Will the upcoming Tesla van have FSD supervised?


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Apr 12, 2024
I've been waiting for Tesla to produce/sell an electric passenger van (7 to 10).
In the meantime I have searched for equivalent vehicles with little success. VW id.buzz gtx comes close, Ford's van sucks, Kia EV9 comes close,
Mercedes' van and some mfg. that make changes to it also come close. But none of them are really what I want.

Tesla has good product reliability and FSD, insurance, and financing. Their service is limited still. Their charging stations in my area are non-existent.
Few charging stations at all in my area from any company. So I bought a charger from Tesla for 50 amp service to allow emergency charging until I
get my own Tesla vehicle.

What I really want in a van is: bench seats in front and middle rows, two seats that are comfortable in the rear row for 8 people total. Room behind the
rear row of seats for some baggage. FSD current version. Good view around the A pillar or at least a flashing light indicating movement that the A pillar
blocks the view. 250 mile range with all 8 seats occupied (at least 4 adult sized passengers). Notice that no car mfg. mentions range with all seats occupied?
Heat pump A/C. Good stereo system with bluetooth and wifi plugs for headphones. Doesn't need to have dozens of speakers of great quality (4 is fine).
tow hitch capable of towing a trailer with fuel and UTV on it. Large enough door(s) to get into the rear seats. Be able to go at least 65 mph up a grade.
Tesla charging, lockable port. And I'd prefer a wind shield made of the cybertruck material. We get lots of flying rocks here.
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