Discuss: Musk Provides Timeline on Full Self-Driving Wide Release


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Oct 25, 2022
This is exciting. I recently got FSD (had to wait for a camera upgrade in my S). IMO FSD is somewhere between a curiosity/gadget and useful. I like to call it Full Suburban Driving as it does well on Secondary roads and in lighter traffic. It's still too timid and jerky in heavy traffic or on the narrow city street of Cambridge, Somerville, in MA.


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Nov 30, 2022
I'm curious to see FSD beta 11 in the (hopefully) near future.
My use case is a bit more on the "fringe" of the common user, I would think. I'm in half rural/half small-medium city ohio. I have issues where certain driveways (in the rural areas i drive) are at just the right angle, that it thinks its a street, and abruptly applies the brakes. also does the same in the city areas if a stop sign to my left is just visible enough (and i don't have a stop sign) it does the braking thing.
it also has really odd cutoffs for some speed limits. one specific US route has a speed limit of 55 for 4 miles or so. it gets up to 55, then lowers it back down to 35 a few seconds later. same spot every time. BUT, going the opposite way, it's 55 ALL of those 4 miles or so. hopefully some of this randomness gets addressed soon? but, i know...i'm a fringe case at best.