Discuss: 420 Anyone? Tesla's New Release is the Most Powerful Model 3 Ever


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Oct 28, 2022
This will be interesting!
So the suspension is adaptive but NOT air suspension?
My hope was that this car wouldn't just be a performance model but also have a higher capacity battery but I don't see that happening. It would be nice that the people who pay the premium for a P car get more range as well.
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Mar 26, 2024
I think we went past the need of performance, ludicrous, track mode, 500 Hp and all that BS. Look at the BYD Seal, it outpaced the Model 3 in acceleration. Would you buy it?

I wouldn't, but I would take a look at the Xiaomi when it's time.

Who nowadays selects a car based on 0.1s faster acceleration 0-60mph, when the Model 3 dual motor is already exceedingly fast (I drive it on "soft" 99% of the time)?

Now that Tesla paved the way for fast electric cars with decent range, the competition is all about: range, comfort and price.

And talking about comfort, the only features that would really make the Performance worth the money are seats and adaptive suspensions.

All the rest is just a waste of time and focus from Tesla's side about it's own very missions: electrifying mobility. These are conversations to be had on the aftermarket tuning side, which by the way exists anyway.

Good move on the Y RWD long range instead, it shows understanding of the context.

If I had the opportunity for purchasing a Model 3 AWD Long Range with less powerful motors, longer range and the interiors of the Performance and adaptive suspensions, I would.

Now it doesn't exist: either you get the exceedingly fast Dual Motor and "tame" it with soft acceleration, which is already too much, or you get the Performance and you would still not get "Long Range" mileage. Hello?
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