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    Discuss: Tesla’s FSD Beta 11.3.3 Close, but Musk Announces Version 11.3.4 Refinement Needed

    I was wondering if there was going to be another delay after seeing Chuck test 11.3.3 and have major issues that used to work fine. This might be the release to fix that.
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    Discuss: Tesla Releases FSD Beta 11.3.2 and Begins Wider Roll Out

    I was thinking the same and that's what happened. 11.3.3 is now rolling out. Hopefully this one rolls out faster.
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    Discuss: Tesla Releases FSD Beta 11.3.2 and Begins Wider Roll Out

    I'm excited for this update even though we're stuck with HW3. I'm curious to see how HW4 compares with the same FSD version.
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    Discuss: Musk Says FSD Beta v11 Is Going 'Wide' This Weekend

    I saw a YouTube video of someone using auto park with v11 to check if it's better so it might be working now for v11. I haven't seen the P icon in a long time and wasn't aware that it was broken. I would think that v11.3.2 would have appeared on the FSD beta page at NotATeslaApp if it started...
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    Discuss: Tesla Starts Retrofitting Superchargers With Magic Dock to Allow Other EVs to Charge

    Yes, dock blocking is a big concern. Supercharging was designed originally for Tesla cars only where the ports are on the rear driver's side. I'm surprised how close I need to park to a supercharger in order to reach the cable. I can't imagine other EVs being able to charge with the short cable...
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    Discuss: Tesla FSD Beta v11.3 Improvements Explained in Plain English

    Hopefully this finally fixes the issue where if you set the car to say 65 mph on the highway but you're in stop and go traffic, the car accelerates too fast and breaks too hard when cars creep at 0-10 mph. It makes me look like a terrible driver. My work around is to set the speed to about 20...
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    Discuss: Tesla Releases FSD Beta V11.3 to Employees

    Very cool! Hopefully this fixes one part of my highway drive where the car always bobbles back and forth in the lane because of the length of the off-ramp lines.
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    Discuss: Tesla to Replace Wood Trim on Model 3 With Non-woven Fabric

    I'm glad it's being replaced. I didn't like the look of it. I bought a plastic fake carbon fiber cover for it. I think that cover I bought might be a hazard if the air bags deploy so I might take it off soon.
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    Discuss: Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Roll Out FSD Beta V11 Next Week

    Looks like we're not getting v11 of FSD Beta this week because of the new version of 10.69 that started to rollout on December 19. I figured it was too soon for the beta testers to get v11. I want the employees to make sure they don't ruin the great highway code that works most of the time.
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    Discuss: Tesla expected to add HD radar to vehicles next month

    If you bought FSD, I'm pretty sure they'll add it to your car. That happened in the past. By the way, welcome to Tesla ownership where it's a rollercoaster ride in terms of updates. I have a 2019 so I lack the bigger battery, heat pump, heated steering wheel, powered trunk, black trim, wireless...
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    Discuss: Confirmed: Tesla is adding Apple Music to their vehicles in update

    I wish they would add the Android side for streaming with YouTube Music.
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    Elon says FSD Beta 10.69.2 will start rolling out today

    How did you find out that it's starting to go out as a wide release starting around 1 am Pacific time? Did Elon tweet something new or did an employee that you know get it? No one on TeslaFi has 2022.20.15 as of when I originally posted this. Now some people do.
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    Elon says FSD Beta 10.69.2 will start rolling out today

    I saw the update, but Elon never said the wider release was pushed to tomorrow. He was never clear as to who is getting it tonight.