slowdowns and improved offsetting for pedestrians by improving the model of interaction between pedestrians and the static world.
  • Improved turning profile for unprotected turns by allowing ego to cross over lane lines more naturally, when safe to do so.
  • Improved speed profile for boosting onto high speed roads by enforcing stricter longitudinal and lateral acceleration limits required to beat the crossing object.

There have also been improvements in many areas, such as creeping, going around road blockages, detection of static objects on the road such as construction barriers, "phantom" braking and improved acceleration in key areas such as merging onto major roads.

One of the biggest additions in this release is a new option called FSD Profiles, that lets you choose the driving style when in Autopilot.

The three styles to pick from are Chill, Average and Assertive. Each profile will determine how your vehicle drives and interacts in certain road scenarios.

You can read more about FSD Profiles and its various options.

Some users who received the FSD Beta hits morning were initially able to use FSD, but are now facing an issue where Autopilot will no longer engage. It's unlikely that Tesla is limiting the use of the FSD Beta, but hopefuly Tesla can fix the issue without needing to roll out another update.

New FSD Beta users should be aware that Tesla is now enforcing stricter rules for FSD Beta testers to make sure they're actively monitoring the road.

The next FSD Beta release may be v11, where we may finally see combined highway and city driving Autopilot stacks. If Tesla decides to release this in v11, it will be our first look at Tesla applying everything they've learned in city FSD to the highway. It may offer some short-term setbacks but overall should be a drastic improvement in how the car handles sharp highway curves and off and on ramps.

No timeline has yet been given for v11, but Tesla has been consistently releasing updated FSD Betas in 2-3 week increments.

The next iteration of FSD may also see an even wider release than we're seeing with 10.3, as it may open up to Safety Score users who have a score of 98 or higher.

If you're curious what your Safety Score is, or how many more miles you'll need to drive to reach 98, check out our Safety Score Calculator or our Safety Score driving tips.

Update: Several issues were found in FSD Beta 10.3. Tesla has released an updated FSD Beta, version 10.3.1 that they're testing on select cars.

Beta Released Version
Beta 9.0 July 10th, 2021 2021.4.18.12
Beta 9.1 July 31st, 2021 2021.4.18.13
Beta 9.2 August 15th, 2021 2021.12.25.15
Beta 10.0 September 11th, 2021 2021.24.15
Beta 10.0.1 September 18th, 2021 2021.24.16
Beta 10.1 September 25th, 2021 2021.24.17
Beta 10.2 October 11th, 2021 2021.32.25
Beta 10.3 October 24th, 2021 2021.36.5.2
Beta 11? TBD TBD

Tesla's Shareholder Event: Vote Results And Video Replay

By Karan Singh
Not a Tesla App

Yesterday on X, Elon Musk posted that the two key resolutions for the upcoming Shareholder Meeting were both passing by wide margins – and would subsequently go on to pass at today’s Shareholder Meeting.

Musk Compensation Package and Tesla’s Move to Texas

The two key resolutions, one on Elon Musk’s performance-based compensation package, and the other on Tesla’s re-incorporation to Texas, both passed in the preliminary stages. Each required a minimum number of ‘Yes’ votes to pass at the Shareholder Meeting.

The performance-based compensation package only required a simple majority – a certain number of Yes votes, with abstentions not counting as Nos. On the other hand, the move to Texas required a full majority, with abstentions counting as Nos.

Elon Musk declared his victory on X in these two key votes, and Tesla’s share prices moved favorably in post-market, and then again in pre-market trading. This is a positive indicator for Tesla and Elon Musk. On X, Elon recently agreed that given he has received a controlling stake in Tesla, he would work towards making Tesla the most valuable company on Earth.

Other Resolutions

The first five proposals are Tesla corporate proposals, while the remainder are shareholder proposals, and are covered in the table below. For more details, you can read Tesla’s Proxy Package. The proposals are ordered below in the order of presentation.



Elect 2 Directors for a 3 Year term (James Murdock, Kimball Musk)


Non-Binding Advisory-basis Executive Compensation


Move Tesla to Texas


Elon Musk’s Compensation Package


Appoint PricewaterhouseCoopers as Tesla’s accounting firm.


Reduce Director Terms to 1 Year


Simple Majority Stockholder Voting


Annual Report on Anti-Harassment and Discrimination


Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Policy


Report on EM Radiation and Wireless Technologies, and effects on humans.


Adopting targets and reports for sustainability metrics for executive compensation


Moratorium on sourcing minerals from deep-sea mining.


Shareholder Meeting Event

You can view Tesla’s shareholder meeting below:

Tesla Likely to Launch Robotaxi Service in Next 5 Years, May Account for 90% of Future Profit

By Karan Singh
ARK Invest

Tesla is on the verge of its Robotaxi announcement event on 8/8, and major investors like Ark Invest are examining and refreshing their bull case scenarios.

Robotaxi as a Focus

Ark Invest sees Robotaxi as a focus of Tesla’s ongoing business and sees Tesla’s autonomous ride-hailing revenue to net nearly $1 trillion in 2029. In comparison, they estimate Tesla’s vehicle sales to account for $0.4 trillion in revenue. With this bull case, Ark Invest also sees Tesla’s share price soaring to $3,100 by 2029. Ark Invest’s bear case sees the share price moving to $2,000 and robotaxi netting $0.63 billion in revenue.

Ark Invest gives Tesla a 58% chance of launching its robotaxi service in 2025, and a 38% chance in 2026. It’s clear that Tesla’s future lies in operating a fleet of autonomous vehicles and the question is just when it will happen. Given FSD’s massive improvements between FSD V11 and FSD V12, there is a possibility of Tesla meeting these estimates, although a lot depends on how fast improvements will continue to come. While FSD V12 is impressive, it’s still a long way from a true autonomous vehicle.

Rate of Improvement

Miles driven by Tesla FSD versus autonomous competitors
Miles driven by Tesla FSD versus autonomous competitors
ARK Invest

Ark’s case is focused on the fact that FSD’s rapid improvement will continue, and a lot of that may be determined with the next few releases, including FSD 12.4.1, v12.5, and v12.6. When comparing Tesla to autonomous vehicles, Tesla has a drastic lead in miles driven, in fact, it’s so large that you can barely even see Tesla’s competitors. Tesla is at 1.3 billion miles driven with FSD, while the closest competitors are just reaching 15 million autonomous miles driven. While there’s a drastic difference in capabilities between Tesla’s FSD and autonomous vehicles such as Google’s Waymo, Tesla has the ability to gather data 86 times quicker.

Training data is key to building autonomous vehicles, and Tesla is currently the king of vehicle-related data.

Services Company

We previously wrote about whether Tesla’s future will be as a car company or a services company – and major investors such as Ark Invest and Morgan Stanley see Tesla’s AI services as a major driver of business in the future, and the focus of future revenue and profits.

Robotaxi, as both a service and as a physical product, has the opportunity to shake up markets in a unique way, providing quick, clean, and safe transportation between local destinations in urban areas, which could quickly outcompete traditional services like taxis, and tech competitors like Uber or Lyft. The market for robotaxi is untapped and massive, but Tesla isn’t the only one chasing the goal.

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