Tesla App 4.8.1 Release Notes

Manage Leases

Tesla Manage Leases feature in update 4.8.1

Manage lease returns and ability to transfer car ownership in select countries.


Tesla Service feature in update 4.8.1

View status and updates of open energy service cases.

Tesla App 4.8 Release Notes

Manage Leases

Tesla Manage Leases feature in update 4.8

Manage lease returns and ability to transfer car ownership in select countries.


Tesla Service feature in update 4.8

View status and updates of open energy service cases.

Supercharger Details

Tesla Supercharger Details feature in update 4.8
Undocumented Change

In some regions, the list of Supercharger locations will now display the maximum power output for each station. This will let owners better plan their charging stops to minimize wait times.

The list of Superchargers has also been increased.

When tapping on a particular charging location, you will now see additional information about the location. In addition to being able to send the location to your car, you can also see the address of the Supercharger and nearby amenities.

Instant Vehicle Data

Tesla Instant Vehicle Data feature in update 4.8
Future Feature

A new API was found in this update that will be used for cached vehicle data. In a future update your car will send information not only when requested, but also before it goes to sleep.

This change could allow for several big improvements in the app.

This change will allow the API to contain the latest vehicle data without having to wake up the vehicle.

This will likely mean that once you open the app in a future update, it'll be able to fetch car informaiton without having to wait for the vehicle to wake up first.

You'll instantly have the latest battery state of charge, range, open door/window information, odometer reading and everything else.

This change will also allow the vehicle to sleep longer, therefore reducing energy consumption known as phantom drain. It's possible that in the future Tesla will not wake up the vehicle once you open the app like it does today.

Instead Tesla may wait to see if the owner is only checking on the vehicle or if they're going to send a command to the vehicle such as turning on the climate system.

This will be a very positive change that will allow you to instantly have access to the vehicle's latest data without having to wake it up or cause some energy lose.

Non-Tesla Charging

Tesla Non-Tesla Charging feature in update 4.8
Future Feature

As Tesla expands non-Tesla charging support to more countries and more locations, you'll soon be able to see a list of all Superchargers that support charging non-Tesla vehicles.

In the Tesla app you can currently view a list of nearby chargers by navigating to the Location section. Each Supercharger shows you the maximum speed, the number of free stalls and the distance from your vehicle. Tesla may simply let you filter this list in the future by the Superchargers that support charging non-Teslas.

Tesla App 4.7.3 Release Notes

Minor Fixes & Changes

Tesla Minor Fixes & Changes feature in update 4.7.3

This update to the app focuses on minor fixes and message changes in the app.

There have been no new features detected in this version.

There are also no significant changes to the underlying code in this update that point at possible new features that are under development.

We know Tesla is working on several new features to the app such as the ability to view vehicle release notes directly in the app and being able to set the car's name in the app, but those are still not available in this update and remain under development.

Tesla App 4.7.2 Release Notes

Sign Up for Tesla Insurance

Tesla Sign Up for Tesla Insurance feature in update 4.7.2
Undocumented Change

You can now sign up for Tesla Insurance directly in the Tesla app. By using Tesla Insurance your rate will be dependent on your driving habits. Tesla will monitor key metrics such as following too closely or harsh braking and use these factors to determine your monthly rate.

Tesla Insurance is now available in five US states, including Arizona, California, Illinois, Ohio and Texas. More states are expected to be added this year.

To sign up for Tesla Insurace in the Tesla app by tapping on your profile icon on the top right corner and choosing the Get Tesla Insurance card.

Powerwall Settings

Tesla Powerwall Settings feature in update 4.7.2

Reorganized Solar and Powerwall settings to focus on your Home.

Powerwall Storm Watch

Tesla Powerwall Storm Watch feature in update 4.7.2

Storm Watch status and event opt-out for Powerwall.


Additional information is now displayed in Storm Watch. It now lists individual events and lets you opt out of recharging your Powerwall using grid power.


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