Pyro Fuse


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Dec 10, 2022
A buddy of mine had his Y rear-ended and it was hard enough to blow the pyro fuse. This bricks your car and and leaves you with about 20 minutes of screen time before the 12V gives out. It was a hit and run which he caught on the front cam as the mini Cooper sped past him dragging its fender and shedding parts.

He learned a few things and I thought I'd pass them along and maybe pick up some other suggestions.

First, call 911 so that an officer can get out there and offer any assistance. Once you get that call out and are waiting, you should pop the frunk, open the glove box and retrieve your paperwork and USB stick. Then you need to put the car into tow mode. After that, use Tesla to call a towing company.

When the officer arrives, they're going to want you off the highway ASAP. He didn't put his Y into tow mode the the officer had to push his car off the highway by pushing on his rear bumper. It's not fun hearing the tires screech across a few lanes of highway.

As for the towing company, he made the mistake of calling AAA. The driver that showed up wasn't trained on nor did he have the appropriate flat bed to take his car. He said he should have called Tesla Service instead so that a trained driver would be sent out with the proper truck.

BTW, the pyro fuse is located under the rear seat on the right side. When it blows (literally), you'll be able to smell it.
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