Discuss: FSD Beta 11.4.2 (2023.7.10) Official Tesla Release Notes

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Aug 18, 2022
Tesla software update 2023.7.10 includes Full Self-Driving (Beta), FSD Beta v11.4.2, Driving Visualization Improvements, Full Self-Driving (Beta) Suspension, Park Assist, Steering Wheel Heat, Auto Steering Wheel Heat, New Language Support, Sentry Mode Lighting, Additional FSD Improvements, App Displays the Vehicle's Route, Reverse Camera, Climate System Warming Up, Improvements to Service Mode, Browser, Tire Pressure Card, Improvements to Apple Music, Supercharger Prices, Welcome Screen, Seat Heater Icons, Suspension Menu. View Release Notes


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Nov 26, 2022
I have to say since receiving v11 in any form, I've been less than impressed. I don't track the versions like some of you, but this is the version of v11 I am on currently. I have been using FSD more often (especially in the city) which can account for some increase in issues noticed, but on the freeway, where I've been using AP since buying the car in Nov 2021, I've noticed some unexplainable things. For me, the biggest safety issue is how freaking close it drives to cars on the left or right when I'm in the center lane. The other night, I had to take over as it was riding the line while in the center lane as it was going to go past someone in the right lane. I'm convinced it would have nearly touched doors had I not taken over to come back to CENTER-center. All things considered, I've been more nervous on v11 than prior.
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