WiFi at Superchargers


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Apr 8, 2023
While charging at the Supercharger in the parking garage at the Bayside center in Naples, FL. my Model Y picked up a WiFi network, “TeslaWiFi_Mercury”. I tried to connect to it as it displayed this message: “This Supercharger offers free vehicle WiFi…”. I’ve seen others have picked up the same network at other Supercharger locations. I tried to connect multiple times but the progress circle spun endlessly until it finally produced an error that a connection was not possible. I checked Tesla Service and other internet posts but couldn’t find anything. I have an update waiting and it would be great to be able to download it while charging. Anyone seen this / have connection success?


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Oct 28, 2022
It has been a while but last time I noticed my Y was connected to WiFi at a SC I didn’t do anything to get it connected. It just happened! So maybe it is an update, which software / firmware is your car on?