Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.3 expected this week

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.3 is exected later this week
Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.3 is exected later this week
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The suspense continues. The long-awaited Full Self Driving Beta Version 10.69.3 should be arriving any day now. Yes, you've read that before. While it can be frustrating to some, it should demonstrate just how important this update is for Tesla. Elon Musk has already stated his confidence in the update and believes FSD is safer than human drivers.

Musk also announced during the third quarter earnings call that every FSD subscriber in the U.S. and Canada will get access to the program before the end of the year. That means the number of FSD vehicles operating is about to skyrocket. With regulators watching the program closely, Tesla must double and triple-check everything. When asked when FSD was coming, Musk tweeted, "Next week. It's actually a major release, so a lot more internal testing is needed before going to public beta."

Perhaps it's the decimals that are throwing people off. Usually, updates with two or more decimals are small that address minor bugs or allow access to slight enhancements. Given the long list of tweets Tesla's CEO has published promising significant developments, this update could be better suited to be a new number, like 11. However, Musk tweeted earlier this month, "10.69.3 will actually be a major upgrade. We're keeping .69 just because haha."

Many observers expected the "major upgrade" shortly after A.I. Day 2022 on September 30. Unfortunately, FSD enhancements played second fiddle to the unveiling of Optimus, the humanoid robot. Nevertheless, it was still impressive for the Autopilot program and the engineers behind the scenes. Tesla's director of the Autopilot program, Ashok Elluswamy, said, "FSD beta software is quite capable of driving the car. It should be able to navigate from parking lot to parking lot, city street driving, stopping for traffic lights and stops signs, negotiating with objects at intersections, making turns and so on."

FSD Beta 10.69.3 has been eagerly awaited every week since, as the tweets continue to pile up. Musk also doubled down on the improvements of the next FSD during the recent earnings call. He is sure that Tesla is well on its way to being fully autonomous and is preparing to challenge regulators to prove that this program will make roads safer. "Certainly, without a question whatsoever in my mind, next year. I think we'll also have enough data next year to be able to show to regulators that the car is safer than the average human," said Musk.

Release Date

Tesla has traditionally released FSD Beta updates toward the end of the week. It's possible we may see the first sightings of this beta this coming weekend when Tesla releases it to employees. Tesla will then slowly release to existing testers.

Other Features Included

It's almost certain that FSD Beta 10.69.3 will be based on update 2022.28 or 2022.36, which means that it will also bring some big features that are outside of FSD Beta.

Features such as Tesla Profile syncing, improved Blind Spot Camera placement which was a part of 2022.24 and Alternate routes, the ability to minimize Tesla Theater and more.

If FSD Beta 10.69.3 is based on 2022.36 then it'll include the widely popular improvements to the Energy App, the ability to customize Cabin Overheat Protection and the ability to view the vehicle's ETA and media player details in the Tesla app.

This will be a big update for sure, not only for the improvements to FSD Beta, but all the additional features beta users have been without for the last couple of months.

Rivian to Add Google Cast and Native YouTube App, Will Tesla Respond?

By Not a Tesla App Staff

Coming to Rivian vehicles over a software update is Google Cast and YouTube support, which will allow for seamless, high-quality content streaming to Rivian vehicles.

This is a big step forward for Rivian’s software integration, especially compared to Tesla, which has yet to integrate native apps or release the long-rumored Tesla native app store.

Google Cast

Google Cast is Google’s version of Apple AirPlay which is supported in a variety of audio and video streaming apps such as Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and more. By using a supported app, a user will be able to cast content directly to Rivian’s main 15.6” center screen.

Like Casting to a TV or Smart Device at home, this will allow you to play, pause, or skip back and forth using the vehicle’s touchscreen. Google Casting automatically pauses when the vehicle shifts into Drive.

Native YouTube App

Alongside Google Cast, Rivian is also bringing a native YouTube app to vehicles, enabling users to access YouTube’s video and music library from anywhere with a data connection. These features will be integrated right into Rivian’s vehicle operating system, which means they will receive regular software updates, and not be reliant on browser-based capabilities.

Similar to casting content, YouTube content will also automatically pause when the vehicle is shifted into Drive.

Tesla Equivalents

For the time being, there is no way to AirPlay or Cast video from a phone or tablet to Tesla’s front or rear screens. However, for some apps such as YouTube, you can send the video URL to the vehicle and have it open the YouTube app to that video.

To do this, open the YouTube app and find a video. Once you’d like to share it with the vehicle you can tap on share. You’ll then need to share it with the Tesla app which will then send it to your vehicle. On iPhones this requires you to scroll to the right and tap on More, which brings up the native sharing screen and has the Tesla app.

However, this is far more limited than including AirPlay or Google Cast support which will work for practically and video, even personal videos in your photo library.

Elon Musk mentioned back in 2016 that Tesla would add mirroring of phone apps to the center screen, but that has yet to materialize. More recently Musk mentioned a native X App coming to Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Theater

Tesla Theater allows users to stream videos from various platforms, including YouTube, but these are web-based applications, with no native applications available. This leaves some marked limitations on usability.

Tesla most recently announced in their 2024.14 update that the browser will be able to be expanded to full-screen mode when parked, enabling more access to streaming services on the web. Meanwhile, Google Cast and Apple Airplay continue to remain highly requested features.

Tesla FSD V12.4 - Features and Release Date

By Not a Tesla App Staff

The greatly anticipated FSD v12.4 is around the corner, with Elon Musk mentioning that it will be going to employees this weekend, with limited external testers next week.

Several significant improvements are coming with V12.4, which is being compared to the leap in performance that was previously seen between V12 and V11.

Improved Comfort and Reduced Interventions

There are quite a few improvements expected with V12.4, which Musk has said will be focused on user comfort by reducing hard accelerations and sudden braking. According to Musk, FSD v12.4 is also expected to have a 5-10x improvement in time between user interventions, which means that Tesla is rapidly approaching its goal for the Robotaxi announcement on August 8, 2024.

Steering Wheel Nag Removal

FSD V12.4 is expected to eliminate the steering wheel nag, as Musk confirmed its removal last week. The camera-based driver monitoring system will be taking over, providing a hands-free experience. These improvements will most likely benefit owners who have cabin cameras with infrared lights the most, while Tesla may continue to use steering wheel nag as a fallback mechanism.

Driverless Autopark

The second key feature that may be included in v12.4 will be Banish Autopark, previously known as Reverse Summon, allowing you to choose a parking spot, exit the vehicle and have the car park itself. Whether this feature makes it in v12.4 is yet to be seen, but Musk has mentioned that parking without a driver is coming soon.

Automatically Seek Parking Spot at Destination

Finally, your Tesla will now traverse a parking lot and automatically enter Autopark mode when arriving at a destination, according to a post from Musk.

Eligibility and Branch

Tesla recently added FSD v12.3.6 to the 2024.14 branch with updates 2024.14.5 and 2024.14.6. This makes it very likely that Tesla’s next FSD version will also be based on 2024.14, meaning that it will be available to any vehicle on 2024.14.x.

For users on update 2024.3.25, this means that they’ll receive all of the features included in updates 2024.8 and 2024.14, which should make it a massive update.

Release Date

Musk has mentioned that FSD V12.4 is going out to employee vehicles for internal testing this weekend, with external testing starting next week. The rollouts typically go slower than predicted but looks like we may see this begin shipping to customers by the end of the month.

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