Build 44 and Waiting for FSD


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Dec 8, 2022
I have read in other threads that fsd release is only to cars on build 36 or below. If I install the latest update (2022.44.2) while awaiting fsd will that delay being released the next fsd beta (appears to be a 40 build)? I misunderstanding the build number system?
Car is a new 2023 Y.
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Oct 25, 2022
It's a thorny issue - but Tesla will not downgrade a release so you need FSD to catch-up with your release number.

Has your car receieved a new SW release? I just recently got the FSD (as I was waiting for the camera update for my 2017 S). While I was in the FSD queue my car wouldn't update to new SW releases that was ahead of FSD. It kinda waited until FSD passed my build number and then gave me a couple of SW updates really late. So I thought the Tesla SW automatically stopped you from updating when you entered the FSD queue.

I would also guess that the wide release of FSD-11.x will merge in all current SW updates - but it's hard to know. I'm kinda hoping that they make a december surprise release for us FSD owners as well.

And to be honest FSD is currently somwhere beteen a gadget and a useful feature. More towards the gadget side. I really like using it and it's rare that it's actually dangerous (in my experience)- but it's not a comfortable ride and it's so timid that it gets VERY frustrating.