Tesla FSD hardware 4.0 cameras are now being shipped according to supplier

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Aug 18, 2022
Not much has been revealed about Tesla's next-generation self-driving computer, hardware 4.0. It has yet to be confirmed but recent news out of China suggests t… Read More


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Oct 25, 2022
Sooo....Back in 2018 when I bought my car, FSD included all future hardware upgrades needed to reach "full self driving." Elon has since sort of changed the definition of "Full Self Driving" to mean "Not Fully Self Driving" but at the time he was talking about robotaxis and the car dropping people off at work and stuff. They already updated my hardware once and it sure doesn't feel like I'm close to being able to go to sleep while FSD is active. Are they going to do another round of upgrades for everyone? Theoretically, the camera upgrade could allow the car to detect objects twice as far away (assuming the camera lens is clean, which isn't always the case), which would be nice. I see things much farther out than my car does. It sees things in time to react appropriately, most of the time, but better vision is always better as long as there's enough processing power to handle all the pixels.
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