New Tesla Cybertruck Details Suggest Price, Ventilated Seats, and Lack of Exoskeleton

By Kevin Armstrong
Close-ups of the Cybertruck frame and seats reveal several bits of information
Close-ups of the Cybertruck frame and seats reveal several bits of information

Tesla's Cybertruck transitions from concept to reality, and a buzz of excitement and speculation surrounds this revolutionary vehicle. The Cybertruck, with its audacious design and promises of unrivaled performance, is steadily approaching its first deliveries.

With the recent roll-off of the first production unit at the Gigafactory in Texas, many are left wondering about the remaining unknowns, particularly its pricing and features. As we inch closer to the release date, every tweet from Elon Musk or leak from the Tesla factory adds another piece to the puzzle. This article seeks to piece together all the recent clues we've garnered about the Tesla Cybertruck, from potential price points to exclusive design features.

Anticipated Pricing for the Cybertruck

Tesla's anticipated beast, the Cybertruck, has been under a shroud of mystery since its unveiling in late 2019, especially regarding its pricing. However, CEO Elon Musk's recent comment on the Ford F-150 Lightning could be a hint towards the Cybertruck's price point. Yesterday he tweeted:

The Ford Lightning is a good vehicle, just somewhat expensive, especially given the high interest rates these days for any kind of loan.

This comment came after Ford dropped the price of the truck by $10,000; it now starts at $49,995.

Cybertruck Ventilated Seats

A recent video from Tesla showcases its rigorous seat testing procedures (video below). But it didn't take long for viewers to spot the seats from the Cybertruck. With their distinctive angular control buttons and design, these seats were designed to match the truck's futuristic look. The seats appear to be ventilated, a feature currently exclusive to the Model S and Model X, although it's rumored to be available on the refreshed Model 3 as well. As Tesla prepares for the Cybertruck's initial deliveries, this video hints at the comfort and luxury potential owners can expect.

Cybertruck Exoskeleton Scrapped?

The Cybertruck has been the subject of much speculation due to its unique exoskeleton design. Photos from the Gigafactory in Texas reveal the inner structure of the pickup and confirm it is not an exoskeleton. Sandy Munro, who goes by teardown titan on Twitter, confirmed as much in a video he posted. He believes the exoskeleton attempt may have been why the truck was so delayed and also speculated that the company likely went with a different design for safety reasons.

A Notable Omission - The Missing Midgate

The Cybertruck production line images reveal another unexpected detail - the absence of a midgate or cargo tunnel. This eliminates the potential for extended hauling lengths and may disappoint those looking to use the pickup as an overlander for camping.

No Right-Hand Drive Variant in Sight

Detailed photos of the Cybertruck's frame seem to confirm a key detail - the all-electric pickup truck's firewall is asymmetrical, indicating that it might only be available in Left Hand Drive variants, at least initially. This would mean reservation holders in RHD countries will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on this game-changing pickup.

As the Tesla Cybertruck inches closer to its final reveal and first deliveries, these emerging details hint at what potential owners can expect from this highly anticipated electric pickup. With the official reveal expected this quarter, we're eagerly waiting to see one with our own eyes!

Tesla Begins Testing FSD in China

By Karan Singh
Not a Tesla App

Tesla was recently granted permission to test FSD on Chinese streets – specifically in Shanghai. Just recently, Elon Musk visited China and discussed the potential for FSD to come to China.

Gearing Up for FSD China

This is just the first step for Tesla to begin its customer deployments of FSD – Tesla conducts similar ADAS testing in North America, where special testing vehicles and testing employees run the latest FSD (Supervised) versions against a gamut of real-world, real-life tests.

Tesla has recently been working on translating FSD release notes into multiple languages, alongside building a data center in Shanghai and establishing an FSD Operations and Labelling team at the same center. These are the first, key steps to bringing FSD to a new market that has unique and different traffic rules when compared North America.

China doesn’t have the regulatory hurdles or challenges that Tesla faces in Europe to bring FSD and has been working with Chinese corporations as well as the government, which has now provided its official approval for FSD testing in-country.

We might even see FSD deployed to early testing customers in China by the end of 2025.

ADAS Competitors

There are quite a few competitors in the Chinese market already- with challengers like Xpeng and Xiaomi working on building their own homegrown systems, mostly driven by a mixture of cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors, and LIDAR. However, many of these systems face similar challenges to other non-Chinese competitors and don’t have the mileage under their belts to tackle Tesla’s dominating lead in data and data processing.

European Union

Tesla is poising itself for an FSD rollout internationally, with increased testing also taking place in the UK, France, and Spain – some of the key locations with unique infrastructure in the European Union. However, some EU-specific regulations restrict how FSD can perform – each and every action must be manually approved by the driver. Until that regulation is changed to adapt to systems like FSD, it won’t be making its way there just yet.

Tesla Cybertruck to Receive Charging Improvements in Upcoming Update

By Karan Singh
Not a Tesla App

Former Tesla VP of Powertrain and Energy Drew Baglino previously mentioned that Cybertruck would be receiving charging improvements soon.

Wes Morrill, Tesla’s Cybertruck lead engineer, recently reposted Baglino’s comments on the charge speed update on June 16th and mentioned that it would be coming soon via OTA.

Charging Improvements

The 4680 cell has seen some difficulties in its charge curve, similar to Tesla’s other vehicles that have been deployed with the 4680. Tesla has alluded to difficulties in the manufacturing curve previously, and also with engineering improvements to the new cell standard, and eventually stopped manufacturing the Model Y with the 4680 cells.

However, this is the first time that Tesla has begun to deploy major improvements to the 4680 cell. It appears the improvements will allow up to 154 miles to be recovered in 15 minutes, which is approximately a 30% improvement to current charge rates.

We’re hoping that these improvements to the 4680 will also translate to older Model Y vehicles that have 4680 cells, which will be key to the owners of these vehicles. 4680 production is currently mainly focused on Powerwall, Megapack, and Cybertruck – with Semi not using 4680 yet.

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