New features in the Tesla app with update 2021.36

By Nuno Cristovao

Tesla recently completely redesigned their iPhone and Android apps. Just a couple weeks after releasing version 4.0, Tesla released an update that included new features such as the ability to change scheduled charging, adjust your charge departure time and more.

Most of these features require your Tesla to have update 2021.36 or later. At the time the app was released, 2021.36 had yet to be available. Software update 2021.36 has now started rolling out to individuals and we now have our first look at the new features in the Tesla app.

The new Tesla app lets you adjust scheduled and departure charging options with update 2021.36

Scheduled Charging

The ability to charge your car at a given time, or to have it charged by a certain time has been available in the car for a while now, but we'll now have the ability to schedule it directly from the app.

There's a new Schedule category that will allow you to adjust departure time and scheduled time charging.

Once you tap into the Schedule category, you'll be able to pick whether you want departure time charging, or scheduled time charging.

Tesla's wording here hasn't always been clear, but departure charging lets your car pick when to start charging, and you just let it know when you want it to be completed. This has the added benefit that your battery will be warmer when you're ready to leave. It's especially useful in winter climates.

Scheduled charging is essentially the opposite of departure charging. You pick the time you'd like your vehicle to start charging and it'll continue charging until it reaches your set charge level, such as 80%.

It's interesting that Tesla puts charging options under a ‘Schedule' category instead of ‘Charging'. It leaves the door open for other scheduling options. The obvious one is the ability to schedule your climate in the car, but there could be others such as the ability to schedule Sentry Mode.

I'd personally love for Tesla to include a Nest-like scheduling option that would let you pick the days of the week and temperature when you'd like your climate turned on.

Bioweapon Defense Mode

Ability to turn on Bioweapon Defense Mode in the new Tesla app with 2021.36

If your car is equipped with Bioweapon Defense Mode, you'll now be able to turn it on directly in the app. You'll slide up a drawer in the Climate section of the app which will give you the ability to turn on Defrost or Bioweapon Defense Mode.

Adjust Charge Amps

The new Tesla app gives you the ability to adjust charge amps with 2021.36

The last improvement that comes to the app with update 2021.36 is the ability to change your charging amps while the vehicle is charging. A new button appears underneath the charge limit slider that will let you select the amps used.

The 4.0 release of the Tesla app had a similar feature set to the previous app it replaced, but it looks like Tesla has plans to continue adding new features now.

In software development there's often an MVP (Minimum viable product) that the product team is willing to release with. In this case the MVP appears to have been the features that were available in the previous app. Now that Tesla has released the new app they can focus on adding new features that they may not have had time prior to release.

Tesla FSD V12.5 to Enable Sunglasses-Friendly, Nag-Free FSD

By Karan Singh
Not a Tesla App

Tesla has made some significant improvements with FSD 12.4, primarily, the removal of the steering wheel nag under certain conditions. However, there’s a caveat – you can’t wear sunglasses.

According to Elon Musk, FSD v12.5 will introduce support for nag-free FSD, even if you’re wearing sunglasses.

FSD V12.5 is an Upgrade

Ashok Elluswamy, Director of Autopilot Software, also took to X recently to mention that v12.5 is a big improvement to FSD v12.4. While he didn’t mention any specific details, this lines up with some of Musk’s previous comments that each FSD v12 iteration will see major improvements to the FSD model.

Elon also mentioned that while Tesla has a massive fleet of cars, their laser focus on making FSD work, rather than touting every daily achievement – has been their key to making generalized self-driving cars work.

FSD v12 has been pretty much a complete rewrite of the FSD city streets software stack, with drastic improvements over FSD v11. However, certain parts of the software stack haven’t been updated yet. Some features, like the updated highway stack are expected to be in FSD v12.5, which Musk confirmed recently. However, other features such as Park Seek and Banish Autopark, which were expected to arrive with FSD V12.4 are still up in the air.

What about V12.4?

FSD V12.4.3 is currently out to about 5% of the fleet (about 20-25% of FSD users) and hasn’t been pushed out again since about July 10th. Our new auto updating statistics pages can help break this down for folks who are curious.

Update 2024.15.15

FSD Supervised 12.4.3
Installed on 5.4% of fleet
6 Installs today
Last updated: Jul 22, 5:45 pm UTC

Given that it’s been some time since any new vehicles have received V12.4.3, it seems the rollout has been stopped. There could be any number of reasons for this – including software bugs, or a lack of confidence with FSD. Additionally, it could just halted in favor of focusing resources on V12.5.

While we’d love to see more vehicles get v12.4.3, we’re likely to see v12.4.4 or v12.5 being the next big waves of deployments to customers. Either way, early-access testers and Tesla ADAS testers will receive these updates first, and then they’ll roll out to the vast majority of customers once Tesla feels confident there aren’t any major issues. Tesla does all this testing in the name of safety, and it's essential that bug-free versions of FSD are the versions that are rolled out wide.

So, for now, leave your sunglasses on and hang tight for the next FSD update.

Tesla Aims To Launch Cybertruck in Canada After Transport Canada Makes Exception for Steer-by-Wire

By Karan Singh
Not a Tesla App

Tesla has confirmed that they’re aiming to launch the Cybertruck in Canada later this year. Transport Canada recently granted Tesla and the Cybertruck a unique exemption to allow steer-by-wire functionality (h/t Sawyer Merritt).

Steer-By-Wire Exemption

We previously reported that the Cybertruck was facing delays due to a steer-by-wire regulatory issue with Transport Canada. On Friday, July 19th, Transport Canada issued a message stating that they would exempt the Cybertruck, for all its models, from part of Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Act, which currently doesn’t permit the usage of steer-by-wire systems.

The period that the exemption begins seems to be immediate – July 19th, 2024, and will last through July 18th, 2029, whereafter regulation should supersede the exemption. In the meantime, Tesla will provide a semi-annual incident report, beginning on January 18th, 2025, including information on steering system malfunctions or failures, as well as corrective measures and customer complaints.

It seems that Transport Canada will also have to be notified every time Cybertruck’s steering software is provided with an OTA update, which could result in some update delays in Canada.

Canadian Cybertruck Soon?

With all this information, it sounds like Tesla is aiming to launch the Cybertruck to Canadian customers sometime relatively soon, as they stated they’re still aiming by the end of the year. There is a good chance that they may begin converting pre-orders to orders once Tesla. Tesla hasn’t commented on which model will be available in Canada, but it wouldn’t surprise us if it’s limited to the Foundation series in Canada in the initial release.

We could expect the first customer Cybertrucks (Roshel Defence and a few private importers notwithstanding), to be on Canadian roads in just a couple of months.

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