Discuss: Tesla to Eliminate the Steering Wheel Nag in FSD v12.4; Vehicles Supported and Release Date


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Oct 28, 2022
This will be interesting. I wonder how it will handle inattention? I could see the same alerts popping up but then when you look ahead and 'supervise' things it would display 'thank you' and go stop with the alerts?
I've managed to learn how to press my thigh against the steering wheel enough to satisfy the warnings when they do pop up in the meantime.


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Mar 26, 2024
The nag isn't THE problem in itself, but rather the requirement for applying torque to the steering wheel! Highlands have capacitive buttons now, why not leveraging them, as with any other top-tier car manufacturer (e.g. BMW, Merc)? You could drive hands on wheel all the time by keeping one finger - say - on turning arrows/flashing lights or windshield wiper button, without engaging them (if you don't apply pressure they don't). And there's the "disabled" icon for cruise control, btw.
What's important anyway it's that this doesn't only affect FSD, but all levels of autopilot.
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