Discuss: Tesla Finally Launches FSD V12.4.2 to Customers with Vision-Monitoring Changes

The IT Guy

New member
Jul 2, 2024
I'm new to this community. Our Model Y delivery appointment is scheduled for July 5th. First Tesla! 😁

The FSD 12.4.2 announcement makes me wonder about two questions...anyone wish to chime in?

1. How long after a new release starts rolling out does it become standard in new deliveries?
2. How long after our delivery might we reasonably expect the new FSD to download to the car assuming it's on Wi-Fi every night?



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Mar 24, 2024
Can we please get this released to the rest of us. 2024.14.9 has had issues with the highway stack since it released to my car making highway driving dangerous. I've watch many releases of revised software go out and always to the same group from what I can tell. I do a lot of highway driving so dangerous functioning fsd is a critical issue for me. Almost all first impressions videos of 12.4.2 have been good so lets go, wide release it so that I and others can have safe vehicles again, thank you