What the Blue Snowflake Means in the Tesla App and on the Car's Display

By Kevin Armstrong
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Like all vehicles, Teslas require a little extra attention during the cold winter months. A common query among Tesla owners is the appearance of a blue snowflake icon next to the battery indicator on their vehicle's touchscreen and in the Tesla app. This icon is not just a quirky design choice; it carries important information about the state of your vehicle's battery, particularly in cold weather conditions.

What the Blue Snowflake Means

The blue snowflake icon warns that the battery is too cold to access its full power and range capabilities. When this icon is visible, owners might notice a reduction in regenerative braking and acceleration. The vehicle’s range is also reduced and charging may be slower than usual, especially at Superchargers. This is a protective measure by Tesla to prevent damage to the battery under cold conditions. The lithium-ion batteries used in Tesla vehicles, like those in other electric vehicles, are sensitive to temperature extremes. Cold temperatures can significantly impact the battery's chemical reactions, reducing its ability to store and release energy efficiently.

How Much of the Battery Is Affected

The Tesla app visually represents the battery's charge level, with the affected portion displayed in blue. By tapping on the battery icon or the charge button in the app, or similarly on the vehicle's touchscreen, users can jump to the Charging section in settings. Here, the portion of the battery displayed in blue represents the "locked" or unusable part of the battery due to cold temperatures. The extent of this blue section gives you a rough idea of how much of your battery's capacity is currently restricted.

Range Impact and Restoration

The vehicle's displayed range already accounts for the portion of the battery that is currently unusable by cold temperatures. This means the actual available range might be more than what is shown. As the battery warms up -- either through driving, charging, or preconditioning -- the additional range will be unlocked, and the blue snowflake icon will disappear. It's important to note that the colder the battery, the more range is temporarily inaccessible. Achieving normal operating temperature is crucial to unlocking this additional, temporarily unavailable range. Moreover, a cold battery can also diminish the vehicle's acceleration performance.

Why It Happens and How to Prevent It

The primary reason for this phenomenon is to safeguard the battery's integrity in cold weather. To minimize the impact of cold temperatures and prevent the snowflake icon from appearing, Tesla recommends keeping the vehicle plugged in whenever possible and maintaining a charge level above 20% when unplugged. Additionally, storing the vehicle in a garage and keeping it plugged in can help keep the battery from getting too cold. However, seeing the snowflake on colder days is still normal. Preconditioning the vehicle before use, a feature that preheats the battery and cabin can also mitigate the effects of cold weather on the battery.

Preheating enhances comfort and ensures that the battery operates efficiently from the moment you start driving, meaning that not only will you have full access to the vehicle’s power, but also its regenerative abilities and range. This approach, coupled with keeping the vehicle charged and stored in warmer conditions, can significantly reduce the occurrence of the blue snowflake icon, ensuring that your Tesla performs optimally, even in colder climates.

Sweet Move: Tesla Shifts from Creating EVs to Making Candy

By Karan Singh
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Tesla has filed four new trademarks recently, according to the US Patent and Trademark Office. These trademarks aren’t exactly what you’d expect from Tesla – they’re not for cars, not for batteries, and not for any cool new software features.

They’re for sweet, sweet, candy!

Candy Trademarks

Tesla has filed 4 distinct trademarks in its filings with the USPTO, for the following four names.

  • Supercharged Gummy

  • Cyberberry

  • Mango Bolt

  • Dog Mode Chill

The trademarks don’t come with any particular logos, art, or renderings, or it doesn’t reveal anything besides the names of the candy or candy-like items. Tesla filed these trademarks last month on June 25th.

While we’re not quite sure exactly what type of candies these will be, there is one thing we can knock off the bat – given how premium Tesla’s food products have been, these will likely include high-quality ingredients with a matching price point.

Elon Musk previously hinted that he wanted to start a candy company, and claimed he was super serious. Given his usual 2-week timeline, starting it 7-years later under Tesla seems fairly fitting. Jokes aside, we hope that the candies will launch sometime before the Tesla van, otherwise you can expect some more jokes on that front.

Tesla is well known for designing and selling non-vehicle merchandise. In the past, they’ve sold a glass decal that makes your window look like it was shattered with a metal bearing, Tesla Tequila, the Cybertruck whistle and many others.

Maybe we’ll hear more about Elon’s candy ambitions during Tesla’s upcoming earnings call, which will be taking place this coming Tuesday, July 23rd.

Tesla Looking to Hire 800 New Employees After Recent Layoffs, Large Focus on Energy

By Karan Singh
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Just three months after Elon Musk fired the entire Supercharger team, and laid off many employees at Tesla, the company is now looking to hire 800 new employees.

This comes after many members of the Supercharger team were hired back after their initial layoffs.

New Hirings

Tesla’s careers page now has more than 800 open positions today, and positions go from anywhere between engineers for artificial intelligence or batteries, ADAS testers in local communities, or service and desk employees for service centers.

Most of the new jobs focus on engineering positions, and many positions in Legal Affairs, Business Support, and vehicle software positions have not been posted or renewed. Those sections remain empty, at least in North America.

Tesla Energy Focus

Interestingly, quite a few of the new positions focus on Telsa Energy and its role in the company. There are several positions for supporting the deployments of Powerwall and Megapack, as well as doing further engineering work on these types of stationary battery systems.

Just recently, Tesla secured a $375 million Megapack contract in Australia – to build one of the biggest 4-hour battery banks in the world. This comes just days after the announcement of a $256 million Megapack contract to expand a different Australian facility.

We’re expecting Tesla to bank more towards its energy business – which has really just started getting off the ground with recent factory expansions and new business. Tesla Powerwall also recently hit some spectacular milestones – 100MW in California delivered to the grid, and 200,000 hours of backup power after Hurricane Beryl in Texas.

Powerwall and Megapack are going to be defining features of Tesla’s business – and we hope to see Tesla Solar – both Solar Panels and Tesla’s Solar Roof, also become more available to the mass market, just like Powerwall is today.

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