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    Huge push of newest update to 2024.3.25 customers today. I didn't get it, and I think that means I'm getting a different update, with 12.4.x included. I do use FSD a lot and subscribe, so perhaps that puts me more on an FSD update track than a New Stuff update track.
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    Discuss: Why You May Still be on Tesla Update 2024.8.9 or 2024.3.25 and What to Expect

    I think those go to brand new vehicles. I also think that once you get a .100 version, you may be locked out from changes for 3 weeks. My 2023 MYP was like that.
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    V12 FSD riding on Right line

    My MYP on 12.3.6 rides centered between lane lines. It will move to the left when passing a truck, then re-center. I have seen it drift over a yellow center line to get around a car pulled off toward the side of the road. Someone else in another forum had lane-centering issues until he...
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    Software update wishlist

    You in Puerto Rico? When I was driving there, distances were in metric, speed limits in Imperial. I assume the speed limits were because most of the cars were from the US with US speedos when the signs went in.
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    Discuss: Tesla Cuts Newly Formed Content and Ads Team, Musk says Ads Were “Too Generic”

    Seems like the criteria shouldn't be how generic the ads were, but how effective they were.
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    Hit Curb

    Out of Spec just did a podcast on this. I think that will get a fair amount of attention. Myself, I've prepared my vehicle for this by pre-rashing the wheels.
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    Autopark missing from 12.3.3 for Model X refresh

    I don't think autopoark is an FSD feature, thought it was trained on neural net. Look at the newer vision-based autopark that was released with a 2024.2 update, I think. No FSD, but Autopark.
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    Discuss: Tesla Plans to Increase Speed of New Autopark in Upcoming Update

    Two of four times I used it, someone snaked my parking spot before the car started backing up. It's unusable in busy parking lots. Works well for Superchargers.
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    Software update wishlist

    Here are a few I've thought of. (I suggested the electronic tow option, but I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere a while ago.) 1. The Nav maps should show a big green cross at hospital Emergency Room entrances. They can be hard to find, especially at night. 2. The software should somehow...