Discuss: Tesla Cybertruck Turns the Tables, Shows Power in Snow Pull, Demonstrates Distorted Media Coverage [Video]


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Sep 17, 2022
I'm betting that one truck pulling another truck out of a sticky situation is pretty common in the "off-road" world. Sure, the CT was on dry pavement but that doesn't really diminish the event. One thing is certain, if the roles were reversed more people would have heard about it.

However, this is just like a car fire event. Hundreds of ICE vehicles catch on fire daily and no one knows about it; one Tesla catches fire and it's national news. Hell, a couple of weeks ago someone removed the new rechargeable low voltage battery (Li-ion?) from a Tesla and tried to charge it in their kitchen. They didn't use the correct charger so the battery exploded and damaged their house. The new reports that a Tesla battery exploded and the house caught on fire. WTF?!? This same thing would have happened if the battery was from any other car, or even a lawn mower or power tool. 😡