2022.24.6 bugs?


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Sep 2, 2022
My Model Y LR (UK RHD version with FSD options ) downloaded 2022.24.6 yesterday and so far it seems to be the most "buggy" update yet. (My car was received in March 2022 so I realise that this update converted it to Tesla-vision- disabling radar )
Visualisations of parallel and opposing traffic have mostly vanished. Lane changes when in Navigate on Autopilot have become rather random (sometimes even rejecting in mid-procedure.) At the advice of others I did a camera recalibration today which brought back some of the visualisations but lane changes are still unreliable. (Note that in the UK/EU all lane changes must be confirmed by a momentary use of indicator stalk )
Looks like I'll have to wait til the next update to regain the capabilities of 2022.20.5 !

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Aug 18, 2022
Tesla Vision works quite well at detecting other vehicles and surrounding objects. Radar did very little for this, so I don't think your issue is with Tesla Vision, but it could be with other bugs in the release. Tesla has started to roll out 2022.24.8 to more vehicles and I expect that you may receive that update soon. Hopefully it will correct the issues that you're seeing.

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