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    Discuss: Tesla Finally Launches FSD V12.4.2 to Customers with Vision-Monitoring Changes

    Can we please get this released to the rest of us. 2024.14.9 has had issues with the highway stack since it released to my car making highway driving dangerous. I've watch many releases of revised software go out and always to the same group from what I can tell. I do a lot of highway driving so...
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    what is the hold up on FSD 12.4

    Just wanting to know if anyone has any idea what is holding FSD 12.4 hostage? of the 12.4.1 video reviews it is fairly good but we are nearing a month after 12.4 was supposed to wide release. obviously having dangerous software is not wanted but there doesn't seem to be any information about...
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    Discuss: 2024.9.5 (FSD Supervised v12.4) Release Notes

    for everything moving so fast, release of the spring update keeps taking point updates and resetting the release to everyone else, it appears that Tesla is moving people that have received the spring refresh and updating them again and again. on FSD 12.4, I thought after a couple days that early...
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    FSD improvements needed

    I agree with you on that but also badly needed is it needs to slow down when not with other traffic, many times fed is going 10 to 15mph higher than the speed limit and doesn't slow down in a timely manner when speed limit goes down. FSD seems to want a speeding ticket or something. I've heard...
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    FSD Ver. 12 Rollout Restart

    I do a lot of travel and everything I've been seeing about 12.3 is so much safer than 11.4.9, while still not perfect, would be so much better. As I understood it, the new model y's around feb 23 and after were supposed to have v12 pre installed. I'm on the advanced software release settings yet...
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    FSD Ver. 12 Rollout Restart

    I wish they would push it to the 2024 branch. have a 24 model Y LR and getting frustrated that with all the newest technology there is still nothing, anyone know when the 24 branch will get their update to 12.3 or 12.3.1?