Discuss: Tesla Continues Rollout of FSD 12.4.3 With Another Wave; Resets Strikes for Drivers


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Jul 7, 2023
Im not anti-FSD but right now I'm not planning on subscribing to it anytime in the next few years, especially with the strikes protocol. I understand WHY Tesla has to restrict drivers who aren't paying attention, basically because of Federal and State rules that were written without FSD in mind, but realistically thats is the point of FSD in the first place. You don't need to drive the car, the Tesla can drive itself. i don't know how much they ihave improved FSD since the end of April when my free month ran out but there were still some circumstances where the car didn't know how to handle a probably rare but ultimately simple problem involving a left hand turn from the north or southbound lanes of a 4 lane highway.with a grass median. If you are in FSD (actually, if you are in Advanced Autopilot also) and in the left hand lane if there a left turn lane the car will follow the turn lane thinking that is just how the highway's curving.

Solving this situation wouldn't make me subscribe especially if I need to keep my hands hovering near the steering wheel to keep the system from giving me a strike. Between my house and the city I am usually driving to there is exactly 1 place where I run into this problem, although I run into it whether I am going northbound or southbound. And as I mentioned, I still have a problem with the navigation keeping the correct lane with Advanced AutoPilot now at this location.

As a final note, this problem didn't cause an accident or what I considered an unsafe circumstance to me but I did get a notice that FSD was turning off and the car basically stopped in the turn lane and I had to clear the error message and drive manually.