Tesla Key Card: How to use, add or remove access

By Nick Howard

The Tesla Key Card is the company’s answer to the pain of the traditional car key. The pocket-sized card is designed to be a backup method to your Phone Key or key fob, which are the preferred method to lock and unlock your car.

To use a Tesla Key Card, tap it on the b-pillar of the car, below the camera.

The cards are durable, waterproof, require no batteries, cheap to replace (only $35 for two, where a normal key may cost upwards of $300 to replace and reprogram), and make it easy to revoke access in the event a keycard is lost or stolen. The same goes for Tesla key fobs, which are an optional extra for Model 3 or Model Y, but come standard with Model S or Model X.

The Tesla Key Card is compatible with all Model 3 and Y vehicles, and the refreshed 2021+ Model S and X.

Use Android Phone as Key Card

You can use your phone as a key card via NFC! The feature is enabled by default when you add your device as a phone key, so make sure NFC is on, and try it out! Tap your phone on the b-pillar to unlock/lock the car. If this doesn’t work, go to the contactless payment settings on your device and make sure “Tesla” is enabled as a contactless payment method.

You can use an Android phone as a Key Card to open your Tesla
You can use an Android phone as a Key Card to open your Tesla

How to use the Tesla Key Card

Remove the key card from your pocket, wallet, etc. The key card may not be recognized while inside a wallet, due to interference from other contactless cards.

Place the card flat against the b-pillar (between the front and rear doors), just a few inches below the camera hidden behind the glass.

You’ll hear a single chirp from the vehicle to indicate it’s unlocked (if you have the feature enabled, otherwise the lights will flash to indicate it’s unlocked). Remove the key from the car, enter the vehicle, and you’re good to go!

If more than approx. 30 seconds passes between unlocking the car and placing your foot on the brake, a message will pop up on the screen to indicate you need to tap the key again to be able to drive. The screen will show a graphic demonstrating how and where to place the card - this varies between different vehicle models, so follow the on-screen instructions for your specific vehicle.

How to Add a New Key Card

Note: You will need an existing key to add a new card. Enter your vehicle and open the Car menu on the screen. Navigate to the Locks section, and press the button to add a new keycard.

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the new card - these instructions vary between vehicle models.

How to Remove a Key Card If Lost or Stolen

If you have lost a key card or wish to prevent a key card from accessing your vehicle, you can revoke access. To do so, enter your vehicle and open the Car menu on the screen. Navigate to the Locks section, and press the trash can icon next to the key card you wish to remove.

Follow the on-screen instructions. If you’re unsure which key card is the right one, this trick might be able to help - any time you tap a key card against the center console (3/Y) or wireless charging pad (2021 S/X), it will identify itself from the list on screen.

Tesla Cybertruck to Receive Charging Improvements in Upcoming Update

By Karan Singh
Not a Tesla App

Former Tesla VP of Powertrain and Energy Drew Baglino previously mentioned that Cybertruck would be receiving charging improvements soon.

Wes Morrill, Tesla’s Cybertruck lead engineer, recently reposted Baglino’s comments on the charge speed update on June 16th and mentioned that it would be coming soon via OTA.

Charging Improvements

The 4680 cell has seen some difficulties in its charge curve, similar to Tesla’s other vehicles that have been deployed with the 4680. Tesla has alluded to difficulties in the manufacturing curve previously, and also with engineering improvements to the new cell standard, and eventually stopped manufacturing the Model Y with the 4680 cells.

However, this is the first time that Tesla has begun to deploy major improvements to the 4680 cell. It appears the improvements will allow up to 154 miles to be recovered in 15 minutes, which is approximately a 30% improvement to current charge rates.

We’re hoping that these improvements to the 4680 will also translate to older Model Y vehicles that have 4680 cells, which will be key to the owners of these vehicles. 4680 production is currently mainly focused on Powerwall, Megapack, and Cybertruck – with Semi not using 4680 yet.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range Now Eligible for $7.5K Tax Credit

By Karan Singh
Not a Tesla App

In the US, the Model 3 Long Range has now become fully eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit for EVs.

Federal Tax Credit

The federal tax credit is up to $7,500 USD off at the point of sale, which applies to EVs with batteries originating from the United States. The Model 3 Performance was launched with the EV tax credit, which meant that until now, it was cheaper to purchase than the Model 3 Long Range.

Interestingly, after this change, the Model 3 Long Range is only $1,000 USD more expensive than the Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive, as the RWD model is not eligible for the credit. The LFP batteries in the RWD model are from CATL in China, and thus mark it as ineligible.

At $40,000 USD, the Model 3 Long Range is now an even better deal than before – and is nearly $7,500 less (the amount of the credit), than the average new car in the United States.

Canadian EV Credits

In Canada, Tesla dropped the Model 3 RWD price by $1,000 CAD, in response to the province of  British Colombia reducing the upper limit of their EV credit MSRP range. This means that the Model 3 RWD is the only Tesla vehicle that is covered under the new BC rebate – which is one of the few provincial rebates still left standing.

Sadly, as a result of this change, and due to a weird classification gimmick, the Model Y is considered a sedan by the Government of BC and is completely ineligible for the additional rebates – but the $5,000 federal EV rebate still applies.

Tesla vehicles accounted for 80% of federal EV rebate applications in Canada in 2023, marking a net increase since last year at 60%.

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Latest Tesla Update

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Take a look at features that Elon Musk has said will be coming soon.


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