Tesla Unveils New Wheel Caps for Cybertruck: A Fresh Look with Pirelli Scorpion ATR [VIDEO]

By Kevin Armstrong
New wheel caps for Cybertruck
New wheel caps for Cybertruck
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Tesla has devised a solution to its Cybertruck tire issues by introducing new base wheel caps. This move directly responds to the challenges previously encountered with the vehicle's aero wheel covers and tire combinations.

A short video posted on X gives us a first look at the new wheel caps. The caps appear to be paired with the original Goodyear AT Tires that were designed to fit the first edition wheel covers. However, Nic Cruz Patane, who posted the video, states that Cybertruck’s new base wheel caps will come with Pirelli Scorpion ATR all seasons instead of the Goodyear ATs.

Pirelli Takes the Wheel

By opting for Pirelli Scorpion ATR all-season tires for the Cybertruck, Tesla is taking a strategic pivot towards enhancing the vehicle's performance across various driving conditions. The Pirelli Scorpion ATR is renowned for its versatility, offering superior traction and durability, making it an ideal match for the Cybertruck's robust design and off-road capabilities.

Incorporating the Pirelli Scorpion ATR all-season tires into the Cybertruck's design is a step towards sustainability. These tires are known for their low rolling resistance, which can contribute to increased energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Addressing the Achilles' Heel

While innovative, the initial design of the Cybertruck's aero wheel covers faced criticism for causing excessive wear on tire sidewalls. This issue was first spotlighted by T Sportline - Tesla Upgrades & Accessories, leading to a broader discussion about the impact of design choices on vehicle durability. Tesla's decision to switch to Pirelli tires and introduce new wheel caps is a clear response to these challenges, aiming to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functional reliability of the Cybertruck.

This thoughtful redesign aligns with Tesla's ethos of continuous innovation and its pursuit of excellence in electric vehicle manufacturing. Tesla's introduction of new base wheel caps and the transition to Pirelli Scorpion ATR all-season tires for the Cybertruck are more than just aesthetic upgrades. They represent a quick and comprehensive response to challenges. This approach not only addresses the immediate needs of Cybertruck owners but also positions Tesla as a forward-thinking leader in the automotive sector, ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Update: It looks like these new wheel covers were the ones that were supposed to be the non-premium wheels, although they were expected to come with different tires that didn’t have the same markings on the sidewall. It’s not immediately clear whether this is a mix of the base wheel covers with the premium tires, or if Tesla plans to use these new wheel covers as a permanent or temporary replacement for the Cybertruck aero wheels that were causing additional tire wear.

Tesla Aims To Launch Cybertruck in Canada After Transport Canada Makes Exception for Steer-by-Wire

By Karan Singh
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Tesla has confirmed that they’re aiming to launch the Cybertruck in Canada later this year. Transport Canada recently granted Tesla and the Cybertruck a unique exemption to allow steer-by-wire functionality (h/t Sawyer Merritt).

Steer-By-Wire Exemption

We previously reported that the Cybertruck was facing delays due to a steer-by-wire regulatory issue with Transport Canada. On Friday, July 19th, Transport Canada issued a message stating that they would exempt the Cybertruck, for all its models, from part of Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Act, which currently doesn’t permit the usage of steer-by-wire systems.

The period that the exemption begins seems to be immediate – July 19th, 2024, and will last through July 18th, 2029, whereafter regulation should supersede the exemption. In the meantime, Tesla will provide a semi-annual incident report, beginning on January 18th, 2025, including information on steering system malfunctions or failures, as well as corrective measures and customer complaints.

It seems that Transport Canada will also have to be notified every time Cybertruck’s steering software is provided with an OTA update, which could result in some update delays in Canada.

Canadian Cybertruck Soon?

With all this information, it sounds like Tesla is aiming to launch the Cybertruck to Canadian customers sometime relatively soon, as they stated they’re still aiming by the end of the year. There is a good chance that they may begin converting pre-orders to orders once Tesla. Tesla hasn’t commented on which model will be available in Canada, but it wouldn’t surprise us if it’s limited to the Foundation series in Canada in the initial release.

We could expect the first customer Cybertrucks (Roshel Defence and a few private importers notwithstanding), to be on Canadian roads in just a couple of months.

All of Tesla's Current Promotions: Free Paint for Model 3P, 1.99% Financing, Free Seat Layout Options on Model X

By Karan Singh
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Tesla has several promotions running right now in the United States and a couple globally – so we’re here to help you by compiling a list of what’s available, and for how long.

Keep in mind that most promotions on this list are currently only available in the United States – not Canada, Europe, or China. We’re hoping Tesla pushes more promotions out to other markets in future quarters, but it doesn’t look like we’ll see anything else this financial quarter for other markets.

These offers are also not valid for customers purchasing a Foundation-series Cybertruck. We’d expect this to change once Tesla stops offering the Foundation Series next year.

3 Months of Free Supercharging (Global)

This specific promotion pops up often and is available globally. Tesla will offer buyers 3 months of free Supercharging – unlimited Supercharging during those 3 months. That’s quite a deal, especially for those who want to road-trip with their brand-new Tesla!

Teslas are absolutely fantastic to road trip with, and with Supercharger availability and up-time, you’ll almost never be at a loss when trying to find a place to charge. Plus, your vehicle navigation automatically suggests and calculates in for Supercharging stops.

Of note, in the United States specifically, this offer isn’t available to those who choose to do financing. Globally, this offer is for a certain number of free Supercharging kilometers rather than unlimited for three months. In Canada for example, Tesla is offering 5,000 – 10,000 free KM of Supercharging, rather than 3 months. These credits are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Time period: To qualify for this offer, you must take delivery by August 15th, 2024.

Free FSD Transfer (Global)

As part of a promise made by Elon Musk during the Shareholder Meeting this year, Tesla is offering a free FSD transfer for customers who have purchased FSD (FSD price history) in one of their vehicles and wish to transfer it to a new Tesla.

You’ll move your FSD license from one vehicle to another during the purchase process – and you aren’t required to trade in your older Tesla. The vehicle will simply lose access to FSD, but you can always subscribe to FSD on that vehicle at any point.

For those who have Hardware 2.5 or Hardware 3 vehicles – this could be an excellent opportunity to jump into a Hardware 4 vehicle ahead of the upcoming Hardware Divergence.

Time period: To take advantage of this promo you must take delivery by September 30th, 2024.

1.99% Model Y Financing (U.S. Only)

Tesla is offering – for customers who meet the credit check requirements – 1.99% financing on any variant of the Model Y, presuming you take delivery before September 30th. This is an excellent deal, considering that average financing rates in the US are currently sitting around 5-6%. That’s a huge difference for people interested in upgrading their current vehicle or purchasing another vehicle, as it’ll drastically drop the monthly financing rate. This is probably one of Tesla’s best promotions in terms of a deal for customers, and we’d love to see similar deals rolled out globally!

Time period: The promotional rate is valid for financing terms between 36 to 72 months, and orders need to be placed before August 31, 2024. You must take delivery of your new Tesla by September 30th, 2024

Free Paint for Model 3 Performance & Free Seat Layouts for Model X

This is one of the most unique promotions – and one we haven’t seen Tesla offer before. If you purchase FSD in the United States on a Model 3 Performance or a Model X Long Range AWD, you’ll get certain options for free.

For the Model 3 Performance, with the purchase of FSD, you can add any color option for free, which is up to a $2,000 value.

For the Model X, you’ll be able to select the six-seat or seven-seat interior config instead of the standard five-seats for free. This is a savings of $6,500 or $3,500 respectively.

If you were already thinking about getting the Model X six-seat layout, this essentially brings down the cost of FSD to $1,500.

Since FSD doesn’t count toward the total price of the car regarding the federal rebate, it also means that the Model 3 Performance (with any color) and Model X LR (with 6 or 7 seats) are now also eligible for the $7,500 US Federal EV Rebate.

Overall, an excellent deal – you get FSD, a paint option of your choice for the Model 3, and – if you’re buying the Model X LR – you can grab the six-seat config, which is the best seating option in our opinion.

Time period: Tesla hasn’t provided a timeline for this promo, but it could change at any time.

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