Tesla Cybertruck Specs and Dimensions Leaked Ahead of Delivery Event

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla is holding the Cybertruck delivery event later this month
Tesla is holding the Cybertruck delivery event later this month

Another day, and more strategic leaks of Tesla's Cybertruck. With the delivery event scheduled for the end of the month, the leaks are nearing a deluge. The latest courtesy of an anonymous insider was brought to the public eye by the YouTube channel TFLEV.

The Cybertruck, with a total length of 18.6 feet and an overall width of 79.9 inches without mirrors, positions itself adeptly between mid and full-size pickups, undercutting the size of giants like the Ram 1500 and F-150 Lightning by several inches. The overall height at a medium suspension setting is 70.5 inches, with a wheelbase of 143 inches, indicating a truck with a lower profile and potential for increased maneuverability compared to today's larger trucks.

The Weight of Innovation: Curb Weights and Battery Implications

Despite its smaller size, the Cybertruck's curb weight of 6,670 pounds for the dual-motor and 6,890 pounds for the tri-motor variants suggests a heavy-duty build. The numbers match up to what Elon Musk recently stated on Joe Rogan. This weight, slightly less than the Rivian R1T but more than most F-150 Lightning trims, reflects its robust stainless steel body and unknown battery size. With Tesla's history of offering multiple battery configurations, the weight could vary depending on the final battery options released.

The towing capacity stands at a solid 11,000 pounds with a max tongue weight of 1,110 pounds, which is on par with the Rivian R1T and above the base F-150 Lightning trims but below the 14,000 pounds suggested by Tesla's website and the top-trim F-150s. This may indicate different capabilities across various Cybertruck models.

The presumed Cybertruck specs that were leaked by TFLEV on YouTube
The presumed Cybertruck specs that were leaked by TFLEV on YouTube

Cybertruck Specs

  • Overall length: 18.6 feet
  • Overall width (no mirrors): 79.9 inches
  • Overall height (medium setting): 70.5 inches
  • Wheelbase: 143 inches
  • Dual-Motor Curb Weight: 6,670 lbs
  • Tri-Motor Curb Weight: 6,890 lbs

  • Tow rating: 11,000 lbs
  • Max tongue weight: 1,110 lbs

Interior and Cargo Space

The bed length is over six feet at 72.8 inches, with a width of 51 inches, offering substantial cargo space despite the sloping sides that may impact the overall usability. The frunk, with a volume of 7.1 cubic feet and a weight capacity of 420 pounds, is designed for easy access to heavy or wide items, which could double as a bench, albeit with potential obstruction from the hood.

Regarding interior space, the Cybertruck offers leading headroom with 41.6 inches in the front and 39 inches in the rear and ample legroom of 41 inches front and 40.9 inches rear. The shoulder room is generous at 63 inches in the front and 62 inches in the rear, with a hip room of 57.2 inches for front and rear passengers. This positions the Cybertruck as a comfortable four-adult vehicle with spaciousness that belies its lower exterior height.

Bed and Frunk Specs

  • Bed length: 72.8 inches
  • Bed width: 51 inches
  • Frunk volume: 7.1 cubic feet
  • Weight capacity of frunk: 420 lbs

While not officially confirmed, the leaked specifications paint a detailed picture of the Cybertruck's design intentions and capabilities. The delivery event is scheduled for November 30th.

Tesla Holiday Update Wish List Part 3: Entertainment and Connectivity

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla Owners wish list for the holiday update
Tesla Owners wish list for the holiday update
Not a Tesla App

Elon Musk has always maintained that he wants a Tesla to be the most fun you can have in a car. During the holiday season, Tesla is by far the most festive automobile on the road. Tesla owners are a little more festive this time of year as well because we all know the best update of the year will soon be downloaded to all the good Teslas.

This article, the third in our series on the Holiday Update Wish List, focuses on advancements in in-car entertainment and digital connectivity.

App Store for Third-Party Apps

A significant leap in Tesla's software offering would be an official App Store. We’ve seen a few hints of this, but clearly, owners want it as this feature would open a new realm of possibilities, allowing drivers and passengers to download and use third-party apps directly on the vehicle's interface.

Integrating an App Store could bring various applications, from navigation aids to productivity tools, and more entertainment options. This move would actually help free up Tesla engineers from the continuous cycle of developing and integrating additional streaming services, such as SiriusXM, YouTube TV, Fubo, Amazon Music, and many others.

Games would also be a major attraction to Tesla’s App Store. With an App Store, Tesla could rely on game publishers and other third-party developers for porting andn developing games that could be played in the vehicle. This move would shift how we perceive car infotainment systems, turning Tesla's impressive touchscreens into hubs of personalization and utility.

Elevating the Music Experience with Spotify

The Tesla community has long requested improved Spotify integration, particularly regarding streaming quality. With the potential increase in Spotify's streaming bitrate to 320 kbps, Tesla could offer an audiophile-grade listening experience, leveraging the vehicle's premium sound system to deliver rich, high-fidelity audio. Such an upgrade would not only please music enthusiasts but also reinforce Tesla's commitment to offering premium, cutting-edge vehicle features.

A realistic possibility is the inclusion of Apple Music podcasts which has been hinted at by Greentheonly after finding some references to them in one of Tesla’s recent software updates.

Advanced Bluetooth Audio Support

In line with enhancing audio experiences, Tesla owners are asking Santa Musk to support higher-quality Bluetooth audio. This improvement would cater to an increasingly discerning customer base that values superior sound quality for their media consumption. Musk previously hinted at lossless audio and AirPlay integration in Tesla vehicles, but its not clear whether Tesla ever started development on these features.

By introducing an App Store, enhancing streaming quality, and upgrading Bluetooth audio support, Tesla would build upon its already good set of entertainment offerings. These features are not just about providing entertainment though; they're about creating an immersive experience that resonates with the lifestyles and preferences of Tesla drivers, who are often at the forefront of technology. Are these items on Santa’s shopping list? We will have to wait until the holiday update is released.

Cybertruck Foundation Series Offered to Early Reservation Holders: $120K, Lifetime Connectivity and More

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla is offering the Cybertruck Foundation Series to its first customers
Tesla is offering the Cybertruck Foundation Series to its first customers
Paul / niccruzpatane/X

The first Cybertrucks will be part of a limited edition called the Cybertruck Foundation Series. Nic Cruz Patane (@niccruzpatane), unearthed source code showing that this limited edition, fully optioned series will offer a suite of premium accessories and features.

According to some early Cybertruck reservation holders, they’re now being invited to configure their Cybertruck Foundation Series at a price of $119,990.

Lifetime Premium Connectivity and Accessories

One of the most notable inclusions in the Foundation Series is the lifetime premium connectivity. This feature currently costs $99 a year. The only other vehicles that include free premium connectivity for the life of the vehicle are vehicles ordered before June 2018. After this date Tesla introduced the premium connectivity package for $10/month or $99/year. By reintroducing it as a lifetime offering, Tesla is enhancing the value proposition of the Cybertruck, possibly saving owners $1,000 or more over the vehicle’s life.

PowerShare: The Next Level in EV Technology

In addition to this, the series comes with an updated universal wall connector with “PowerShare” capabilities. It also includes a new PowerShare mobile connector, which Tesla has yet to unveil.

The new universal wall connector with PowerShare capabilities is a standout feature. This innovative technology allows the Cybertruck to receive power and send it back to the home. It transforms the vehicle into a mobile power source, a concept that blurs the lines between automotive and home energy solutions.

Similarly, the new PowerShare mobile connector is a step forward in bi-directional charging technology. There’s little that’s known about this new mobile connector, but some text on Tesla’s site reveals that there will be outlets on the connector itself. This will allow owners can hook up devices directly, using the Cybertruck as an alternative to traditional generators. This feature particularly appeals to outdoor enthusiasts and professionals requiring portable power solutions.

Although details are scarce, the PowerShare home backup seems to be the final piece in Tesla's puzzle to enable the Cybertruck to power a home. This feature would control and limit when the Cybertruck could feed energy back into the house. These new features could position the Cybertruck as a critical component in home energy management, especially in emergencies or off-grid living.

The exclusive badging on the Cybertruck Foundation Series and Cyberbeast
The exclusive badging on the Cybertruck Foundation Series and Cyberbeast

Also, there is a mention of Exclusive badges, which seems a little off-brand considering there are no logos or badging on the vehicle, as the Cybertruck doesn’t need it. Foundation Series trucks will have the words Foundation Series in a Cybertruck-typical font displayed on the vehicle’s fender. There will also be a special “badge” for Cyberbeast on the bottom right of the tailgate, which will three wolf-like heads joined together.

Community Response

The announcements has many enthusiasts expressing eagerness to configure their truck; however, others are understandably shocked at the price and are ready to wait for prices to fall in the future.

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Take a look at features that Elon Musk has said will be coming soon.


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