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    Discuss: Tesla Faces Lawsuit Over Autopilot and FSD Safety Claims

    Lots of luck with that..
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    Discuss: Tesla Talks FSD Hardware 4.0, but There Will Not Be Retrofits

    Question is will both HW3 and HW4 both reach level 4 at the same time? What happens to HW3 people if HW4 gets there first? I smell trouble.
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    Discuss: Tesla FSD Beta v11 headed for wide release

    At least I found 69.25.1 to be a much smoother lane keeping, no jerking around curves. Progress
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    Camera upgrades

    I think they will have to otherwise purchasing FSD no matter when some will have fed some less than fsd.
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    Discuss: Tesla FSD Beta v11 headed for wide release

    If you don't have fsd why do you care..If you have fsd there was never a firm promised date contract...suing Musk because you didn't get something you wanted at some date in your head is a loser proposition..
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    Discuss: Tesla FSD Beta v11 headed for wide release

    One big issue I still struggle with is phantom braking ( It happens at approximately the same location. I go from 65 mph legal limit to 30 mph in just 3 seconds. If anyone was behind me it would be an accident for sure. Apparently this happened in San Francisco recently. This last...
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    Discuss: Musk Doubles Down on New Model as Competition Picks Up

    You can make an EV for $25K but can you make one for that and make a profit is the issue. Tesla makes 25-30% profit on all its cars. Everyone else today loses $$ on each car sold.
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    Discuss: First look at FSD Beta 10.69.3 as it starts going out to public testers

    Still phantom braking, worse than before at times. The software also tries to hug the right lane when coming up to an on ramp and jogs back and forth until it realizes I want to just continue on straight ahead. Had to disengage.
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    Tesla FSD hardware 4.0 cameras are now being shipped according to supplier

    Revolution brewing if FSD works better with 4, especially with those that paid 15K
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    Camera upgrades

    So what happens to the current users of FSD. Will it not work as well as with the new cameras and processor or will there be an upgrade available?