Everything we know about the next FSD Beta, version 10.12

By Nuno Cristovao
Tesla's FSD Beta 10.12 may be released this week
Tesla's FSD Beta 10.12 may be released this week

According to Elon Tesla may release FSD Beta 10.12 with several key improvements this week.

The last major beta, version 10.11 started going out in early March, but most testers didn't receive it until v10.11.2, which was released in April.

We hope this beta will go out a little quicker than the previous one, but it's certainly shaping up to be an exciting release.

Updated Vehicle Models

FSD Beta 10.12 will contain new, more detailed vehicle models, at least for its sedan model, but it may include updated models for all the various vehicle types.

The current sedan visualization is fairly abstract. It doesn't have wheels or many details. The visualization is modeled after Tesla's key fob for the Model S.

FSD Beta can recognize far more things than it can display on the screen. However, the visualizations are an important way of how the vehicle communicates with us on what it sees and understands. So with Beta 10.12 Tesla is including a more detailed sedan model that has wheels and doors.

Although FSD Beta has been able to detect open doors for a while now, the model will now visually show us if any nearby cars have open doors by highlighting the door in yellow.

Improvements to Unprotected Left Turns

Unprotected left turns have been a key focus over several betas and we're apparently going to see further improvements in 10.12.

Crossing over multiple lanes when turning left can be intimidating, even for some human drivers. Tesla has been making continuous improvements to make unprotected left turns more efficient and human-like.

For example, the car will now sometimes start inching slowly, anticipating the last vehicle to pass so that it can complete the turn promptly and be out of the way of any further traffic.

According to Elon, FSD Beta 10.12 will specifically improve "tricky" unprotected left turns.

Chuck Cook on YouTube does a fantastic job covering some of these left turns. Below you can see how the latest FSD Beta does taking a left turn onto a primary street with a divider.

Heavy Traffic

In Beta 10.12, we're also expecting to see improvements in heavy traffic. I haven't seen too many issues with the beta in traffic, except that sometimes the car has a tough time differentiating between a parked vehicle and a vehicle that's just waiting.

I've encountered situations where the beta tries to go around a car that is stopped due to a traffic light or traffic and the beta waits for just a few seconds before trying to go around the vehicle.

Hopefully, this is one of the areas that Elon is talking about when he refers to improvements in heavy traffic.

Single Stack

Elon also mentions that Tesla is making good progress on single stack. Single stack refers to a single set of technologies that will be used for both highway and street driving.

FSD beta is great, but once you get on the highway, you're right back in the old production version.

FSD Beta is far from perfect, but driving on city streets is a completed task and the beta actually does quite well trying to figure things out.

When we start looking at Autopilot on the highway and some of the issues it still has, like bouncing between lane markings or a sudden attempt to center itself in a lane that has become wider, those issues are practically non-existent in city driving.

So while single stack won't be included in beta 10.12, it's good to know that Tesla continues to make progress.

When Tesla is finally able to complete their single stack software we should see huge improvements in highway Autopilot use.

Release Date

The last FSD beta started going out more than a month ago, so a lot of users are definitely itching for an update. Elon said earlier this week that beta 10.12 is "probably" going to wide release this week.

The beta could be in QA testing now, but it unlikely that it has been passed on to employees yet as release notes usually get leaked when that happens.

Hopefully, some of us will be greeted by that sweet notification this weekend, prompting us to install the latest beta.

Update: Elon tweeted today, Friday, May 6th that there have been "many upgrades to core code, so taking longer to debug issues. Probably Wed/Thurs release." So it looks like we're still a week out from a public release of beta 10.12.

Based On New Build

Lately, FSD betas have been a little behind the times. The latest beta is 2022.4.5.21, which is roughly two major versions behind. That means that FSD Beta testers still don't have seat heaters in the launcher, Dog Mode in the Tesla app, browser improvements, vehicle preconditioning improvements and more.

Most non-FSD Teslas are now on a 2022.12 release and 2022.16 is expected shortly.

While it's unlikely that the beta 10.12 will be based on a brand new upcoming build like 2022.16, it's almost certainly going to be based on 2022.12, which will please a lot of testers.

It appears that Tesla is as cautious as ever with beta releases. Lately, it has taken several revisions of a beta before Tesla releases it to everyone.

Tesla says they're now at 100k beta testers in the US and Canada, so they're right to be cautious, but it's not easy waiting.

Tesla tops 40,000 Superchargers; new site to have four solar canopies

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla's Quartzsite Supercharger will have four solar canopies
Tesla's Quartzsite Supercharger will have four solar canopies

Tesla now has 40,000 Supercharger stations worldwide, and more are in the works, including a massive 88-stall facility in a small town in Arizona. @MarcoRPTesla, who has a knack for finding Supercharger plans, tweeted the detailed construction project. The drawings show 20 prefabricated Supercharger units, two trailer-friendly stalls, and four solar canopies.

Quartzsite, Arizona, with a population of 2,413, is the location of the huge Supercharging station. Incredibly, it is being built right across the road from a 36-stall Supercharger. So why is there now one Supercharger for every 20 people in Quartzsite? Interstate 10 runs through the small town, which is at the intersection of U.S. Route 95 and Arizona State Route 95 with I-10.

Tesla's Quartzsite Supercharger will have four solar canopies
Tesla's Quartzsite Supercharger will have four solar canopies

This location is approximately three and a half hours away from Las Vegas, Nevada, San Diego, California, and Los Angeles, California. It is also two hours from Phoenix, Arizona. Tourism is the main economic driver of the small town.

Tesla recently asked followers of its @TeslaCharging Twitter account to submit locations where Superchargers are needed. This location makes sense with the amount of traffic going through the area. It also has very little precipitation, which means those solar canopies will be powered up by the sun. That is another long-term vision of the company, to have solar and battery packs at Supercharging locations.

Also, the company plans to allow non-Teslas at its Supercharger locations. That alone will increase the demand at hubs like Quartzsite.

It’s hard to believe the Supercharger network was launched in 2012. A decade later, they are turning into a more common sight around the world. According to the company: Superchargers can add up to 200 miles (322 kilometres) of range in just 15 minutes.

In September, 420 Tesla projects were announced, including a 164-stall Supercharger hub on the I-5 corridor located in Coalinga, California. That will be the world’s largest Tesla Supercharger location. But that is nothing compared to reports of the largest EV charging location in the world, located in China’s hi-tech city of Shenzhen. There is an electric taxi charging station with a total of 637 fast chargers.

The largest EV charging location in the world with 637 stalls
The largest EV charging location in the world with 637 stalls

Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta is now available to everyone in the US and Canada

By Lennon Cihak
Tesla Full Self-Driving is available to anyone in North America
Tesla Full Self-Driving is available to anyone in North America

The moment many Tesla owners have waited for has arrived: Full Self-Driving Beta is now available to anyone in North America who has requested it, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Musk took to his newly acquired social media platform Twitter to announce the news.

“Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta is now available to anyone in North America who requests it from the car screen, assuming you have bought this option,” writes Musk. “Congrats to [the] Tesla Autopilot/AI team on achieving a major milestone!”

This historic moment comes just days after Tesla began rolling out its latest version of FSD Beta, version, which is version 2022.36.20. It includes feature updates like a revamped Energy App, alternate routes, blind spot camera location, and more.

Now, this version is going wide to “anyone in North America who requests it.”

To receive FSD Beta you'll just need to request it in your vehicle under Controls > Autopilot. There is no longer a minimum safety score to achieve and everyone should receive the beta shortly after requesting it, as long as you've bought or subscribed to FSD Beta in the U.S. or Canada.

There are a few requirements for you to receive Tesla's FSD Beta. Your vehicle will need to have Tesla's FSD computer, known as hardware 3.0 or above. It also currently requires your vehicle to be on a 2022.36 update or below.

If your vehicle is on one of the 2022.40 updates, then you'll need to wait until the next beta update since the current beta (v10.69.3.1) is based on 2022.36 and Tesla doesn't normally allow vehicles to roll back to a previous version.

Some Model S and Model X vehicles may require a camera upgrade before being eligible for FSD Beta.

Tesla's next FSD Beta, v11, which is still being tested internally may also be released to some external testers starting today. A few days ago Musk confirmed on Twitter that version 11 would be widened “before Thanksgiving." FSD Beta v11 includes a unified tech stack for city and highway Autopilot use and is expected to go to a wide release sometime next month.

When it comes to FSD Beta updates, Tesla starts distributing to employees first for testing and going wider as they collect data and fix bugs. Then, based on a number of factors, Tesla broadens up distribution to more owners. However, this may soon change when FSD Beta gets incorporated into all Tesla software builds. This may happen with FSD Beta v11.

For owners new to FSD Beta, it's surely a day a lot of us have been waiting for and a monumental moment for Tesla. However, it doesn't stop there, it looks like we'll soon all have access to the next big update, FSD Beta v11.

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