Elon: Smarter Summon and Autopark coming. Will it use dead-reckoning?

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla to release smarter summon and Autopark
Tesla to release smarter summon and Autopark

Tesla's Autopilot and AI team must be burning the 3 am oil again. Elon Musk took to Twitter to tell the world the expectations for his team on some significant projects. He tweeted: Note, Autopilot/AI team is also working on Optimus and (actually smart) summon/autopark, which have end of month deadlines.

The end of the month is not too far away, so time is ticking down to complete these extraordinarily complex and revolutionary projects. Optimus, the highly anticipated humanoid robot, will be revealed at Tesla's AI Day on September 30.

If that's not enough, the team has to improve two aspects of the Autopilot system. Clearly, the CEO is not impressed with the program. It is called Smart Summon, but Musk must not think the title is too accurate as he states "actually smart" in his tweet. In addition, users have pointed out that their Teslas can struggle in parking lots. But, to be fair, who hasn't struggled in parking lots?

When using Smart Summon, Tesla uses your phone's GPS as a target destination. Users can also put in a location; the vehicle is supposed to navigate to that point by steering around obstacles. Smart Summon is to work when the user is within 20 feet of the car. However, the manual states, "You must maintain a clear line of sight between you and Model (S, 3, X, Y) and closely monitor the vehicle and its surroundings at all times."

In addition, the same webpage has six warnings and one caution to users. These include details such as the cameras must be clean, it must be used on paved surfaces, it may not stop for all objects, and it currently needs adequate cell service and GPS data.

Autopark also has several warnings on its user manual webpage. This program assists the driver in finding parking, both perpendicular and parallel. However, unlike Smart Summon, the user must be in the car before letting the Tesla take over.

Navigate without Maps

Musk previously hinted at a major improvement that's coming: the ability for FSD beta to navigate roads with no map data. The vehicle will be able to navigate to a specific GPS point or pinned location (ex: rural roads), says Musk.

Dead Reckoning Navigation (Navigating without GPS)

Elon has also alluded to the fact that Tesla is working on the AI’s ability to complete 'dead reckoning' navigation (navigating only on “inertial measurements, wheel movement & vision”).

Elon gave underground parking garages as an example of where FSD would need this ability to navigate without GPS, map data or cell service. The car will be able to do this by using its last known GPS location and then determining its future location using only a compass, wheel movement and speed.

Many Twitter users were trying to figure out what Musk referred to with these programs. Will the car drop off its passengers and park itself (reverse summon will offer three options)? How will it navigate difficult parking lots with unpredictable pedestrians and drivers?

We hope these questions and plenty of others will be answered on September 30.

Tesla's Next FSD v12 Update Will Be Available For Users on 2024.8

By Not a Tesla App Staff

Tesla will soon roll out a FSD v12 which is compatible with update 2024.8 Tesla began its public rollout of FSD v12 last month, which brings a much more refined, human-like experience to the self-driving software.

To celebrate the achievement and show owners how big of an improvement FSD v12 is, Tesla offered a free month of FSD to all owners with compatible vehicles in the U.S. and Canada.

However, there was a caveat. The latest FSD v12 (v12.3.4) is Tesla update 2024.3.15. Since Tesla doesn't roll back updates since the process isn't rigorously tested, that means many owners who had already received Tesla update 2024.8.9 were left without a free trial and access to FSD v12.

Subscribing to FSD on Update 2024.8

In fact, if you're in the U.S. or Canada and subscribe to FSD while on update 2024.8.x, you'll actually receive the older, and quite a bit worse FSD v11.4.9.

The FSD v12 update has been highly anticipated and aims to finally upgrade Tesla’s ADAS level 2 system to something higher. Musk has talked about level 4 or 5, and even recently said Tesla is going all-in on FSD.

FSD v12 for Update 2024.8 Is Coming

Rohan Patel, who recently left Tesla, recently said that Tesla is already working on an FSD v12 update that is compatible with users on update 2024.8.x. This means that the next FSD update may finally be based on the 2024.8 codebase.

However, just this morning Tesla released the next major update to the platform, update 2024.14 for employee testing. The update is massive and includes an updated UI, hands-free trunk opening, a full-screen browser and more.

However, Patel never specified which codebase the next FSD update would be based on. If it's based on update 2024.8, then users who are upgraded to 2024.14 in the next couple of weeks may face a similar fate as users on 2024.8 today.

Release Date

Patel said to expect the release of the next version of FSD v12 this week. Since update 2024.14 is still being tested with "wave 1" employees, we'll likely see one of two things happen. We may see the next FSD update be based on 2024.8 and released very soon, or it'll be based on update 2024.14, but it may not be available for another couple of weeks.

Once this update arrives, owners with a Tesla on 2024.8.x will finally be able to update and receive their one-month trial of FSD v12 and finally experience what everyone has been excited about.

Tesla Adds V12 User Interface, Full Screen Browser Button, Nav Improvements, Full Screen Visualizations for All

By Not a Tesla App Staff

Tesla's latest V12 user interface will change the look and feel of some of the vehicle’s operations. This new interface, announced on X, is already partially available on the Cybertruck but will now be rolled out to the Model 3 and Model Y, equipped with AMD Ryzen processors according to Tesla. However, the new Model S and Model X will likely receive it as well, although possibly not at the same time. It integrates several new features and aesthetics that set new standards in vehicle interface design.

The new interface will become available in Tesla update 2024.14, which started rolling out to employees yesterday.

Centralized Vehicle Visualization

A standout feature of the v12 UI update, not to be confused with FSD v12, is the centralized vehicle visualization, which dominates the display while parked (shown in photo). This design choice enhances visual appeal and improves functionality by placing critical vehicle performance metrics, and status updates front and center. Similar to the layout in the Cybertruck, this feature provides drivers with a clear and immediate view of their vehicle's status and shows off the gorgeous 3D model.

Improved Navigation

The navigation system will see several improvements. You’ll now see a little trip progress bar that lets you visually see how far along you are on your route.

If your vehicle has a rear screen, as in the new Model 3, the redesigned Model S or Model X, then trip information such as ETA will also be displayed on the rear screen.

Tesla already has the ability to update your route if a faster route becomes available. You can change some of these settings under Controls > Navigate. However, now the vehicle will show you if a faster route becomes available and gives you a chance to cancel the updated route if needed.

Expanded Autopilot Visualizations

Tesla is now bringing its full-screen visualizations outside of North America. However, there will be some improvements as well. In addition to being able to have the visualizations go full screen, there will now be a small map displayed in the corner as well.

That’s one of the issues with the full-screen FSD visualizations right now. If you make them full-screen, you lose your navigation map completely and only have the next turn available.

This will be the first time full-screen visualizations are available outside North America. It’s not clear whether all the FSD visualizations will be available such as traffic lights, curbs and more will be displayed, but Tesla has slowly been adding additional visualizations for non-FSD users, so there’s a chance that this feature will finally display all FSD visualizations to users outside of North America.

It’s not immediately clear whether this feature will require Enhanced Autopilot or FSD.

Full-Screen Browser Support

With this update, Tesla will finally let you manually make the browser full-screen. While this will make Tesla’s Theater apps a little redundant since they just loaded the website of the selected streaming service, you’ll now be able to stream any video service full screen, as long as the service supports Tesla’s browser.

As expected, the full-screen button will only be available while the vehicle is parked.

Checking Compatibility and Availability

Owners can verify their vehicle’s compatibility with the new full-screen visualizations while parked and driving by navigating to Controls > Software > Additional Vehicle Info on their Tesla’s touchscreen. This update is tailored for Tesla vehicles equipped with the AMD Ryzen processor.

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Take a look at features that Elon Musk has said will be coming soon.


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