Tesla Holiday Update coming soon. Here's what may be included

By Nuno Cristovao

Tesla has historically had a major release almost every year. Some years they release a holiday update that contains exciting new features. Previous holiday updates have included a new user interface, new games, Boombox, Tesla theater and more.

Tesla to deliver 2021 Holiday Update
Tesla to deliver 2021 Holiday Update

It's an exciting time of the holiday for most people and Tesla is giving us a little extra to look forward to.

Last year Tesla had a holiday update, but ran into several issues and ended up splitting the holiday update into two parts. The first part was version 2020.48.25 and it was released on December 24th.

The holiday update included new games such as Cat Quest, The Battle of Polytopia and Solitaire. Tesla also refreshed the UI, made car visualizations larger and moved the wipers and rear camera buttons to the main navigation bar.

Although some owners weren't a fan of the larger visualization area because it reduced the width available for other apps like music and the web browser, it did give Tesla room to display more visualizations. The visualizations in FSD play an important role in helping the driver understand what the car can see and react to.

On Christmas day Tesla continued the holiday update and released another update, 2020.48.26, which included the Boombox feature.

Unfortunately, part two of the holiday update never officially came. Speculation is that Tesla became swamped with the new Model S software and ran out of time to develop part two of the holiday update.

It's likely that some of the updates that were slated for part two of the holiday update were released separately throughout the year.

Features such as Waypoints, which was recently released in 2021.40.5 could likely have been part of the holiday update. The TIDAL streaming service, Disney+, Car Wash Mode, the ability to disable mirror auto dimming and hotspot support all sound very much like they could have been part of the holiday update.

Unfortunately, Tesla never announced whether these features were originally part of the holiday update or why they weren't released in December of 2020.

Holiday Update 2021

Elon has now said on Twitter that Tesla is planning another holiday update this year, but doesn't give any details on what's in it. Sure, lots of us may be bitter because part two of the last holiday update never officially happened, but it's good to know Tesla is planning for new features this month.

Elon tweeted that the next holiday update is "Coming soon. Lot of cool stuff." Although this message leaves a lot to the imagination, it's fun to speculate what could be included in this update.

We took a look through our Upcoming Features section, which lists every feature that Elon has commented on and we put together a list of possible features that could be included in this year's holiday update.

Share Car through Tesla App

The share your car feature was recently discovered in the new Tesla app's source code. The feature will allow you to share access to your car with someone else for a specified time. Think of it as sharing virtual car keys, complete with an expiration date. Find out how sharing car access will work.

Vehicle Sync

Vehicle Sync will allow you to share your Tesla settings with other Teslas you own or rent. Vehicle Sync will automatically set your preferences such as stopping mode, auto high beams, temperature units and more automatically when you get into a new Tesla. Read more about how Vehicle Sync will work.

Improved Parking Chimes

This feature was recommended to Elon on Twitter and Elon responded and seemed quite fond of the idea. The feature would greatly improve the usefulness of Tesla's parking chime alerts. Instead of the parking sensors generating a generic beeping sound, the volume and direction of the sound would be based on the proximity and location of the object to the parking sensors. So if you were backing up in your Tesla and approaching an object such as a parking lot light pole, you'd hear the parking chime coming from the rear speakers. The closer you would get to the object, the louder the alert would be. Find out more details on the improved parking chimes idea.

Auto Shift

The new Model S and Model X support Auto Shift, which lets your car automatically shift into forward or reverse when coming out of park. Elon has said previously that Auto Shift will not be limited to the new Model S and X, but will also be come to the Model 3 and Model Y. Find out more about Auto Shift coming to other models.

Passenger Seat Presets

Similar to how there are driver profiles that save a driver's preferences, passenger presets would save a passenger's preferences such as seat position and possibly merge the driver's favorite music stations with the passenger's favorites. Read more about passenger seat presets.

Face Recognition

Tesla filed a patent that would use face recognition to set driver profiles. Instead of setting your driver or passenger profile based on which phone was closest to the car, or having to manually select your profile, Tesla could offer simple face recognition that would automatically set your profile for you. This will make a lot more sense when Tesla introduces passenger profiles, as Tesla would likely want to avoid cluttering up the UI with driver and passenger profile buttons. Find out more about face recognition in Teslas.

Apple Music

After Waypoints, this is the most asked for feature in a Tesla. Tesla recently released TIDAL and in the past Tesla has had source code that hinted at additional music services, such as Apple Music. The truth about music services is that the trend will continue and if Tesla adds Apple Music today, then users will ask for Panda, Amazon Music or SiriusXM streaming capabilities. Tesla is full of talented engineers. They're hopefully working on a solution that will generalize music streaming in a Tesla and make it easier to add additional music services. Adding Apple Music capability to Teslas could be 'The Gift' many are hoping for this holiday season. Find out more about Tesla adding additional music services such as Apple Music.

Render Teslas on Display

The ability to identify and display other Teslas on the screen could be just the kind of feature Tesla would incorporate into a holiday update. With the advancements Tesla has made in object recognition, Tesla can pull this off if they choose to. Read more about displaying Teslas on the screen.

Some of these features may show up in this year's holiday update, but like Santa, Tesla always has some surprises up their sleeve as well.

Last year Tesla released the holiday update close to Christmas and since Tesla does staggered roll outs, some owners did not receive the update until after the holidays.

Who knows exatly what's in store for us this year, but we're getting close and it's possible we may see the first sign of this year's holiday update soon. Check out our Upcoming Features section to read about all the features that Tesla may be looking into developing.

Update: We now have more information on the upcoming Holiday Update that may arrive as soon as Tuesday and possibly feature a 'Dancing Mode' for the Model 3 and Model Y.

Update 2: It's confirmed that a Light Show feature is coming to not only the Model 3 and Model Y, but also the Model S. You can view all the known Holiday Update features here.

Update 3: Tesla released many new features in the 2021 Holiday Update. The holiday update was released with version 2021.44.25.

Tesla Adds 25+ Cybertruck Accessories, Including OMFG Glass Decal, Wraps, Air Compressor, Ramp and More

By Kevin Armstrong
The OMFG glass decal for the Cybertruck
The OMFG glass decal for the Cybertruck

We have good news if you happened to be one of the first handful of people who took delivery of a Cybertruck on November 30. More than 25 accessories are available for purchase to amp up the most talked about vehicle on the planet.

Cybertruck Color Paint Film, Matte Black or Matte White

There are three wraps available for the Cybertruck
There are three wraps available for the Cybertruck

We thought wraps would become available, but surprisingly, Tesla is offering the service immediately. Cybertruck wraps are available in matte black or white for $6,500. This premium wrap option allows owners to personalize their vehicle and adds a layer of protection to the Cybertruck's already robust exterior.

Another option for those seeking to maintain the Cybertruck's appearance is the transparent satin film, available for $5,000. This film provides an extra layer of protection, helping keep the vehicle's body safe from scratches and the elements.

Basecamp - The Outdoor Enthusiast's Dream

Basecamp is a tent made specifically for the Cybertruck
Basecamp is a tent made specifically for the Cybertruck

Since day one, four years ago, people have been talking about the camping capabilities of the Cybertruck. Like most trucks, it's unlikely that most Cybertrucks will even leave the pavement. However, for those who love the great outdoors, the Cybertruck BaseCamp has you covered.

Priced at $2,975, this accessory is perfect for camping, featuring an ultra-light geodesic air-frame design. It inflates quickly, offers a tactical grey kaleidoscope-patterned interior, and includes screen windows for airflow and star-gazing, making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures.

More Shopping Options

A foldable ramp for the Cybertruck adds more utility
A foldable ramp for the Cybertruck adds more utility

Tailgate Ramp ($400): is a practical addition for loading and unloading cargo like ATVs or dirt bikes, enhancing the Cybertruck's utility.

Cybertruck MOLLE Panels ($250): we saw these at the Tesla Lithium factory groundbreaking. Customize and organize your Cybertruck with the MOLLE Panels for $250, offering versatile mounting options for gear and tools.

Tesla is offering a roof rack for the Cybertruck, similar to other models
Tesla is offering a roof rack for the Cybertruck, similar to other models

The roof rack costs $800 and is an essential accessory that offers additional storage options for long trips.

Vault Cargo Divider ($350): This divider allows for better organization and secure transportation of goods in the truck's bed.

Snow Chains $345: a must-have for driving in snowy terrains, ensuring safety and traction in challenging conditions.

Additional Cybertruck Accessories: Enhancing Functionality and Style

Cybertruck Air Compressor Ultra + Tire Repair Kit: Keep your journey uninterrupted with the Cybertruck Air Compressor Ultra and Tire Repair Kit, priced at $550. This kit ensures that you're prepared for any tire-related emergencies on the road, which becomes since the Cybertruck doesn't come standard with a spare tire. This item will become available in early 2024, according to Tesla.

Cybertruck Bumper Protectors: Protect your Cybertruck's exterior with durable bumper protectors for $80, safeguarding against scratches and dents.

Cybertruck Glass Roof Sunshade: For $115, the Cybertruck Glass Roof Sunshade reduces sunlight glare and heat, making it a must have in extreme temperatures.

Cybertruck Spare Tire + Tool Kit: Although the Cybertruck doesn't come standard with a spare tire, you can buy one to tie down in the truck's bed. The Cybertruck Spare Tire and Tool Kit is $1,250.

The OMFG glass decal for the Cybertruck
The OMFG glass decal for the Cybertruck

My personal favorite is the Cybertruck OMFG Decal for $55. The window didn't smash during the delivery event when it was hit with a baseball, like it did with a steel ball at the Cybertruck announcement four years ago. However, you can relive that moment and have an OMFG Decal.

Cybertruck Unveiled: Bi-Directional Charging, Steer-by-Wire, Largest Battery in Any Tesla, Powered Frunk, 18.5-Inch Display

By Kevin Armstrong
The Cybertruck has bi-directional charging, letting you power your home
The Cybertruck has bi-directional charging, letting you power your home
Not a Tesla App

Elon Musk stood in the back of a Cybertruck with the words behind him: more utility than a truck. Faster than a sports car. Tesla's CEO then backed up that statement for the next 20 minutes with real-world examples.

The presentation showed a Cybertruck out pull an F350 and other competitors. A video demonstrated the Cybertruck beating a Porsche 911 on the quarter mile - the Cybertruck was also hauling a Porsche 911. Of course, the bullet tests video was on screen, with a slow-motion shot of a bullet bouncing off the stainless steel.

The delivery event mostly exceeded expectations, as the stainless steel beast is now on the road. Let's dive a little deeper into some of the unprecedented functionality and cutting-edge technology Cybertruck offers.

Biggest Breakthroughs: Steer-By-Wire System

One of the most talked-about features is the Cybertruck's steer-by-wire system. This advanced technology eliminates the need for a mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels, offering precision control and a new level of driving experience.

Its implementation is a game-changer, providing drivers with enhanced maneuverability and a turning radius that rivals most sedans. Elon Musk compared it to a jet fighter, stating if you steer the yoke just a little in a parking lot, the vehicle can turn a lot, but if you steer the yoke on the highway, it will adapt to the speed and maneuver the truck accordingly.

Bi-Directional Charging

We hoped this one was coming. One of the Cybertruck's most innovative features is bi-directional charging. This capability allows the Cybertruck to charge its own batteries and power external devices and even other electric vehicles. Whether it's powering tools at a construction site or providing emergency power during a grid outage, the Cybertruck doubles as a mobile power station.

Cybertruck Battery

Tesla has put its largest-ever battery into the Cybertruck. The Cybertruck isn't a light vehicle, coming in at 6,603 lbs for the AWD version and 6,843 lbs (3,103 kg) for Cyberbeast, so the fact that it includes Tesla's largest battery isn't surprising.

The AWD and Cyberbeast versions of the Cybertruck both contain a new 123kWh battery. This battery uses 4680 cells and is the equivalent of more than 9 Powerwalls. If you're planning to use the Cybertruck for backup power for your home, there's a lot to like here.

Powered Frunk

The Cybertruck will be the first Tesla to include a powered frunk. It seems that you'll not only be able to open the frunk, but also close it from within the vehicle or through the Tesla app. The spacious trunk also doubles as a bench seat for two for tailgating, sporting events or camping.

Bed Lining

To go along with the power station Cybertruck's super-tough composite bed doesn't require a liner, setting a new standard in durability. This feature is designed to handle all sorts of cargo without worrying about scratches or dents, reflecting Tesla's commitment to both utility and longevity.

Theater on Wheels

The Cybertruck has a massive 18.5
The Cybertruck has a massive 18.5

The Cybertruck is designed to offer an unparalleled in-vehicle entertainment experience. Its recording studio sound dynamics featuring 15 speakers, including two dedicated subwoofers and distributed amplifiers, transforms into a mobile theater, delivering an immersive audio experience.

At the heart of the Cybertruck's interior are the massive 18.5" touchscreen in the front and the 9.4" touchscreen in the back, both boasting an all-new user interface. These screens are more than just displays; they're control centers that put a wide range of functions at the fingertips of both the driver and passengers.

In line with Tesla's focus on safety and health, the Cybertruck comes equipped with a built-in hospital-grade HEPA filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode, providing protection against 99.97% of airborne particles. This feature, known as the Bioweapon Defense Mode, ensures that the cabin air is clean and safe, regardless of external conditions.


With a range of up to 340 miles on a single charge and the capability to recover up to 136 miles with just 15 minutes of supercharging, the Cybertruck is ready for any adventure. The electronically adaptive air suspension further enhances its off-road capabilities, offering up to 17" of clearance.

Price and Specs Overview

The Cybertruck is offered in three trim levels: the Tri-Motor "Cyberbeast" at $99,990, the Dual-Motor All-Wheel-Drive at $79,990, and the Rear-Wheel-Drive at $60,990. Each model promises a blend of power, efficiency, and range that sets a new benchmark in the electric truck segment.

Tesla has previously stated that it will produce 200,000 Cybertrucks a year. With well over a million reservations, many people could wait a long time to get this vehicle. With that in mind, Tesla offers $1,000 off any other model when customers buy a Cybertruck but take delivery of a different Tesla before December 31.

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Latest Tesla Update

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Take a look at features that Elon Musk has said will be coming soon.


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