Musk Talks Cybertruck Acceleration and Weight as Joe Rogan Tests Exterior With Arrow [Watch]

By Kevin Armstrong
Joe Rogan shoots an arrow at the Cybertruck
Joe Rogan shoots an arrow at the Cybertruck
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Elon Musk drove his Cybertruck to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast studio, not expecting that it would be tested yet again. The Tesla stainless steel beast demonstrated its "near-invulnerability" in the most unconventional ways to date.

The Cybertruck's Mighty Exoskeleton

Cybertruck has already survived a Tommy Gun test "Al Capone style," Musk proved that the futuristic pickup's exterior is arrow-proof. Musk's claims were put to the ultimate test when Rogan, known for his archery skills, unleashed an arrow from his 80lb compound bow directly at the Cybertruck's panel. The aftermath? A shattered arrow, a flattened broadhead, and Musk's smirk. In the words of a stunned Rogan, there was "barely a scratch." There actually appeared to be a small dent on the Cybertruck where the arrow struck the truck, but it didn't pierce the Cybertruck's exterior.

Unveiling the Beast: The Cybertruck's Details

While Musk was keen on keeping some details reserved for the official delivery event (scheduled for November 30), he couldn't help but give up a few details. Here are some highlights:

Weight: Depending on the configuration, meaning dual or triple motor, the Cybertruck's weight is estimated between 6,000 to 7,000 pounds, or a similar weight to a Ford F-250.

Acceleration: Tesla's ambition for the Cybertruck goes beyond just a rugged exterior. Musk revealed the existence of a 'beast mode' aiming for a 0-to-60 mph time of less than 3 seconds. If this holds, the Cybertruck might just outrun some of the industry's most coveted sports cars.

Production: Musk gave a production figure estimate of 200,000 Cybertrucks per year. While this is a slight dip from previous goals, it underscores Tesla's commitment.

However, Musk repeatedly, in his own words, “sounds like a broken record,” talking about the manufacturing process. He wants a movie to be made so people understand just how hard it is to produce vehicles. This sentiment echoes his statements during the third quarter earnings call when Musk stated, "We dug our grave for Cybertruck.”

Interestingly, other people inside Tesla knew this would happen when Musk ordered the Cybertruck to be the company’s pickup truck. That’s why a rogue group of engineers started building a second Tesla pickup. Odds are that truck would be on the road already, but it certainly wouldn’t have the fanfare and attention the Cybertruck has created.

Where Legends Meet

This wasn't Musk's first rodeo on the JRE podcast. Previous episodes have often been a blend of unexpected revelations, candid moments, and sometimes controversies. Whether it's Musk's infamous joint-smoking moment or revelations about the Cybertruck's design adjustments, the combination of Musk and Rogan never fails to capture the audience's imagination.

Musk discussed the influence of what he termed a "mind virus," which is reminiscent of the "woke" philosophy. He linked this mindset to a decline in civilization and asserted that the old management at Twitter suppressed moderate and right-leaning viewpoints, functioning like a "state publication."

Musk also called out Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The two CEOs were once slated to have an MMA match, "Zuck pulled out. He used the pull-out method. I’ll fight him any place, anywhere, under any rules,” said Musk.

Shooting for the trifecta, Musk also had much to say about billionaire philanthropist George Soros, the primary sponsor of the Democratic Party in the US. Musk went as far as to say that Soros ‘hates humanity on a fundamental level.’

Watch Musk on the Joe Rogan Experience

You can watch the first two hours of the episode below, which deep dives into various aspects of other quintessential Musk insights.

Tesla Cybertruck to Receive Charging Improvements in Upcoming Update

By Karan Singh
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Former Tesla VP of Powertrain and Energy Drew Baglino previously mentioned that Cybertruck would be receiving charging improvements soon.

Wes Morrill, Tesla’s Cybertruck lead engineer, recently reposted Baglino’s comments on the charge speed update on June 16th and mentioned that it would be coming soon via OTA.

Charging Improvements

The 4680 cell has seen some difficulties in its charge curve, similar to Tesla’s other vehicles that have been deployed with the 4680. Tesla has alluded to difficulties in the manufacturing curve previously, and also with engineering improvements to the new cell standard, and eventually stopped manufacturing the Model Y with the 4680 cells.

However, this is the first time that Tesla has begun to deploy major improvements to the 4680 cell. It appears the improvements will allow up to 154 miles to be recovered in 15 minutes, which is approximately a 30% improvement to current charge rates.

We’re hoping that these improvements to the 4680 will also translate to older Model Y vehicles that have 4680 cells, which will be key to the owners of these vehicles. 4680 production is currently mainly focused on Powerwall, Megapack, and Cybertruck – with Semi not using 4680 yet.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Now Eligible for $7.5K Tax Credit

By Karan Singh
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In the US, the Model 3 Long Range has now become fully eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit for EVs.

Federal Tax Credit

The federal tax credit is up to $7,500 USD off at the point of sale, which applies to EVs with batteries originating from the United States. The Model 3 Performance was launched with the EV tax credit, which meant that until now, it was cheaper to purchase than the Model 3 Long Range.

Interestingly, after this change, the Model 3 Long Range is only $1,000 USD more expensive than the Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive, as the RWD model is not eligible for the credit. The LFP batteries in the RWD model are from CATL in China, and thus mark it as ineligible.

At $40,000 USD, the Model 3 Long Range is now an even better deal than before – and is nearly $7,500 less (the amount of the credit), than the average new car in the United States.

Canadian EV Credits

In Canada, Tesla dropped the Model 3 RWD price by $1,000 CAD, in response to the province of  British Colombia reducing the upper limit of their EV credit MSRP range. This means that the Model 3 RWD is the only Tesla vehicle that is covered under the new BC rebate – which is one of the few provincial rebates still left standing.

Sadly, as a result of this change, and due to a weird classification gimmick, the Model Y is considered a sedan by the Government of BC and is completely ineligible for the additional rebates – but the $5,000 federal EV rebate still applies.

Tesla vehicles accounted for 80% of federal EV rebate applications in Canada in 2023, marking a net increase since last year at 60%.

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