Tesla launches Safety Score and the 'Request FSD Beta' button in Canada

By Gabe Rodriguez Morrison

The "Request Full-Self Driving Beta" button has now become available in Canada in the latest software update, version 2022.4.5.4. If you decide to opt-in, you will be enrolled in the FSD Beta queue and a “Safety Score” will become available on your mobile app.

Tesla's Safety Score launches in Canada
Tesla's Safety Score launches in Canada

If the FSD rollout in Canada follows the same process as the US, you will have to achieve a perfect 100 Safety Score for a week before being permitted to download the software.

In the US, first entries into the beta required a score of 100, then 99 and eventually 98. Few owners with a score below 98 got in and owners who achieved even a 100 score later on still haven’t been included. Enrollment for FSD can be expected to follow the same process in Canada.

Tesla calculates the Safety Score by assessing your risk across five major categories. The five categories in order of weighted average score:

1. Forced Autopilot Disengagements

2. Hard Braking

3. Aggressive Turning

4. Unsafe Following

5. Forward Collision Warnings

In the mobile app, users can see the Safety Score breakdown for each category and compare it to the Tesla fleet median. Users can also see how a specific trip affected the score and pinpoint instances of unsafe driving. Tesla will show you which driver profile was used for an individual trip which is a useful feature for monitoring how the vehicle was handled by new drivers or when using a valet service or car rental service.

Your Safety Score in the Tesla app
Your Safety Score in the Tesla app

If you find yourself with a score below 100, you can improve it in one of two ways. You can achieve higher scores in future drives so that your average score is raised, or you can wait to have your low scores fall off after 30 days.

You can increase your overall score to 100 by avoiding penalties in the previously listed categories. Here are 5 ways to get the 100 Safety Score required for Tesla FSD beta:

1. The primary category that affects the safety score is Forced Autopilot Disengagement. This happens when the vehicle warns the driver to apply resistance three times without driver intervention. They will also occur if you exceed 90 MPH for vehicles with radar or 80 MPH for vision-only vehicles, while on Autopilot. This can be easily avoided by applying resistance when required.

2. If Hard Braking is bringing down your score you should brake gradually to avoid any penalties. If you need to slow down quickly, it may be useful to put the vehicle into Autopilot to let Autopilot slow down for you. This is the toughest category to master and you will need to slow down more gradually than you’re likely used to.

3. When it comes to aggressive turning, you'll want to make sure you're not going too fast around turns. The tighter the turn, the slower you must go to avoid penalties.

4. If Unsafe Following brings down your score, you can try to use Autopilot more often and make sure you’re leaving more of a distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you.

5. Finally, we have Forward Collision Warnings. This warning occurs when your speed is too high relative to the distance you have to the object directly in front of you. If you find that you get a lot of Forward Collision Warnings, you can set your alert level to 'Early'. This way you'll be made aware of the potential collision before getting penalized for it.

The Request FSD Beta button
The Request FSD Beta button

Another potential way of improving your score is to not count your current drive toward your Safety Score if you think you’ll be penalized. If you perform a soft reset before you park your car, the drive will not be registered and will not count toward your overall Safety Score. This is expected to be patched in a future update.

Only the last 30 days of your driving history are counted toward your Safety Score. You can track your Safety Score progress using our Tesla Safety Score Calculator where you’ll enter your target score and it’ll determine how many more miles you'll need to drive to reach (with a perfect score) in order to reach your target.

You may also want to look at our tips for increasing your Safety Score.

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Tesla Model Y Conquers the World; Becomes Best-Selling Car

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla's Model Y is the world's best selling car in Q1 of 2023
Tesla's Model Y is the world's best selling car in Q1 of 2023

The Tesla Model Y made a monumental leap in Q1 2023, emerging as the world's best-selling car. Not just the best-selling EV, or the best-selling SUV, but the world's best-selling vehicle, period.

According to industry analysts JATO Dynamics, this marks the first occasion in history where an EV has claimed this title. The growth trajectory of Model Y sales globally over recent years had hinted at this milestone, fulfilling Tesla's earlier predictions that demand could reach a million units per year.

JATO Dynamics' Revealing Analysis: Model Y Trumps Corolla

Data compiled by JATO Dynamics analyst Felipe Munoz reveals a compelling story. Model Y's Q1 sales reached 267,200, outperforming Toyota Corolla's 256,400 sales. The comparison becomes even more dramatic when considering other top contenders like Toyota's Hilux, RAV4, and Camry. Model Y's sales, largely driven by Tesla's significant price cuts, are escalating, while Corolla sales appear to be dwindling. This dynamic is particularly impressive considering the Model Y's introduction to the market a year later than the Corolla (2019 vs 2018).

The Legacy of the Toyota Corolla: A Reign Unchallenged Until Now

For decades, the Toyota Corolla has held an uncontested reign as the world's best-selling car, with its affordability, reliability, and universal availability contributing to its enduring popularity. Its 2018 iteration further consolidated this status, offering consumers a well-rounded package that catered to a wide variety of tastes and requirements across different markets.

The Corolla was indeed a global favorite, securing sales in practically every corner of the world, from North America and Europe to Asia. Its broad availability in multiple body styles — sedan, hatchback, and wagon — further expanded its appeal to a diverse customer base. Despite this formidable legacy, the emergence of the Model Y has marked a shift in consumer preferences. It heralds a new era in which electric vehicles can claim the top spot in global car sales.

The High Price Tag vs. Accessibility: Tesla's Strategic Moves

Tesla's ambitious projections regarding the Model Y have come to fruition, culminating in an average quarterly sales increase from last year's 189k to this year's Q1 figures. With this growth rate, Model Y is on track to exit 2023 with over 1 million sales. A feat previously only achieved by Toyota Corolla, which sold 1.12 million units in the previous year.

One may wonder how an EV with a price tag of approximately $40k (after credits) could outperform the more affordable Corolla, priced at $21k for a base model. Despite Model Y's higher cost, Tesla's strategic price cuts have widened its appeal, contributing significantly to its increased market share.

Elon Musk's prediction that the Model Y could become the world's best-selling car seems increasingly plausible. Given its current momentum and the growing demand for EVs, it's likely that Model Y will maintain its leading position, making Tesla's mark in the automotive industry even more indelible.

Tesla Rolls Out FSD Beta 11.4.2 to Employees [Update: Now Going Out to the Public]

By Not a Tesla App Staff
Tesla FSD Beta 11.4.2 may soon see a wide release
Tesla FSD Beta 11.4.2 may soon see a wide release

Tesla has just released FSD Beta 11.4.2 to its employees with update version 2023.7.10. This update focuses on bug fixes as Tesla aims to release it to FSD owners.

FSD Beta 11.4.1 started going out to early testers, but the rollout was soon stopped. About 4% of FSD testers currently have access to that beta.

FSD Beta 11.4.2 was expected last week when Elon Musk announced it would start rolling out over the weekend, however, we're glad to see that it's now in employee hands.

What's New

In Musk's tweet last week, he revealed that this update will address small bugs around 'excess conservatism', focusing on improvements around narrow roads and lane changes.

However, since most Tesla owners with access to FSD Beta are still on version 11.3.6, this update will be a much bigger deal.

Update 2023.7.10

FSD 11.4.2
27% of beta users
141 Installs today
Last updated: May 28, 10:00 am

Not only will it contain the significant changes from FSD Beta 11.4, but also the many improvements Tesla added in FSD Beta 11.4.1, as well as non-FSD features that were introduced in updates 2023.2 and 2023.6.

Major FSD Improvements Included

The most recent FSD Beta, 11.4.1 included improvements in turning and overall smoothness of the vehicle by better determining the environment around the vehicle.

It also made improvements in assertiveness when encountering nearby pedestrians or vehicles in its path, which can lead to sudden braking or jerkiness. The vehicle will now measure the probability of interacting with the vehicle or pedestrian instead of coming to a sudden halt.

Other refinements include several improvements to lane changes and when to take them, as well as a better understanding of bus lanes and when to use them.

Improved Speed Control

One of the biggest improvements in this beta involves speed control. When in Autopilot, the vehicle will typically use the speed limit of the road plus the percentage offset that you have set. However, as we know, the speed limit is only one factor that should be considered when determining your speed. Autopilot will now smartly adapt its speed based on weather conditions and the type of road it's on. For example, the vehicle will travel slower in parking lots, dirt roads, or in residential areas.

Release Date

When Tesla employees receive an FSD update, it indicates that we may see a public release, however, a lot of it is dependent on what issues are discovered.

Since FSD Beta 11.4.2 is a minor revision to the partially released beta 11.4.1, there is a much higher likelihood we could see this beta go into a wide release. Tesla last released FSD Beta 11.3.6 in the second week of April.

New Non-FSD Features

In addition to this update incorporating all the enhancements from FSD Beta versions 11.4 (release notes) and 11.4.1 (release notes), FSD Beta 11.4.2 also introduces several new non-FSD features that were previously available in updates 2023.2 and 2023.6.

These features include auto steering wheel heat (just in time for summer!), support for the Icelandic language, Tesla's Manual app, improvements to Apple Music, and changes to Sentry Mode lighting.

This FSD Beta update will be a major update for owners with access to FSD, not only bringing massive FSD improvements but also bringing them up to speed with some of the latest Tesla features.

Update: Musk has just tweeted that this release may be the one that goes to a wide release. Here's hoping! Keep your fingers crossed everyone, and keep checking that app for an update.

Update 2: This latest version of FSD Beta is now going out to public testers. Two large waves have already gone out yesterday and today. You can follow the roll out of FSD Beta 11.4.2 in our statistics page.

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