First look at Tesla's new v11 UI

By Nuno Cristovao

This year started with a firework show of cold weather improvements. However, Tesla is now completely redeeming themselves in this holiday update.

V11 coming to Model 3/Y
V11 coming to Model 3/Y
Emulsifide (Edited by Not a Tesla App)

This year's holiday update is easily the most exciting update of the year. It's feature packed with some of the most requested features and improvements.

It includes an updated UI, a customizable app launcher, blind spot camera, TikTok, new games and so much more. Be sure to check out the release notes for the holiday update to see everything included in this update.

One of the biggest features in the holiday update isn't explicitly mentioned in the release notes.

V11 is Finally Here

The holiday update is officially v11, at least for Model 3 and Model Y owners. It's not clear yet whether pre-refresh Model S or Model X cars will get the updated UI as well.

Thanks to Reddit user Emulsifide, we now have a great look into everything that's included in v11. Let's dive in and find out everything we know about the new UI.

New UI

The Model 3 and Model Y UI has been updated with a fresh new look. It looks very similar to the UI on the redesigned Model S.

The update also brings over some of the UI functionality from the Model S.

Rearranged icons
Rearranged icons
Emulsifide (Edited by Not a Tesla App)

Speedometer and Visualization

The speedometer and "instrument cluster" areas of the Model 3 have been redesigned.

The visualization area on the left is the same size as v10 and unfortunately, there's no way to resize it.

The information at the top left corner of the screen has been reorganized. The PRND status is now laid out horizontally instead of vertically, which allows the speedometer to be pushed all the way to the left. Its now slightly closer to the driver.

The previous UI (left) compared to the new one (right)
The previous UI (left) compared to the new one (right)
Emulsifide (Edited by Not a Tesla App)

The accelration/braking line now goes almost edge to edge on the left side of the screen, instead of appearing between the PRND indicator and battery status.

Car status lights such as headlights and high beams are in a similar locations as before, but the speedometer is now directly above them instead of the PRND indicator.

Other icons that appear near the top of the screen have been moved around as well.

The Autopilot icon that used to appear underneath the acceleration/braking line has been moved up next to the gear selection.

In order for the Autopilot icon to visually fit in that area, it's now much smaller, having about the same height as gear letters themselves.

The speed limit sign is now smaller and remains aligned to the right of the visualizations panel.

The cruise control/max speed icon has updated from the classic blue circle to more closely match the US speed limit sign. Instead of having the set speed with a blue circle around it, it's simplified to just the set speed with the word "MAX" underneath. The cruise control speed icon is also aligned to the right now.

All of the icons have been pushed over to the edges, creating some empty unused space in the middle, which creates some additional height for the car visualizations.

With the increased height available for visualizations, details that are further away can now be displayed. The car visualizations themselves appear to be unchanged in this release.

App Launcher / Bottom Navigation

Customizable apps
Customizable apps
Emulsifide (Edited by Not a Tesla App)

One of the most significant changes to the UI is the new look and available options in the car's bottom navigation.

The bottom navigaton, known as the app launcher, can now be customized.

It features three distinct areas, fixed apps that can not be moved or rearranged, customized apps and what appears to be recent apps, much like the Model S.

There is a predefined list of apps that can be placed in the app launcher. Apps that can be added to the launcher include:

  • Dashcam
  • Energy
  • Calendar
  • Messages
  • Theater
  • Arcade
  • Toybox
  • Browser
  • Spotify
  • Bluetooth
  • Radio
  • Caraoke
  • Tune
  • Streaming
  • Backup Camera
  • Phone

To make room for customizable apps in the app launcher, many apps or features were removed.

For example, the wipers, seat heater and front and rear defrost options were removed from the launcher and can now be found in other locations.

Wipers are now accessible through the left stalk button or by going to Controls, where you're then able to choose from off, low speed, medium, fast or auto options.

Seat heaters are now automatic and the temperature setting will be based on your set cabin temperature and the actual temperature inside of the vehicle. You can still set seat heaters manually by going into the HVAC options.

Unfortunately, the launcher options that were removed are not selectable as apps you can add back to the launcher.

New Icons

Version 11 now uses the same colorful app icons as the redesigned Model S.

Although most users prefer the modern monochrome look of the previous icons, I can see how these colorful icons may make apps easier to find at a glance.

My biggest issue with the new icons is that they appear out of place. They don't appear to go together as package, but this is subjective and some owners may be fans of their new look.

Top Status Bar

Shortcut to Sentry Mode
Shortcut to Sentry Mode
Emulsifide (Edited by Not a Tesla App)

The icons in the status bar along the top of the screen has been reorganized. Normally, you'd find quick access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE settings in this location, however these no longer appear under normal circumstances to provide a more streamlined look.

Other shortcuts in the top status bar such as Sentry Mode, Dashcam and Driver Profiles also aren't visible at all times.

Instead, these icons will only show up in the status bar whenever you're in Controls. When you're in any of the car's menus, you will then see all the familiar icons along the top of the screen.


The cards that you could swipe between on the visualization panel have been removed. Although some information will still appear in this area, you can no longer swipe to bring up the wipers, odometer, tire pressure or other items.

Most of these items have been relocated to be within the controls menu. For example, tire pressure now appears in Controls > Service.

Some alerts will continue to show up in the visualization area such as seat belt warnings and active call information.

Reorganized Menus

New menus
New menus
Emulsifide (Edited by Not a Tesla App)

The control menus have been changed and reorganized to make them more consistent with the new Model S UI and to bring consistent between the Model 3/Y and the Model S/X.

Instead of odometer and trip information being a swipeable card, it can now be found by going to Controls > Trips, similar to the Model S and X.

Wiper settings are now under Controls as well and tire pressure is located under Service.

Some menu items have been renamed. Driving has been renamed to Pedals & Steering, while Safety & Security has been changed to just Safety.

Quick Controls is now just known as Controls, similar to the Model S.

The new Controls menu now includes buttons for features that can't be accessed anywhere else.

For example, Controls is now where you set your wiper speed, turn on Sentry Mode and Dashcam, open your glovebox and more.

The charging app was removed from the app launcher, so charge settings can now be found by going to Controls and then the new Charging menu.

The dedicated glovebox button that appeared at the bottom of all the menus has now also be moved to the Controls menu. Although it now appears within a menu, it is still still two taps to open the glovebox.

Blind Spot Camera

Blind Spot Camera
Blind Spot Camera
Emulsifide (Edited by Not a Tesla App)

One of the features that is getting a lot of attention in this update is the new Blind Spot Camera feature.

It's an optional feature that will automatically show you the live camera view from your blind spot when you your turn signal is activated.

The car will automatically show you the left or right fender camera feed when the appropriate turn signal is used.

The camera feed will appear underneath the driving visualization, where the cards used to appear.

The camera feed will also automatically be dismissed when your turn signal is turned off.

HVAC Quick Controls

HVAC Quick Controls
HVAC Quick Controls
Emulsifide (Edited by Not a Tesla App)

There is a new quick controls menu that appears when you change the cabin temperature.

Previously, when you adjusted the cabin temperature, you would get a slider to adjust the temperature and a button to enable Split mode.

However, now there are some additional options in this menu. Apps that were removed from the app launcher such as HVAC settings, seat heaters and front and rear defrost now appear in this quick menu.

If you want to get to the full HVAC settings, you can tap on the gear icon.

This will take getting a little used to as the full HVAC settins are now a swipe and tap away and feel more hidden.

Overall V11

Many owners have been looking forward to v11 to match what the Model S offers today.

Although not all the features that the Model S offers are here, the visual refresh is a welcome one. Some elements of the Model S such as window docking, the music mini-player are not available in this release.

The same apps remain on the Model 3
Emulsifide (Edited by Not a Tesla App)

The existing apps in the Model 3 remain unchanged. For example, the music player still looks and functions the same as it did before and it can only appear on the right side of the screen.

Tesla has added many features over the years. Three years ago when the Model 3 was introduced, Sentry Mode, Dashcam, Dashcam Viewer, Tesla Theater and so many other features didn't exist.

Adding these features to the UI started making it crowded in certain areas.

Tesla took this as an opportunity to reorganize and declutter some of the UI so that it remained clean and intuitive

Some of the new buttons may take some getting used to, but it's exciting to officially see v11 running on a Model 3.

Two Door Cybertruck is Unlikely Now, But May be on the Radar

By Kevin Armstrong
A sketch of a two-door Cybertruck can be found at the Peterson Automotive Museum
A sketch of a two-door Cybertruck can be found at the Peterson Automotive Museum

The Tesla crowd of enthusiasts has eyes everywhere. Twitter user @MissJilianne caused quite a stir after visiting the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, which recently opened a new Tesla exhibit. The Model S Plaid owner and FSD Beta tester posted a few pictures of her visit, including some artwork at the Cybertruck display.

The artistic design shows the Cybertruck in a two-door version. Miss Jilianne asks: Are we not going to talk about the beautiful artwork of a two door Cybertruck displayed at the @Petersen_Museum Tesla exhibit?

Her tweet generated discussion on social platforms and Tesla blogs, and it had mixed reactions. @KounisTou tweeted: It's not only that, but it has a totally different, dare I say better looking? A-pillar design with a wraparound windshield like early Semi prototype. Looks great. Except maybe that it looks a bit too much like a Lamborghini.

That may be the biggest clue to this spectacular piece of art. Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla's chief designer, is a huge fan of the “wedge” design. He grew up with Lamborghini Countach posters on his wall. Other responses to the picture believe it is the origin of the piece of art. It is likely an early sketch of what the Cybertruck could look like, and there were likely several. Given von Holzhausen’s love for the Countach, this is quite likely an early concept he was sketching out.

Elon Musk has publicly stated his support for a smaller truck. On November 24, 2019, he tweeted: Long term, it probably makes sense to build a smaller Cybertruck too.

However, the four-door version is due in 2023. CNBC interviewed von Holzhausen right in front of the Cybertruck. He stated, “Cybertruck will look, for all intents and purposes, just like the one behind us, maybe slightly smaller, a few percentages, but in general, this is what the truck will look like.”

Still, the designer did say something else during that interview that leaves the door open for a possible two-door Cybertruck. The creative mind behind the Model S, 3, X, Y, Semi and Cybertruck was asked to pick a favorite. His response was, "My favorite one is the one that is coming. I can't talk about (it).”

For a man that loves sports cars, it was believed that he was referring to the second-generation Roadster. Maybe he is referring to a smaller Cybertruck that looks a lot like those wedge cars that inspired him to become a car designer.

Tesla has a history of providing sketches to early reservation holders of their vehicles. It waits to be seen whether Tesla will do the same for the Cybertruck when deliveries start next year.

Below you'll find other sketches that Tesla provided to Model S, 3 and X reservation holders.

Model S Sketch

An early sketch of the Model S that was given to owners
An early sketch of the Model S that was given to owners

Model 3 Sketch

A sketch of the Model 3 was given to owners who reserved the vehicle on the first night
A sketch of the Model 3 was given to owners who reserved the vehicle on the first night

Model X Sketch

An early sketch of the Model X that was initially given to owners of the Model X
An early sketch of the Model X that was initially given to owners of the Model X
Not a Tesla App

Tesla reveals the Semi's efficiency, motors and Supercharging capability

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla deliveries the first semi trucks to Pepsi Co
Tesla deliveries the first semi trucks to Pepsi Co

The first Tesla Semis have been delivered, and so has the promise to adhere to the company’s mission: accelerate the advent of sustainable transportation. Yes, it took five years from the first peak at the Semi and three years longer than initially projected, but the Semi is set to change the trucking industry the same way the Model S, 3, X and Y changed the automotive industry.

While Tesla has been increasing the number of passenger vehicles it produces worldwide; these large trucks are not needed at the same level. The company states that 15 million passenger vehicles are sold in the U.S. every year, but only a couple hundred thousand big rigs. So why would Tesla put so much time and effort into something that doesn’t sell as many units?

Musk’s response, “it seems like a small percentage, but it (semi-trucks) is actually 20 percent of U.S. vehicle emissions. Because you’ve got a huge vehicle, and it’s being driven all the time.” Musk said, “Over a third of all the articulate emissions (are from semi-trucks). So, from a health standpoint, particularly in cities, this is a huge impact, like gigantic — that’s why we are doing it.”

The Semi is a Recruiting Tool for Truckers

Back in 2017, Elon Musk said he could drive a Tesla Semi. That was quite a statement, given that trucks this size usually come with anywhere from 10 to 18 gears. However, the CEO did just that five years later. He drove the newest member of the Tesla lineup to the event to deliver the Semi to Pepsi Co. Musk said, “It’s like driving a Tesla, literally.” That is because it’s built the same way with a single stalk to put the vehicle in drive, reverse, neutral or park. “It looks sick. I mean, you want to drive that! That thing looks like it came from the future… It’s fun. It looks awesome, there is a big shortage of drivers, so if you are a truck driver and want the most bad ass rig on the road - this is it.”

The Semi is known as the Beast

Senior Manager of Tesla’s Semi Engineering, Dan Priestley, explained why many people refer to the Semi as the beast. “(It has) three times the power than any diesel truck on the road right now. So you’ve got all the power you need to get the job done, but the other reason that it’s a beast is because it is efficient, you can go 500 miles on a single charge on one of these things. It’s the mix of those two - this is a game-changer. What’s awesome is both of those are enabled by our 1000-volt powertrain. This is the first vehicle we are doing with that.”

That max power combined with hyper-efficiency is due to a tri-motor power train system. One motor is for highway driving and will always be engaged, while the other two are for torque and acceleration. Those motors use the system straight out of the Model S Plaid powertrain. Priestly said, “These are clutched automatically. No driver input is needed. It is seamless.”

Musk commented on the Semi’s performance, “It looks crazy. It looks like an elephant moving like a cheetah.” He was also astonished at the size of the motor powering the Semi. It’s described as the size of a football, “I find it amazing that this enormous thing can be pulled by something that you can carry in your hands — it’s like, wow, that is power density.”

500-mile Range

The Semi has been tested in all conditions in the real world, in a lab and virtually. One of those real-world tests was proving the naysayers wrong by taking the Semi for a 500-mile drive, fully loaded, from Fremont to San Diego on just a single charge.

Elon Musk later revealed on Twitter that the Tesla Semi's current efficiency is about 1.7kWh/mile, but that there is a path for Tesla to make it even more efficient. It's not clear whether the additional efficiency could be achieved through software or if it would require hardware changes. The quoted 1.7kWh/mile efficiency is a pleasant surprise, as many were expecting the truck to have an efficiency of about 2kWh per mile.

V4 Superchargers

Speaking of charging, the new V4 Superchargers were also revealed. They produce 1 megawatt of energy and will be used for the Semi and the Cybertruck.

Tesla's Semi Delivery Event

Musk finished the event with this message: This is going to revolutionize the road, make the world a better place in a meaningful way.

More about the Semi can be found in our story, Everything We Know About the Semi.

Semi in Christmas Parade

PepsiCo made quick work of their first Semis, putting them to work in a local Christmas parade for all to see.

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