Details leak about Tesla's upcoming V4 Superchargers

By Gabe Rodriguez Morrison
Tesla is currently working on version 4 of their Superchargers
Tesla is currently working on version 4 of their Superchargers

Tesla has been working on a next-generation V4 Supercharger that could be capable of charging speeds up to 350kW.

This would be a major upgrade from the current V3 Superchargers that are capable of charging speeds up to 250kW.

Thanks to Twitter user @MarcoRPTesla, we are getting details about what the V4 Supercharger will look like.

According to the dimensions that Marco shared, the V4 Supercharger will be taller, and thinner, than the current V3 Superchargers.

The V3 Superchargers stand at about 5ft 5in tall.

As for the V4 design, Marco says that Tesla will likely use a different shell than the current V2 and V3 models.

According to Twitter user Whole Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog), V4 Supercharger deployment will start this year, with the first deployments being in Austin, Texas. He also mentioned that they will have a higher max charge rate, as well as both CCS (Combined Charging System) and Tesla connectors.

Offering CCS support would give non-Tesla owners access to Tesla's extensive charging network. The CCS connector has become the standard for electric vehicle charging and support charging speeds up to 350kW.

In addition to the increased charging speeds of Tesla's V4 Supercharger, V3 Superchargers are also expected to support 35% faster charging later this year.

While V3 Superchargers are expected to support charging speeds up to 324kW, V1 and V2 Superchargers will maintain their charging speeds of up to 150kW (shared with adjacent stall).

Tesla preparing for Steam games, will support external storage

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By Lennon Cihak
Tesla to support external drives for games
Tesla to support external drives for games
Bram Van Oost

Tesla is expected to support external storage devices in an upcoming software update, according to Tesla hacker @greentheonly.

Teslas already support an external drive for storing dashcam and Sentry Mode footage, as well as local music files. It looks like Tesla may soon support games on an external drive as well.

This news comes on the heels of Elon Musk saying that Tesla is working on making Steam games playable in the car and will show a demo of their progress this month.

Tesla's internal hard drive is divided into several partitions, one of which is allocated solely for Tesla Arcade.

The size of the internal drive on a Tesla varies by model and MCU version. The smallest drive comes with MCU 1 at 8GB with an added SD card that is utilized for maps, however, not many games are supported for MCU 1 vehicles and Steam games are not expected to be available for MCU 1 vehicles.

Teslas equipped with MCU 2 include a 64GB drive and would likely benefit most from an external drive, as MCU 3 vehicles include much larger drives (up to 256GB NVMe drives, depending on the model and year).

According to Green, the ability to use external storage isn't user-facing yet, and it's not clear whether it'd be available for all vehicles.

Most USB ports in a Tesla are USB 2, which is only capable of transferring speeds of up to 60MB/s, which is slower than most portable hard drives available today. The only USB 3 port available is in the glove box, but it's only available on newer Teslas.

It's not clear whether Tesla would require a USB 3 port for external storage, as that would provide the best experience when loading content off the USB drive.

@Greentheonly also mentioned that games will be able to be installed and deleted by the user, which will be critical when you're managing a large library of games. Theora and VPX codecs will be added as well. Theora and VPX are video compression methods that could allow a larger variety of content available in Teslas.

Unfortunately, MCU 2 do not appear to be upgradeable to MCU 3, due to “totally different power and other harness and thickness of the unit,” according to @Greentheonly.

Tesla’s newer and more powerful AMD Ryzen-powered processor is showing a significant increase in performance across the board. The web browser and video streaming services like Netflix and YouTube are much more responsive.

Tesla’s most recent software updates have included significant improvements and new features, including energy prediction improvements, seat belt system enhancements, adaptive suspension adjustments when approaching rough roads, and the green traffic light chime for non-FSD vehicles, among others.

Next Tesla FSD Beta update, v10.69 drops on August 20

By Kevin Armstrong
FSD Beta 10.13 shows its intended path much further out
FSD Beta 10.13 shows its intended path much further out

Elon Musk shook the Tesla community through one simple tweet: "FSD Beta 10.69 drops on 8/20".

He followed up the Full Self Driving announcement tweet with another one stating: this release will be big. Just days earlier, the CEO promised Tesla shareholders at the 2022 Annual Meeting FSD would be available to the public this year.

He told shareholders that the next update is so incredible that it may need a different name. “10.13, we have been working on it for a while and what has happened is that we’ve made some pretty significant architectural improvements. So, it is really more than 10.12 to 10.13 release. It might, I don’t want to speak too soon, but it might qualify for 10.69. It has to earn that, obviously!”

Musk said the FSD team has been working seven days a week and there have been some major improvements to complex left turns, including Chuck’s Turn. But also dramatic breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. “We’re solving a very important part of AI and one that can ultimately save millions of lives. And prevent 10 of millions of serious injuries by driving just an order of magnitude safer than people.”

Chuck's Turn

This announcement is after the California Department of Motor Vehicles filed two complaints with the state’s Office of Administrative Hearings stating that Telsa is deceiving owners with FSD and Autopilot. CNBC reported that the filings state, “these ‘Autopilot’ and ‘Full Self-Driving Capability’ labels and descriptions represent that vehicles equipped with the ADAS features will operate as an autonomous vehicle, but vehicles equipped with those ADAS features could not at the time of those advertisements, and cannot now, operate as autonomous vehicles.”

The DMV wants the company to better educate Tesla drivers about the capabilities of these programs. Tesla has 15 days to respond. The filings went to the office on July 28. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is also conducting at least 37 crash investigations that it is believed some form of ADAS was in use at the time of the collision.

Musk told shareholders that FSD Beta has logged more than 40 million miles and expects more than 100 million by the end of the year. He also reported on his experience, “It’s working well for me.” He added that FSD Beta will be available to anyone who requests it by year-end.

We know quite a bit about FSD Beta 10.13 already. In fact, we recently received the full FSD Beta 10.13 release notes for the update. What we don't know is how much of an improvement FSD Beta 10.69 is over beta 10.13.

We largely expect beta 10.69 to be bug fixes on top of the internally released beta 10.13, but it's always possible that we may see some additions to the release notes. FSD Beta 10.13 was based on Tesla's 2022.16 update, which is getting a little long in the tooth, but that's unlikely to change with beta 10.69.

Hopefully Tesla has a quick followup to 10.69 that is based off the latest public update, 2022.24.

FSD Beta 10.13 has an improved vehicle path which appears to show the vehicle's intended path in the visualizations as far out as possible. It's also expected to be a big improvement with roundabouts.

Elon has previously said that Tesla is working on navigating without map data and even without GPS, but it looks like that is still a work in progress.

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