Tesla Releases FSD Beta 12.2.1 Update [Update: Now Going Out to Customers]

By Kevin Armstrong
FSD 12.2.1 goes to employees
FSD 12.2.1 goes to employees

Tesla's journey towards fully autonomous driving takes another cautious step forward with the release of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta version 12.2.1, currently rolling out exclusively to Tesla employees. This latest iteration arrives amidst the backdrop of Tesla's recent earnings call, where the spotlight was on FSD Beta v12's limited release to select customers. However, the exclusivity is to a very limited set of public testers, with many OG testers still waiting to receive any of the v12 releases. It arrives as update 2023.44.30.20 which remains on Tesla’s 2023 holiday update code base, instead of being based on Tesla’s newer 2024.2 updates.

Focused on Fine-Tuning

Through incremental updates, the progression from version 12 to 12.2.1 has been watched on a few Tesla social media accounts. Notably, @WholeMarsCatalog was one of those select customers with access to version 12.1.2. But he doesn’t have the latest version yet.

But the small iterations signal Tesla's current emphasis on ironing out the intricacies rather than overhauling features. This could suggest Tesla is nearing a version it feels confident to release more broadly. Each small refinement brings us closer to what many hope will be a future of roads populated by fully autonomous vehicles.

Reality Check on Full Autonomy

Despite the excitement surrounding each FSD Beta release, Tesla hacker Green's insights offer a grounded perspective. According to Green, the expectations of FSD v12 being "fully" end-to-end might be overstated. His analysis, shared via X, points out that while showing significant improvements, recent versions still do not fulfill the lofty expectations of complete autonomy from camera to car controls.

This revelation tempers expectations, reminding us of the complex road ahead in achieving full self-driving capabilities. Even Elon’s brother, Kimbal, recently stated that fully autonomous driving is five years out. George Hotz, a renowned hacker and someone following autonomous driving technology closely, recently stated that FSD is more than a decade away.

Navigating the Path to Autonomy

The diverging opinions of industry insiders and technology enthusiasts highlight the inherent challenges of achieving full autonomy. While Tesla's approach of incremental improvements through versions like 12.2.1 demonstrates progress, it also underscores the complexity of the task at hand. The insights from figures like Green and observations from the broader tech community serve as a reality check, aligning expectations with the current state of autonomous driving technology.

The speculation around the timeline for achieving full autonomy varies widely and is certainly not in “two weeks.” However, Tesla's ongoing efforts to improve FSD Beta and its strategic approach to development and deployment keep Elon’s dream of fully autonomous driving alive.

Customer Rollout

Update: This FSD Beta update is now going out to customers. It looks like Tesla isn’t following its traditional release wave with the OG testers getting the release first, and is instead sending it to a variety of Tesla customers.

You must be on a holiday update release such as 2023.44.30.14 to be eligible to receive this update. If you’re currently on a 2024.2 update, you’ll need to wait until Tesla updates FSD Beta to be based on a 2024.2 or later update.

Update 2023.44.30.20

FSD 12.2.1
Installed on 0% of vehicles
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Last updated: Apr 19, 6:23 am

The only changes in this update will be related to FSD Beta, unless you haven’t received 2023.44.30.14 yet, then it will also include the indicator light changes.

If you’ve bought or subscribed to FSD, then check your vehicle and see if you’re one of the lucky few to receive this update. Follow the rollout of this v12 release on our statistics page.

420 Anyone? Tesla's New Release is the Most Powerful Model 3 Ever

By Kevin Armstrong
Courtesy of @BooDev/X.com

The latest Tesla Model 3, the fastest yet, is poised to make a significant impact on Tesla's lineup. Speculation suggests the updated Performance Model 3, potentially named "Ludicrous," could be unveiled soon—possibly on April 20. This would, of course, be on 420, aligning with Elon Musk's fondness for the date, which falls 69 days before his birthday—nice.

Revamped Performance and Engineering

"Welcome to the Most Powerful Model 3 Ever," announces the Great Britain Model 3 configurator source code teaser, setting the stage for an electric sedan that surpasses its predecessors in every metric. The heart of the new Model 3 Performance lies in its all-new high-performance drive units, rumored to deliver a combined output of over 500 horsepower. This power upgrade is not just about higher numbers but also about how it translates to the asphalt.

Tesla has reengineered the vehicle with an all-new adaptive suspension system. This system, powered by bespoke in-house software, ensures enhanced body control, maintaining comfort without sacrificing performance. The result is a vehicle that can handle daily commuting as smoothly as it navigates tight corners on a race track.

Advanced Design and Aerodynamics

The Model 3 Performance features redesigned front and rear fascias and a rear diffuser that enhances visual appeal and improves high-speed stability. A carbon fiber spoiler adds to the aerodynamic efficiency while asserting the car’s sporty aesthetics.

One of the standout features of the new model is the Forged Performance wheels. These lightweight, staggered wheels are not just about style; they enhance the vehicle’s turn-in response, improve predictability, and increase traction out of corners, all while optimizing aerodynamics.

Where Comfort Meets Performance

Inside, the Tesla Model 3 Performance introduces a completely revamped interior. The all-new seat design includes enhanced side and cushion bolsters to hold occupants securely in place, which is crucial during high-speed maneuvers. Ventilation is built into the seats to keep the driver and passengers cool and comfortable, reflecting a thoughtful balance between performance and luxury. The cabin's aesthetic is elevated with lightweight carbon fiber décor and a refined weave pattern unique to the Model 3 Performance.

A significant highlight is the Track Mode V3, an innovative feature that allows drivers to tailor the handling balance, stability controls, and regenerative braking to their preferences. This mode integrates a performance-optimized powertrain with adaptive suspension controls, creating a driving experience that is not only responsive but also enjoyable.

The unveiling of the Model 3 Performance is imminent, as indicated by its addition to the configurator source code. There is speculation about a media embargo lifting on the 23rd, possibly coinciding with Tesla’s earnings day, which could provide further details or even see the official launch. My money is on 4/20, which will give a weekend for all influencers who got an early look to ramp up the views and bring that stock (down 40% year to date) some time to rebound before the earnings call.

First Look at Tesla's V12 User Interface, Full Screen Visualizations and New Media Player [Updated: Photos and Video]

By Not a Tesla App Staff

Tesla's latest V12 user interface will change the look and feel of some of the vehicle’s operations. This new interface, announced on X, is already partially available on the Cybertruck but will now be rolled out to the Model 3 and Model Y, equipped with AMD Ryzen processors according to Tesla. However, the new Model S and Model X will likely receive it as well, although possibly not at the same time. It integrates several new features and aesthetics that set new standards in vehicle interface design.

The new interface will become available in Tesla update 2024.14, which started rolling out to employees yesterday.

New Parked Vehicle Visualization

A standout feature of the v12 UI update, not to be confused with FSD v12, is the centralized vehicle visualization, which dominates the display while parked (video below). This design choice enhances visual appeal and improves functionality by placing critical vehicle performance metrics, and status updates front and center. Similar to the layout in the Cybertruck, this feature provides drivers with a clear and immediate view of their vehicle's status and shows off the gorgeous 3D model.

New Media Player

There’s a new media player that’s larger and easier to use. By increasing the size of the media player, Tesla is now able to fit additional options that were hidden before, such as EQ and audio settings, the search icon and shuffle and repeat options.

The new media player appears while the vehicle is parked, driving or while the visualizations are in full-screen mode.

The media player is available on the Model 3 and Model Y and according to Tesla it’ll be limited to vehicles with the Ryzen-based infotainment center.

Tesla adds a new media player in update 2024.14
Tesla adds a new media player in update 2024.14

Improved Navigation

The navigation system will see several improvements. You’ll now see a little trip progress bar that lets you visually see how far along you are on your route.

If your vehicle has a rear screen, as in the new Model 3, the redesigned Model S or Model X, then trip information such as ETA will also be displayed on the rear screen.

Tesla already has the ability to update your route if a faster route becomes available. You can change some of these settings under Controls > Navigate. However, now the vehicle will show you if a faster route becomes available and gives you a chance to cancel the updated route if needed.

Expanded Autopilot Visualizations

Tesla is now bringing its full-screen visualizations outside of North America. However, there will be some improvements as well. In addition to being able to have the visualizations go full screen, there will now be a small map displayed in the corner as well.

That’s one of the issues with the full-screen FSD visualizations right now. If you make them full-screen, you lose your navigation map completely and only have the next turn available.

This will be the first time full-screen visualizations are available outside North America. It’s not clear whether all the FSD visualizations will be available such as traffic lights, curbs and more will be displayed, but Tesla has slowly been adding additional visualizations for non-FSD users, so there’s a chance that this feature will finally display all FSD visualizations to users outside of North America.

It’s not immediately clear whether this feature will require Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) or FSD.

Update: The full-screen visualizations do not require FSD or EAP, but unfortunately the visualizations displayed are still the same ones as in previous updates, so it won’t display the surrounding environment and curbs.

Full-Screen Browser Support

With this update, Tesla will finally let you manually make the browser full-screen. While this will make Tesla’s Theater apps a little redundant since they just loaded the website of the selected streaming service, you’ll now be able to stream any video service full screen, as long as the service supports Tesla’s browser.

As expected, the full-screen button will only be available while the vehicle is parked.

Checking Compatibility

Owners can verify their vehicle’s compatibility with the new full-screen visualizations while parked and driving by navigating to Controls > Software > Additional Vehicle Info on their Tesla’s touchscreen. This update is tailored for Tesla vehicles equipped with the AMD Ryzen processor.

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