When does Autopark and Summon show up in Germany


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Jul 26, 2023
Since more then one year this features are missing, is any idea around when it shows up in Germany? Guess it would speed up car sales extremely.

Does anyone have details about this missing features?
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Apr 30, 2024
Autopark showed up exactly one time until now. My Tesla moved in the slot backwards, but a little crooked. Then by itself it went forward to correct. As a women walked in the path of the car, it briefly stopped, displaying "waiting for passenger to continue parking". Without intervention, it resumed moving forward. Backed up and came to a stop perfectly centered. I was impressed. But after that, autopark never showed up again. I'm on 2024.8.9

Summon is available through the app, but it's not very usable cause of the restrictions in Germany. You basically have to stand right beside your car (max 2m away), or it won't work. Plus, the delay when pressing the button on the app until the car starts moving is a bummer.


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Feb 20, 2024
I have one with USS, but it only appears on very well marked parking spots, but my experience using it is not as good as for Sonny1983. For me, it cancels 75% of its parking attempts with no reason (no pedestrian around or anything). It just kinda realises it cant find the parking spot anymore and cancels. Have to complete the parking myself then. Summon is, as already said, very handicaped in Europe. But i use it sometimes on my narrow garage, its comfortable not having to get out on 10cm door opening after backing in :LOL:


Mar 26, 2024
Actually it wouldn't move sales an inch, everyone expects it to be already there, they just get disappointed after. Exact reason why Tesla don't care about it... and they can resist until other manufacturers approach in the rear view mirror, so not for long.

It's like when you buy a BMW or Mercedes, you expect they actually put some brain in the UX/UI, but nope, it's always some crazy dope engineer weirdness. It's not a reason for stopping repeated purchases, you just endlessly hope they will do better at the next iteration.