Discuss: Tesla's Supercharger Team Shakeup: Firings, Rehiring, and Future Prospects


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May 29, 2024
Well, if any one on that team is reading this, can you PLEASE look into the supercharger site at 1441 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, NY. Construction on it started in December 2022. The charging stations and the transformers were in place by April 2023. All that was left were lighting posts and the actual connection to the power grid.

It has been almost 14 months...and ABSOLUTELY nothing has changed since.

Conduits from the charging site to where the power hook up is (a few hundred feet away) are sitting along with the foundation slab for a ConEd transformer.

No one seems to know what the insane delay is. I had found a contact within Tesla's charging team that was trying to help, but she's gone now along with pretty much everyone else. For me, instead of the five minute ride to charge my car up this 250kw station, I need to drive 20 minutes to a 150kw station.

(For anyone curious, I live in a townhouse with no driveway so no way to put in a charging unit here.)