Discuss: Tesla Transitions FSD from Beta to Supervised with Release of v12.3.3: Semantics or Legitimate Upgrade?

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Aug 18, 2022


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Oct 28, 2022
I’m guessing semantics for the most part, but then I’m seeing it from a user’s POV. Perhaps from the POV of Tesla’s FSD team it is a different beast. That’s certainly the hubbub about v12. So far v12 has been indecisive, too slow or too fast, et on so I’m hoping this 12.3.3 build straightens some of that out. FWIW I switched back to the % over vs letting it decide an appropriate speed And feel a lot better about it. Oh, and it missed a bunch of 65MPH speed limit signs the other night, that was strange! I’ll say it did feel more human, but more like an ‘out of towner’ overly cautious person which isn’t the worst thing to be. That’s once I switched to 10% over the SL.
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