Tesla Announces Ability to Transfer FSD; Must Take Delivery in Q3 [Full List of Requirements]

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla will allow owners a one-time transfer of FSD to another Tesla, but only third Q3
Tesla will allow owners a one-time transfer of FSD to another Tesla, but only third Q3

In a landmark second-quarter earnings call, Tesla reported revenue of $24.9 billion and a net income of $2.7 billion, considerably surpassing Wall Street estimates. But catching many by surprise was the company allowing a one-time opportunity for customers to transfer their Full Self-Driving (FSD) package during the next three months.

This topic has dogged Tesla and Elon Musk for years, and rightfully so. The price of FSD has skyrocketed. Therefore any early adopters of the technology that got it for the bargain basement price of $5,000 would have to pay triple that fee if they wanted to update their Tesla. In May, the company posted on Twitter asking for improvement ideas. The ability to transfer FSD was high on the list.

Once again during the earnings call, a question about FSD transferability arose. Musk revealed that, in response to customer demand, Tesla would permit the one-time transfer of FSD for the duration of Q3. This opportunity would allow existing Tesla owners to upgrade to a new Tesla model without repurchasing the costly FSD package, which sells for $15,000 in the US.

Tesla Hints at Potential FSD Licensing Partnership

In the same earnings call, Musk indicated another groundbreaking initiative on the horizon. He revealed early talks of licensing Tesla's FSD technology to another major automaker, without disclosing specifics.

This prospective collaboration underscores Tesla's unique standing in the autonomous vehicle market. Musk emphasized the crucial role of Tesla's extensive road data, gathered through its Autopilot and Dojo projects, in its success. This invaluable pool of data, unmatched by any competitor, underpins Tesla's rapid progress in AI development and its leading position in the industry.

Listen to Tesla's Earnings Call

You can listen to a replay of Tesla's earnings call below.

FSD Transfers and Future Expectations

The decision to allow FSD transfers during Q3 is anticipated to drive a spike in Tesla sales. Owners have traditionally been reluctant to upgrade their Tesla vehicles, as the high cost of the FSD package — coupled with its non-transferability — made such upgrades financially unattractive. This unprecedented concession, combined with Tesla’s existing FSD monthly subscription service in the U.S., is expected to enhance Tesla's market appeal and profitability in Q3 significantly.

Tesla used the Q2 earnings call platform to share another impressive milestone: vehicles equipped with FSD beta have driven more than 300 million miles. The significance of this achievement extends beyond its impressive scale. It represents a wealth of data collected for training Tesla's autonomous systems, further improving the safety and performance of FSD.

Requirements for FSD Transfer

Tesla has now posted the requirements for the transfer of FSD to another vehicle, according to Twitter user, @Kdahlenburg

The requirements are below:

We are pleased to inform you that as a loyal Tesla owner with Full Self Driving capability, you may be eligible to participate in our current transfer program. We appreciate your continued support and dedication to sustainable transportation.

Program: Receive Full Self Driving capability on any new Tesla vehicle delivered between July 20, 2023 and September 30, 2023 when you forfeit the Full Self Driving capability on your current Tesla vehicle. Subject to the below terms and conditions. Tesla does not guarantee delivery within the program's end date.

Terms and Conditions:

In order to be eligible for this program, you must:

1. Be the legal and registered owner of Tesla vehicle that currently has Full Self Driving capability included at the time of delivery of the new Tesla vehicle. The vehicle cannot be the subject of a pending cancellation or buyback request. For EMEA only: Those on an Operational Lease with third-party Lease and Fleet Management companies are ineligible, unless they first purchase the vehicle from the leasing company.

2. Take delivery of your new titled Tesla vehicle between July 20, 2023 and September 30, 2023.

3. Accept the forfeiture of the Full Self Driving capability on your current Tesla vehicle.

Alternatively, you can choose to trade-in your current Tesla vehicle altogether directly with Tesla when you purchase your new Tesla vehicle. Tesla will remove Full Self Driving capability from your current Tesla vehicle up to one week before your scheduled delivery day for your new Tesla. During this process, your current vehicle will automatically reboot for a few minutes after put in park.

4. The Full Self Driving capability can only be transferred once and so cannot be transferred to another vehicle or to another person even if the vehicle is privately sold. This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion, and is not redeemable for cash.

5. Tesla reserves the right to change, modify, or terminate this offer at any time without prior notice.

6. The forfeiture of Full Self Driving capability on your current vehicle is non-reversible after you take delivery of the new Tesla vehicle, or we remove Full Self Driving capability from your current vehicle, whichever occurs first. This remains non-reversible even in the event that you cancel or reverse your purchase after you have taken delivery.

7. Used vehicles and vehicles for commercial purposes are not eligible for this program.

8. Tesla may remove the Full Self Driving capability from your new vehicle if it determines in good faith that you have breached any of these terms or made any misrepresentations about Full Self Driving on your current vehicle.

9. This offer cannot be applied retroactively after the new Tesla vehicle is delivered.

Please read the terms and conditions above carefully. By signing this binding acceptance letter, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.

To accept this offer, please complete the information below, sign, and return this letter to your Tesla Sales Advisor before delivery of your new Tesla vehicle. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the Tesla vehicle with forfeited Full Self Driving capability: ...

Video Reveals the Tesla Cybertruck's Unique User Interface [Video]

By Kevin Armstrong
A closer look at the Cybertruck's UI
A closer look at the Cybertruck's UI

It's not a good day to be named Max and work at Tesla or on the security team assigned to the Cybertruck. You can't help but wonder how a daring individual found himself in the driver's seat of this highly anticipated vehicle. This perpetrator spoke in Russian and joked that a bag in the truck belonged to Elon Musk before zooming in to a name tag reading "Max."

While we certainly don't condone breaking the law, we were provided with a risky reveal of the Cybertruck's interior courtesy of a mysterious and perhaps too-bold-for-his-own-good infiltrator.

Cyber-Theme UI

The video is less than a minute long but provides new information, notably on the updated user interface (UI). For weeks we've had Cybertruck sightings, but this is our best look at the Cybertruck's display.

Updated Icons and Font

The UI appears designed specifically for the Cybertruck; icons possess subtle sharp edges, mirroring Cybertruck's angular aesthetics. This design philosophy also extends to the unique font choice, giving the UI a rugged, distinct look.


A further advancement is the seamless transition between vehicle visualization and maps. The once-clear partition is a fading background, allowing for a more unified appearance. This unity is further emphasized with the vehicle now being depicted atop a 3D polygon terrain, which has been discovered before in firmware updates.

Icon Placement Changes

One of the first distinctions users would notice is the transition from horizontal app icons. This design has been the hallmark of previous Tesla models, to a vertical arrangement along the lefthand side of the screen.

The vehicle control icon is at the bottom, followed by climate controls and other apps. The gear indicator has evolved, too, switching from its usual horizontal layout to a vertical orientation in the screen's top left portion.

A closer look at the Cybertruck's UI
A closer look at the Cybertruck's UI

The status icons, such as time, temperature, Tesla profile used to grace the top of the display, but they have now been realigned to the left side and can now be found directly above the vehicle visualization.

Cameras, Front Camera Confirmed

Another intriguing update revolves around the Camera app. Where previously users had to decipher camera views, they are now labeled for convenience, as showcased in the video with marked "Left" and "Front" camera views. Yes, there is a front camera view, finally answering the question of Tesla introducing the front bumper camera. We previously had a look at how we expect Tesla's updated Camera app to work with the front bumper camera.

Battery Icon

One of the standout features in the video is the battery display. Gone are the traditional battery icons. Instead, we are introduced to slanted lines, each symbolizing 10% of the battery charge. This visual representation is intuitive and integrates with the Cybertruck's angular design.

Music Mini Player?

Beneath the vehicle visualization is what appears to be a minuscule music control feature, though its precise functionality remains uncertain from the short video clip.

Inside the Cybertruck: More than Just a Fresh UI

Ambient Lighting: Drawing inspiration from the latest Model 3 Refresh and the Chinese Model Y, the Cybertruck incorporates a colorful ambient lighting strip. Strategically placed, this lighting adds a modern aura to the vehicle's groundbreaking design.

Interior Layout and Accessories: The video takes us on a mini-tour of the truck's interior, revealing several intriguing features:

Hexagonal Design Elements: Keeping in line with Cybertruck's geometric aesthetic, the backup camera icon flaunts a hexagonal design, intriguingly contrasting the octagonal design found on the cupholders.

Center Console: A spacious tray area reminiscent of the old Model S finds a home between the front seats. Decked with some wires and a yet-to-be-identified document, the console boasts "cyber cupholders" with an octagonal design. Furthermore, it's equipped with dual phone charging spots right in front of the cupholders.

Sun Visor: The video briefly showcases the two-stage sun visor, which resembles the one found in the Model X. The video provides a glimpse of the massive glass roof, promising a panoramic view that will undoubtedly make the interior feel even more expansive.

Rear Window View: A feature with many talking is the clear view through the back window. Although the video offers only a short glimpse, obstructed by tires placed in the truck's bed, it's evident that when the cover is open, drivers and passengers will benefit from an expansive, unobstructed view.

As one viewer pointed out, this video will probably be used for evidence one day. Whoever was in the Cybertruck owes Max an apology, and poor Max needs to remember to lock the door.

One of the First Tesla Cybertrucks Will Be Up for Auction at the Petersen Automotive Museum

By Kevin Armstrong
The Peterson Automotive Museum will auction off a low-VIN Cybertruck
The Peterson Automotive Museum will auction off a low-VIN Cybertruck
Ryan Zohoury

The Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is a must-see for automotive enthusiasts and Tesla aficionados alike. What better day to see it than October 7th? Petersen Automotive Museum is gearing up for its 29th Annual Gala; despite a star-studded lineup, the Cybertruck will be getting all the attention. A 2024 Tesla Cybertruck, one of the most anticipated vehicles of our time, is up for auction.

The Cybertruck Experience

The unique, low-VIN Cybertruck model, touted for its "ultimate durability and passenger protection," offers the winning bidder the chance to be among the first proud owners of this groundbreaking EV. Given the prestige of the Petersen Gala, with its high-profile attendees and substantial ticket prices - individual seats going for $1,750, tables at $17,500, and Premier Tables at a whopping $30,000 - expectations are that the Cybertruck will easily fetch bids over $250,000.

While the exact date for Tesla's official Cybertruck delivery remains under wraps, the speculation is high. This Petersen Gala auction Cybertruck might be one of the first to hit the roads, marking a significant milestone in automotive history.

Hundreds of beautiful, historical and unique vehicles are housed in the Peterson. However, since the Tesla exhibit opened, Cybertruck has been the fan favorite. The Peterson has essentially acted as the first showroom for the Cybertruck, so it is fitting that it has access to this low-vin version.

A Night of Luxury, Legacy, and Legends

The gala, hosted by automotive legend and longtime TV host Jay Leno, promises to be more than just about the Cybertruck. Those lucky enough to attend will also have the chance to bid on experiences like a VIP Tour of Jay Leno's extensive car collection, a luxurious stay in the Scottish Highlands, a deep dive into automotive history with the Hispano Suiza Experience in Barcelona, and an exclusive journey through some of the world's most private car collections in Scottsdale.

For those passionate about motorsports, the gala will honor two legends: Chip Ganassi and Bobby Rahal. Ganassi, an American businessman and Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee has been a vital part of the North American auto racing scene for over three decades. On the other hand, Bobby Rahal's illustrious 25-year career saw him dominating in Formula 1, Can-Am, LeMans/IMSA, and Indy Cars, with victories in the 1986 Indy 500 and the Daytona 24 Hour and Sebring 12 Hour endurance races.

With all eyes on October 7th, the Petersen Automotive Museum's 29th Annual Gala is set to be an event for the history books. Whether you're there to witness the Cybertruck auction, indulge in the luxurious offerings, or honor motorsport legends, one thing's sure — it's an evening that promises to drive conversations for years to come.

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