Tesla Releases FSD Beta 11.4: What's New

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla has released FSD Beta 11.4 to employees
Tesla has released FSD Beta 11.4 to employees
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Tesla has released FSD Beta 11.4 to employees, with original testers hopefully soon to follow. The update is version 2023.6.15, making it the first time FSD Beta has been based on a 2023 branch. With this update, Tesla has prioritized refining the vehicle's performance over introducing new features.

Enhanced Safety Features: Pedestrians and Vulnerable Road Users

Some standout improvements include enhanced pedestrian recognition and response, allowing Tesla vehicles to predict pedestrian movements better and react accordingly. This leads to a smoother driving experience at intersections, as vehicles can accurately anticipate when to stop or proceed.

Another critical aspect of the update is its improved responsiveness to vulnerable road users, such as bikers and cyclists. The FSD Beta 11.4 update now reacts more quickly to these road users and adjusts the vehicle's speed when necessary, ensuring a safer experience for everyone involved.

Improved Driving Performance: Urban, Rural, and Adverse Weather Conditions

One of the most notable features of the update is its weather-adaptive speed control. The FSD Beta 11.4 adjusts the maximum Autopilot speed based on current weather conditions, considering factors such as visibility, road wetness, tire tread, and even tire spray from other vehicles, ensuring a safer driving experience in adverse conditions.

Urban drivers will appreciate the optimized turn performance in city environments, as the update enables Tesla vehicles to navigate dense areas and challenging turns more effectively. This results in smoother navigation while avoiding obstacles like parked cars and bus lanes. Additionally, the update brings advanced bus lane recognition, helping prevent the vehicle from accidentally entering restricted areas.

In rural areas, the FSD Beta 11.4 should improve, with upgraded lane, line, and road edge detection. This enhancement is beneficial when driving on roads with inconsistent markings and paving, providing a safer experience. Alongside these improvements, the update also refines lane guidance and partial cut-in predictions. By leveraging Tesla's extensive library of clips and auto-labelling system, these enhancements ensure the vehicle remains in the correct lane and accurately predicts the movement of other vehicles.

Smarter Navigation: Lane Guidance and Speed Adjustments

The FSD Beta 11.4 also considers upcoming navigation deadlines, adjusting the vehicle's speed accordingly during lane changes, resulting in refined lane change speed control. Furthermore, Tesla's new Vision Speed network allows its cars to infer the typical driving speed on any given roadway, optimizing speed control in various situations, such as residential areas and parking lots.

Finally, Tesla has enhanced long-range path blockage detection, enabling vehicles to merge into other lanes more swiftly to avoid obstacles on the road.

Who is Eligible for This Beta

With the latest FSD Beta being based on Tesla's 2023.6 code branch, this will make FSD Beta available to many new owners who are on a 2023.2 or 2023.6 update. So if you've been waiting to be eligible for FSD Beta before subscribing, you may soon get your chance. However, it may still take several weeks before this update, or a revision of it goes into wide release, so don't click that button just yet.

Release Date

Tesla will typically release an update to employees and then to OG testers before having it go out to everyone else in waves. However, if Tesla discovers a blocking issue, the rollout is halted until an update becomes available. Once a revision is available, Tesla will restart the rollout with employees again.

FSD Beta 11.3 went through various revisions before finally being available to most owners. However, that was a much larger update, so FSD Beta 11.4 will likely see fewer revisions. In the past we've typically seen 1 to 3 revisions before a major update to FSD Beta went into 'wide' release.

What happens next will depend on whether Tesla encounters any major issues. Tesla may release FSD Beta 11.4 to OG testers or it may be quiet for several days before 11.4.1 or a similar revision to FSD Beta surfaces.

FSD Beta 11.4 demonstrates Tesla's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of autonomous driving technology, bringing us closer to a future where fully autonomous vehicles are the norm. Take a look at the release notes for FSD Beta 11.4 for a thorough look at all the changes in this update.

Sweet Move: Tesla Shifts from Creating EVs to Making Candy

By Karan Singh
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Tesla has filed four new trademarks recently, according to the US Patent and Trademark Office. These trademarks aren’t exactly what you’d expect from Tesla – they’re not for cars, not for batteries, and not for any cool new software features.

They’re for sweet, sweet, candy!

Candy Trademarks

Tesla has filed 4 distinct trademarks in its filings with the USPTO, for the following four names.

  • Supercharged Gummy

  • Cyberberry

  • Mango Bolt

  • Dog Mode Chill

The trademarks don’t come with any particular logos, art, or renderings, or it doesn’t reveal anything besides the names of the candy or candy-like items. Tesla filed these trademarks last month on June 25th.

While we’re not quite sure exactly what type of candies these will be, there is one thing we can knock off the bat – given how premium Tesla’s food products have been, these will likely include high-quality ingredients with a matching price point.

Elon Musk previously hinted that he wanted to start a candy company, and claimed he was super serious. Given his usual 2-week timeline, starting it 7-years later under Tesla seems fairly fitting. Jokes aside, we hope that the candies will launch sometime before the Tesla van, otherwise you can expect some more jokes on that front.

Tesla is well known for designing and selling non-vehicle merchandise. In the past, they’ve sold a glass decal that makes your window look like it was shattered with a metal bearing, Tesla Tequila, the Cybertruck whistle and many others.

Maybe we’ll hear more about Elon’s candy ambitions during Tesla’s upcoming earnings call, which will be taking place this coming Tuesday, July 23rd.

Tesla Looking to Hire 800 New Employees After Recent Layoffs, Large Focus on Energy

By Karan Singh
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Just three months after Elon Musk fired the entire Supercharger team, and laid off many employees at Tesla, the company is now looking to hire 800 new employees.

This comes after many members of the Supercharger team were hired back after their initial layoffs.

New Hirings

Tesla’s careers page now has more than 800 open positions today, and positions go from anywhere between engineers for artificial intelligence or batteries, ADAS testers in local communities, or service and desk employees for service centers.

Most of the new jobs focus on engineering positions, and many positions in Legal Affairs, Business Support, and vehicle software positions have not been posted or renewed. Those sections remain empty, at least in North America.

Tesla Energy Focus

Interestingly, quite a few of the new positions focus on Telsa Energy and its role in the company. There are several positions for supporting the deployments of Powerwall and Megapack, as well as doing further engineering work on these types of stationary battery systems.

Just recently, Tesla secured a $375 million Megapack contract in Australia – to build one of the biggest 4-hour battery banks in the world. This comes just days after the announcement of a $256 million Megapack contract to expand a different Australian facility.

We’re expecting Tesla to bank more towards its energy business – which has really just started getting off the ground with recent factory expansions and new business. Tesla Powerwall also recently hit some spectacular milestones – 100MW in California delivered to the grid, and 200,000 hours of backup power after Hurricane Beryl in Texas.

Powerwall and Megapack are going to be defining features of Tesla’s business – and we hope to see Tesla Solar – both Solar Panels and Tesla’s Solar Roof, also become more available to the mass market, just like Powerwall is today.

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