Chargers map


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Oct 10, 2022
Hello all

As you all aware that Tesla navigator shows not only Superchargers on the maps but other 3rd party chargers too. Local chargers network is quite developed in Latvia, while SG is only one here 🤣🤣..
Anyway, earlier when I pick any charging station as destination, Tesla was preconditioning the battery and it was convenient. Today I see that almos all 3rd party chargers simply disappeared from the map (only one SG shown in the middle of the country) and respectively no any preconditioning happen.. thus charging speed is crazy slow until battery get warmer, and I have to spend 30 and more minutes to charge same amount of kWt I was charging in 10-15 min earlier.
Why Tesla removed them from the map? Is there any way to start precondition manually while driving to a charger ?