Missing (phantom) KWh in MS P100D


New member
May 13, 2023
I just finished a 187 mile road trip and averaged 247 wh/mi. Now, you may think that's fantastic for a 2016 MS P100D but... the trip was from a significantly higher elevation to a lower elevation. But here's my question; between the KWh used for the trip (46.3) and the remaining KWh left in the "tank" (46%) the total is 92 KWh on a 100 KWh pack. Does anyone know where my 8 KWh went? At that rate of loss, the total loss on a full "tank" would be 16 KWh! I did use the A/C but not on high setting. I would say moderate A/C use. Does A/C acually account for 16% of any given battery pack's capacity?