Tesla’s YouTube App Is Now Limited to 360p Resolution, but There’s a Workaround

By Lennon Cihak
Tesla is reducing video streaming quality on YouTube
Tesla is reducing video streaming quality on YouTube
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Steaming YouTube and potentially other streaming services on Teslas is now limited to 360p resolution. The quality of other streaming services appears to be affected as well.

A recent video shared on Reddit showed an owner attempting to adjust the streaming quality in Tesla’s YouTube app but to no avail. The owner was connected to a WiFi network, but the vehicle still did not allow the quality setting to be changed.

Tesla’s Streaming Apps

To bring an unparalleled entertainment experience to its vehicles, Tesla uses video streaming “apps” that are actually just websites loaded in a chromeless browser. This allows Tesla to easily add streaming services without having to build out native apps. Since the apps aren’t native to Tesla’s operating system, the UI or features available can be changed whenever the site is updated. Initially, this appears to be what is causing the issue with YouTube's lower resolution.

Lower Resolution

Google updated the YouTube user interface for the size and resolution Teslas use, which caused some changes. The new UI that appears in Tesla's YouTube app is now the same one that is used on mobile devices, which defaults to 360p resolution.

With this UI change, the resolution button is no longer in the same spot. Although mobile users can still change the resolution through the Settings icon at the top right corner of the video, the dropdowns in the settings menu do not work in a Tesla.

Was This Accidental?

Tesla’s built-in browser, which is Chromium-based, has had issues in the past, so the inability to adjust the resolution through the use of the dropdown offered in the YouTube app appears to be a bug in the Chromium browser Tesla is using.

So initially it looks like YouTube just changed the UI and the default resolution, but a bug in the browser Tesla uses is preventing users from increasing the resolution. However, the issue is that other streaming apps like Netflix and Disney+ in a Tesla appear to be using much lower resolutions as well.

Since multiple apps now appear to stream at a lower resolution, Tesla may have been involved in changing the streaming quality behind these apps. However, there is no official confirmation from Tesla.

Since these apps are just websites, these changes are not due to a specific update and they affect everyone who has access to these streaming services.

Reducing Costs

Tesla uses AT&T to provide its built-in LTE service in the US. They pay based on the amount of data used, and charge customers a flat $9.99/mo. fee for Premium Connectivity. This may be Tesla’s attempt at lowering data usage and costs.

For a brief period in 2019, Tesla showed the bandwidth a vehicle had used in the vehicle's Software menu. However, that information was short-lived in disappeared in the following update.

Tesla used to display the bandwidth a vehicle had used on the screen
Tesla used to display the bandwidth a vehicle had used on the screen
Not a Tesla App

Furthermore, the refreshed Model X and Model S cars feature an 8-inch screen in the rear, allowing for passengers to stream Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube, among others, while driving. Owners of these models may use significantly more data since their car doesn't need to be in park to stream video. Bumping the streaming quality down to 360p could save a lot of data, and the quality won’t be as noticeable on an 8-inch screen, as opposed to the Model Y and Model 3’s 15-inch screen.


Tesla tries to limit cell data usage, but they’re usually pretty lenient and allow owners to use WiFi for practically whatever they want, even if they’re not subscribed to Premium Connectivity. They also allow owners to download lossless songs from TIDAL over WiFi.

However, being connected to a WiFi network does not resolve the current low-resolution limitation on streaming services.

Workaround to Low Resolution

There are a couple workarounds to use a higher resolution. The first was posted by Reddit user u/taska9. “So far, I have found that if you use the YouTube embed link with the vq parameter, I can get 1080p,” u/taska9 writes.

The user adds: “Say the link is https://youtu.be/nzYrogkhmXI Then you enter this link to the browser, youtube.com/embed/nzYrogkhmXI?vq=hd1080. It works.”

This workaround forces the vehicle to use the desktop version of the site, allowing you to adjust the video’s quality. According to other users in the Reddit thread, using Tesla’s browser and going to the provider’s site also allows for HD access.

The second workaround was brought up by our forum user, SteveM3P. The workaround has you load the YouTube app as you normally would and go to the video Settings icon. You then tap the resolution dropdown twice. Nothing will appear on the screen, but you will then be able to use your steering wheel's left scroll wheel to change the resolution. You'll need to press 'left' on the scroll wheel to go through each resolution option.

Video of the Issue

Tesla Adds New 'Manual' App in Software Update 2023.6

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla added a new 'Manual' app that contains tips and answers popular questions
Tesla added a new 'Manual' app that contains tips and answers popular questions
Ultimate_Bulter/Reddit (Edited by Not a Tesla App)

The Tesla community is always exploring their vehicle, and lucky for us, they share what they find. For example, a recent discovery by a Reddit user Ultimate_Bulter has revealed an undocumented update in Tesla's latest software version, 2023.6.8. The user found a hidden icon labeled 'Manual' in the vehicle's infotainment center, leading to Tesla tips and the Tesla User Manual App, which was added in the 2023.6 update.

This app does more than merely open the in-car manual; it offers an interactive guide for common questions for Tesla owners.

Two Sections

The Tesla Manual App is divided into two sections: "Get to Know Your Tesla" and "Owner's Manual." The former is an interactive guide designed to help Tesla owners become more familiar with their vehicle's features, while the latter contains detailed information on every aspect of the car.

Get to Know Your Tesla

"Get to Know Your Tesla" contains popular topics related to the vehicle's features, functionality, and maintenance. This section is designed to be an interactive and user-friendly way for new and existing Tesla owners to familiarize themselves with their car's features. It includes buttons that, when pressed, can perform actions such as opening the glovebox or activating the windshield wipers. This innovative approach helps users quickly understand and navigate their vehicle's numerous features.

Owner's Manual

The "Owner's Manual" section of the app offers a comprehensive guide to every aspect of the car. This portion of the app includes in-depth information on everything from vehicle maintenance to troubleshooting and beyond. Tesla owners can access this section to find answers to their questions and better understand their car's various systems and components. The vehicle's user manual was already available in the car through Controls > Service > Owner's Manual, but linking to it through this new app makes it more discoverable.

Undocumented Update

Tesla added a new 'Manual' app that contains tips and answers popular questions
Tesla added a new 'Manual' app that contains tips and answers popular questions
Ultimate_Bulter/Reddit (Edited by Not a Tesla App)

The Tesla User Manual App's inclusion in the 2023.6.8 update appears to have gone undocumented, as it was not listed in the official release notes. This has led to speculation that the app was meant to be a surprise or "Easter egg" feature for Tesla owners to discover. The Reddit user's discovery has since been met with excitement and appreciation from the Tesla community, who have praised the app for its interactive and user-friendly design.

The Tesla User Manual App offers a fresh and innovative approach to vehicle user guides, taking advantage of the car's advanced infotainment system. This app's interactive nature allows Tesla owners to familiarize themselves with their vehicle's features and troubleshoot issues more efficiently.

As more users uncover this hidden gem within their Tesla, it is expected Tesla will continue to add tips to the manual app. This discovery highlights Tesla's commitment to providing a unique and cutting-edge experience for its customers, even in the most unexpected places.

Recently Tesla updated it's owner's manual with updated recommendations on the weight limits for items in the frunk and trunk. The new limits apply to all vehicles and went up in most cases.

Tesla Sales Forecasted to Surpass 5% Market Share, Tops in Luxury

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla is expected to top luxury vehicle sales
Tesla is expected to top luxury vehicle sales
Kelley Blue Book

Cox Automotive, the world's largest automotive services and technology provider, has released a forecast predicting that Tesla will lead the luxury market in Q1 2023 with sales of 180,000 units, a gain of nearly 40% from Q1 2022. As a result, Tesla is expected to post solid sales gains and surpass a market share of 5% for the first time. This marks a significant achievement for the electric car maker as it continues to gain market share in the luxury car market.

Improved Inventory and Lowered Prices to Spark Demand

By far, Tesla will be the top luxury-vehicle seller in the U.S. in Q1, with sales more than double that of BMW or Mercedes. This impressive performance is likely due to Tesla's innovative technology, sleek designs, and rising brand recognition.

Tesla's success in Q1 2023 is expected to be primarily driven by improved inventory levels and lowered prices. According to Cox Automotive, new-vehicle inventory levels have significantly improved from Q1 2022, which has helped stimulate sales despite elevated prices and high auto loan rates. Tesla also lowered its prices in the first quarter to spark demand.

Tesla's Record Quarter

Tesla's Q1 2023 sales are expected to reach 180,000, a record quarter for the company in the U.S. In addition, the company's growth trajectory continues to outpace its competitors, with Tesla's market share forecasted to surpass 5% for the first time. This puts Tesla on track to achieve its goal of selling 1 million electric vehicles per year, an ambitious target the company has set for itself.

Strong Outlook for Tesla

Cox Automotive's forecast is good news for Tesla investors and enthusiasts. The electric car maker has been expanding its production capacity to meet the rising vehicle demand. Tesla's Model Y, launched in 2020, has been a hit with customers, with the company ramping up production to meet the high demand. Tesla also plans to launch the Cybertruck, its first all-electric pickup truck, in 2022.

As more consumers look to switch to electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint, Tesla's growth prospects are expected to remain strong. The company's continued innovation in the electric car space and aggressive expansion plans could help it solidify its position as a leader in the automotive industry.

Other Key Take Aways from Cox

The release suggests a positive surprise for U.S. auto sales in Q1 2023. Still, supply constraints and affordability issues are expected to put a ceiling on what's possible for the rest of the year. Despite these challenges, Tesla's continued growth trajectory and strong performance in the luxury market are promising signs for the electric car maker.

General Motors is expected to finish Q1 as the top seller of new vehicles in the U.S., with sales volume forecasted to increase by over 15% year over year to reach 587,000 units. However, sales will drop from Q4 2022 when GM's volume hits 618,692.

The Bottleneck Has Passed, but Prices Are Too High

New-vehicle inventory levels have significantly improved from Q1 2022, up roughly 70% from the volume recorded in the early months of 2022. This has helped stimulate sales despite elevated prices and high auto loan rates.

Fleet sales for the entire year of 2023 are forecasted at 2.2 million, up 23% from 2022, when 1.8 million units were sold to commercial buyers.

Cox Automotive has adjusted its full-year new-vehicle sales forecast to 14.2 million, an increase of nearly 3% from 2022.

Elevated prices and average auto loan rates above 8% are expected to hold back new-vehicle sales for the rest of the year. The typical new-vehicle loan payment was more than $750 a month in Q1, which is out of reach for many households.

Tesla's sales forecasted to surpass 5% market share in Q1 2023 is a significant milestone for the electric car maker. Tesla's success in the luxury market is due to its innovative technology, sleek designs, and raising brand recognition. In addition, the company's improved inventory levels and lowered prices have helped stimulate sales despite elevated prices and high auto loan rates. With a record quarter forecasted for Q1 2023, Tesla's outlook remains strong, and the company continues to lead the charge in the electric car market.

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