Upcoming Tesla update will allow you to choose a custom car color

By Nuno Cristovao

According to one of our sources, Tesla will soon allow you to pick a custom color for your vehicles.

The custom color will be shown in the car visualizations and in any menus where the exterior of the car is displayed.

If you have had your Tesla painted or vinyl wrapped with a custom color, this will let you match the visualizations with your actual vehicle color.

Tesla to allow you to use a custom car color
Tesla to allow you to use a custom car color

This feature is currently being tested internally at Tesla. Since this update is still being tested, there could always be some changes or delays before it is released publicly.

This internal build was released earlier this year with a version before 2022.4, which is the latest production release. Since the feature has been in testing for several weeks, we expect Tesla to release custom colors in the near future. Potentially as a new feature in an updated version of 2022.4.

You will be able to select a custom color from a color pinwheel that will allow you to pick from virtually any color, not just pre-defined colors.

Since Tesla's visualizations are made up of separate 3D models, they can be assembled in virtually any configuration or color.

In a similar way that Tesla is offering a custom color for the exterior of the vehicle, they could also offer custom colors for seats or other features, although those are much less likely to be customized.

Tesla App

There will also be an upcoming app update. When you change the color of the vehicle in the car, the Tesla app will also reflect the new color. The Tesla app must be updated to version 4.5.1 or later.

Tesla’s current app is version 4.5, which added the ability to add Tesla Insurance cards to Apple Wallet, introduced a help section and the ability to reach out to Tesla with a question.

Version 4.5.1 will be released in the near future for iOS and Android.


Here is the new custom colors feature in action in a video that was released by Tesla.

More details have been uncovered about Tesla's custom color feature. It will support different paint finishes and more.

Latest Tesla FSD Beta v11.3.4 Starts Going Out to Employees

By Kevin Armstrong
FSD Beta 11.3.4 is now going out to Tesla employees
FSD Beta 11.3.4 is now going out to Tesla employees

The latest FSD Beta is now rolling out to Tesla employees with FSD Beta v11.3.4. As previously reported, CEO Elon Musk tweeted that one more round of refinement was needed. FSD Beta v11.3.3 had expanded to more than 35% of testers. But it's being replaced by v11.3.4, which is mainly a bug fix release.

Continuous Refinement of Full Self-Driving Technology

Tesla's commitment to perfecting its FSD technology is evident in the rapid succession of updates and refinements. The company has used fleet learning, user feedback, and rigorous testing to bring autonomous driving closer to reality. As Tesla continues to expand its fleet of FSD Beta testers, crucial data is gathered to make further enhancements and address challenges faced in previous versions.

New Features and Improvements in v11.3.4

The FSD Beta v11.3.4 update builds upon the features and improvements introduced in v11.3.3, which included bug fixes, new driving visualizations, and the "Voice Drive Notes" feature for hands-free feedback on Autopilot disengagement. With v11.3.4, Tesla aims further to enhance the FSD system's performance and safety. Some improvements in v11.3.3 included:

  • Smoother lane changes in dense traffic scenarios
  • Better handling in high curvature scenarios or near large trucks
  • Improved driving behavior near parked cars in narrow lanes
  • Enhanced user interface communication for upcoming maneuvers

These updates signify Tesla's dedication to developing and improving its self-driving technology, moving closer to a future where autonomous vehicles are more commonplace on the roads.

Update 2022.45.13

FSD 11.3.4
Installed on 0% of cars
0 Installs today
Last updated: Mar 31, 12:54 pm

Tesla's Commitment to Driver Safety

While Tesla works tirelessly to advance its autonomous driving system, Elon Musk continues to emphasize the importance of driver vigilance while using the FSD Beta. The system may not detect all objects or brakes for crossing traffic or stationary objects, particularly at high speeds. However, Tesla's continuous push for autonomy and commitment to addressing these challenges make it clear that the company prioritizes safety as it moves towards a future with autonomous vehicles.

As FSD Beta v11.3.4 rolls out to employees, we may see it roll out to Tesla owners and enthusiasts later tonight or this weekend. There may be larger waves of it rolling out further after that.

Tesla to Automatically Activate Climate System If Occupant Left in Vehicle

By Kevin Armstrong
Tesla will automatically activate the vehicle's climate system when there is an occupant in the vehicle
Tesla will automatically activate the vehicle's climate system when there is an occupant in the vehicle
Not a Tesla App

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently committed to enhancing the safety features of Tesla's electric vehicles following a conversation with a concerned owner on Twitter. The upcoming improvement will focus on better occupant detection and maintaining comfort levels within the cabin.

A Tesla owner voices concerns

The discussion began when a Tesla owner shared her experience leaving her children in the vehicle while running an errand. Upon exiting, the car shut down, and her older child had to interact with the infotainment system to reactivate it. @Tesladiva99 expressed concerns about the potential implications for young children if left unattended.

She tweeted:

"@elonmusk, I left my teenager and little in the car to go into the store. The car instantly shut off, and my oldest had to touch the screen to turn it back on. If an infant was left, the car would shut down. Can y’all do something to detect people in the car and keep temp on?"

Musk responds with a pledge to enhance safety

In response to the tweet, Musk explained that Tesla vehicles are designed to maintain a safe temperature within the cabin even when the car appears to be "off," a feature meant to protect infants and pets known as Cabin Overheat Protection. However, the feature can be turned off by the owner to reduce battery consumption. Musk acknowledged that the current system could be improved and committed to making the necessary changes.

"Tesla car temp is automatically kept within a safe range, even when the car appears 'off,' in order to protect infants & pets. That said, it would be more convenient to keep the car 'on' for entertainment & comfort if the camera detects occupants. We will make that change," Musk replied.

According to Musk's statement, Tesla will likely implement the new safety feature through an upcoming software update. It is important to note that this update will likely only apply to Tesla vehicles equipped with a cabin camera.

In the meantime, owners could use Camp Mode.

Tesla may choose to automatically activate one of its 'stay-on' climate system features when it senses an occupant in the vehicle. However, since Camp Mode disables the walk-away locking feature of the vehicle, it's not clear whether Tesla will instead automatically activate 'Keep Climate On' or allow the walk-away door lock feature while in Camp Mode.

The significance of social media in customer-company communication

This latest interaction between Musk and a Tesla owner demonstrates the value of the Twitter platform for addressing customer concerns and driving product improvement. Musk has repeatedly stated how companies can leverage Twitter to receive customer feedback and make necessary changes to enhance their products and services.

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