New FSD problems, need advice


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Oct 2, 2022

My father inlaw just got FSD beta installed. He took me out for a spin so that we can test it out together but something is not right.

I have watched lots of videos of FSD and his model S is not behaving anything like what I have seen online. I really think that he has something missing or a setting is wrong.

The vehicle stops for red lights but also at some green lights, and won’t make right or left turns. It seems to keep in the lane ok, and turn with the road, but it won’t turn at a stop sign. To me it doesn’t seem much different than before he had FSD🤷‍♂️

I don’t have a Tesla so I am not very familiar with the settings (still waiting for my cybertruck).

Any thoughts?

His car is on:, 2022.20.17

Not a Tesla App

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Aug 18, 2022
Hi @gigageek, you're right that 2022.20.17 is a FSD build but if the vehicle is not taking turns or stopping at stop signs, then FSD is not working. It sounds like FSD has not been enabled in settings.

Try navigating to Controls > Autopilot and making sure FSD Beta is enabled like in the screenshot below. Once you enable it, you'll see a significant difference and I think you'll be impressed with the difference. Be careful and enjoy!



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Nov 25, 2022
Hi guys, I also have a similar issue as Gigageek's father-in-law. I just got my brand new MY a couple of days ago with FSD, only driving less than 200 km. This morning I saw that my car appeared a grey colour wheel, and I tried to enable it. It turned blue wheel. But the car can only keep in its lane and won't be able to lanes change or make turns based on the set destination. It also slows down at every traffic light (green) and I have to step on the accelerator every time to keep it going. It doesn't seem right to me. Any idea?
I checked my software page, it states that I am currently having V11(2022.40.4.1)


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Nov 22, 2022
Excited when FSD downloaded!
After the download I drove up and down the street, testing to see if FSD would turn onto my home street automatically but it didn't. Frustrated after three or four tries I pulled over and discovered a terms and conditions window on the Software page along with all the switches detailed above. After enabling FSD, heading to my home street again, just as I wondered if I'd need to manually put on the turn signal blinker, the turn signal worked automatically and the steering wheel turned automatically. Magic! Amazing!
But where do we submit observed issues?
The title of this thread, "New FSD problems", invited this post but where is the official channel for feedback? Maybe FSD 11 will correct the issues currently observed with FSD Beta
I do have a number of items to report...
- slowing for speed bumps is great if they are marked with reflectors but if not... watch your head!
- insufficient wide berth given to parked cars on a tight road even with no opposing traffic; really scary going 30 mph only one foot away from a car parked at the right curb; what if they open a door?
- totally inappropriate speeds within private gated communities; dog walkers taking an evening stroll and here I come full speed?! If I bump down the speed by 5 mph with the stalk it still seems too fast but then pushes me off FSD?
Still, it's worlds better than what I thought were earlier versions of FSD, not understanding that the two blue wheels don't mean you have FSD software....